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HSN Launches HSNfluencer with’s Technology: A New Era for Creator Partnerships and Livestream Shopping

HSN Launches HSNfluencer with’s Technology: A New Era for Creator Partnerships and Livestream Shopping

technology 10 Jul 2024

New platform enables the video commerce retailer to directly engage with creators and influencers, provide insights into engagement, and better connect with today’s modern buyer

HSN, a leader in livestream shopping and video storytelling, has officially launched HSNfluencer, a new creator platform developed in partnership with, the world’s leading partnership management platform. This advanced platform is designed to streamline the way HSN connects with creators and influencers, providing a comprehensive solution for managing partnerships, analyzing performance, and scaling influencer marketing efforts.

Key Features of HSNfluencer:

  • Streamlined Creator Engagement:

    • HSNfluencer allows HSN to build and manage direct relationships with influencers and creators. The platform offers a centralized space where creators can access resources, tools, and support to generate content and promote HSN’s products.
    • Creators from diverse backgrounds can collaborate with HSN, using carefully curated product collections to inspire their content and generate affiliate product links for their posts.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience:

    • The platform enables influencers and HSN’s on-air personalities to curate their own storefronts, providing customers with a unique opportunity to interact with their favorite HSN personalities and shop their curated product collections.
    • This approach leverages the power of personal recommendations, a trusted source for consumers, to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.
  • Data-Driven Insights and Performance Metrics:

    • HSNfluencer integrates’s technology to offer detailed performance metrics, actionable insights, and powerful reporting tools. This functionality helps HSN and its creators track campaign performance, optimize strategies, and scale their efforts effectively.
    • The platform supports an “always-on” creator performance structure, enabling continuous engagement and allowing creators to view and participate in ongoing campaigns.
  • Growing the Creator Economy:

    • With the creator economy expected to reach $480 billion by 2027, HSNfluencer positions HSN to take advantage of this growth. By fostering authentic and transparent creator partnerships, HSN aims to meet consumers where they seek trusted reviews and recommendations.

Industry Insights:

  • Influencer Marketing Trends:

    • According to recent data, 88% of consumers trust personal recommendations over other channels, and 64% are influenced to make purchases based on influencer recommendations.
    • David A. Yovanno, CEO of, emphasizes that leveraging trusted creators is crucial for engaging modern consumers and driving conversions in the growing creator economy.
  • HSN’s Vision for the Future:

    • Rebecca Kerper, VP Chief Digital Officer at HSN, highlights the importance of HSNfluencer in growing HSN’s ambassador program and showcasing the impact of creator relationships on customer engagement.
    • The platform’s design focuses on creating a mutually beneficial environment for creators and customers, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

HSNfluencer’s Impact:

  • Empowering Creators:

    • HSNfluencer empowers creators by providing a platform where they can discover products, create content, and engage with their audiences while earning commissions.
    • The platform also facilitates a community-driven approach, allowing creators to participate in campaigns, share their content, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Expanding HSN’s Reach:

    • By utilizing’s advanced technology, HSN expands its reach and effectiveness in influencer marketing. The platform’s capabilities enable HSN to manage and optimize creator partnerships, drive brand awareness, and increase sales.

HSN’s launch of HSNfluencer, powered by’s cutting-edge technology, marks a significant advancement in creator partnership management and livestream shopping. The platform offers a streamlined solution for engaging with creators, enhancing the customer shopping experience, and driving growth in the creator economy. HSNfluencer represents a new era in influencer marketing, providing the tools and insights needed to succeed in a competitive market.

Joseph Toms Appointed CEO of Applied Data Finance

Joseph Toms Appointed CEO of Applied Data Finance

technology 9 Jul 2024

Seasoned consumer finance executive succeeds Co-Founder Krishna Gopinathan, who will remain on ADF’s Board

Applied Data Finance (ADF), a leading technology-enabled consumer lending services platform, has announced the appointment of Joseph Toms as its new Chief Executive Officer. Toms succeeds Co-Founder Krishna Gopinathan, who will transition to a board role and advisory position. Toms brings extensive experience in consumer finance and asset management, having previously served as the Head of Consumer Lending at Axar Capital and a member of ADF’s Board since November 2023.

1. Joseph Toms’ Background and Experience

  • Over 35 years of experience in consumer finance and asset management.
  • Former Head of Consumer Lending at Axar Capital.
  • Launched Freedom Financial’s (later successful lending division.
  • Grew Freedom Financial’s lending division into a $2 billion consumer credit fund with AAA ratings from two rating agencies.

2. Vision and Leadership at ADF

  • Toms' commitment to building on the foundation established by Krishna Gopinathan.
  • Emphasis on ADF’s sophisticated risk pricing abilities and advanced data-science capabilities.
  • Focus on innovative and responsible credit solutions for customers.

3. Company's Recent Developments

  • Successful refinancing and growth equity capital infusion in late 2023.
  • Continued growth and exploration of new opportunities for innovation and expansion.

4. Statements from Key Figures

  • Joseph Toms on his new role and vision for ADF.
    • Praises ADF’s talented team and customer-centric approach.
  • Krishna Gopinathan on Toms’ appointment.
    • Confidence in Toms’ ability to drive ADF’s success.

Joseph Toms’ appointment as CEO marks a significant step for ADF as the company continues to grow and innovate in the consumer lending industry. With Toms’ extensive background and strategic vision, ADF is poised for continued success and leadership in the market. Krishna Gopinathan's transition to a board role ensures ongoing support and guidance for the company's future endeavors.

Ido Erlichman Appointed CEO of Outpost24

Ido Erlichman Appointed CEO of Outpost24

technology 9 Jul 2024

Also announces appointment of Niklas Savander as Chairman of the Board

Outpost24, a leading provider of cyber risk management and threat intelligence solutions backed by Vitruvian Partners, has announced the appointment of Ido Erlichman as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Erlichman brings over 20 years of experience in cyber security, technology, and finance, having previously transformed Kape Technologies into a leader in digital privacy and security.

1. Ido Erlichman’s Background and Experience

  • Over 20 years in cyber security, technology, and finance.
  • Former CEO of Kape Technologies.
    • Led the company to serve 7.5 million customers worldwide.
    • Oversaw its sale for $1.75 billion in 2023.
  • Transformed Kape Technologies into a category leader in digital privacy and security.

2. Vision and Leadership at Outpost24

  • Erlichman’s commitment to building on Outpost24’s strong foundation.
  • Focus on expanding and combining product lines.
  • Emphasis on innovation and customer success.
  • Simplifying cyber exposure management for modern-day attack surfaces.

3. Niklas Savander’s Appointment as Chairman of the Board

  • Niklas Savander's extensive experience as an executive and CEO in the technology industry.
  • Previous roles include Chair and Board member at Klarna, Easypark, Cint, and Silverfin.
  • Current Chairman Jussi Wuoristo will remain a director on the Board.

4. Statements from Key Figures

  • Ido Erlichman on his new role and vision for Outpost24.
    • Excited about expanding and enhancing product offerings.
  • Niklas Savander on welcoming Erlichman as CEO.
    • Confidence in Erlichman’s ability to advance Outpost24’s strategic goals.
  • Appreciation for outgoing CEO Karl Thedeen’s contributions.

5. Recent Developments at Outpost24

  • Launch of The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform in June.
    • Provides continuous monitoring of attack surfaces and proactive threat remediation.
    • Aligns with Gartner’s top trend for 2024: Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM).
    • Facilitates all steps of Gartner's CTEM definition: scoping, discovery, prioritization, validation, and mobilization.

The appointment of Ido Erlichman as CEO marks a new chapter for Outpost24 as the company continues to innovate and lead in cyber risk management and threat intelligence. With Erlichman’s extensive background and strategic vision, supported by new Chairman Niklas Savander, Outpost24 is poised for continued success and global growth.

Edward Tilly Joins Clear Street as President to Drive Growth

Edward Tilly Joins Clear Street as President to Drive Growth

financial technology 9 Jul 2024

Newest Executive Addition at Fast Growing Clear Street Led CBOE Through Decades of Transformation

Clear Street, a cloud-native financial technology firm focused on modernizing the brokerage ecosystem, proudly announces the appointment of Edward Tilly as its new President. Tilly brings over a decade of successful leadership as CEO of CBOE Global Markets, where he significantly grew the company's market capitalization and spearheaded transformative initiatives.

1. Edward Tilly’s Background and Achievements

  • Former CEO of CBOE Global Markets.
    • Grew market capitalization from $2 billion to over $18 billion.
    • Led the acquisition of BATS Global Markets in 2017.
    • Introduced innovative products like zero-days-to-expiration (0DTE) options.
  • Proven track record in running a public company and driving growth.

2. Role and Vision at Clear Street

  • Tilly to work closely with CEO Chris Pento.
  • Focus on leading Clear Street through its next growth phase.
  • Tilly will report to the Board of Directors.
  • Emphasis on super-charging growth plans and expanding the company's reach.

3. Statements from Key Figures

  • Chris Pento on Tilly’s Appointment:
    • Clear Street's rapid growth since 2018.
    • Company’s valuation at $2.1 billion.
    • Platform’s growth accelerating with a CAGR of over 50%.
    • Importance of Tilly joining the executive team for future growth.
  • Edward Tilly on Joining Clear Street:
    • Excitement about the customer-centric vision and unique technology platform.
    • Commitment to innovation and accessibility in financial markets.
  • Uri Cohen on Tilly’s Strategic Fit:
    • Tilly's experience as a capital markets entrepreneur.
    • Strategic vision and ability to drive sustainable growth.
    • His role in Clear Street’s mission to modernize the brokerage ecosystem.

4. Recent Executive Team Additions

  • Atul Pawar, former Goldman Sachs head of U.S. Prime, Clearing, FCM and Counterparty Risk.
  • Jon Daplyn, former technology leader at Morgan Stanley.

Edward Tilly’s appointment as President marks a significant milestone for Clear Street as the company continues to innovate and expand in the financial technology sector. Tilly’s extensive experience and leadership capabilities are set to propel Clear Street towards achieving its mission of modernizing the brokerage ecosystem with world-class technology and customer experiences.

Align Adds Exfiltration Prevention to Guardian Managed Detection and Response

Align Adds Exfiltration Prevention to Guardian Managed Detection and Response

technology 9 Jul 2024

New Feature Provides Robust Defense Against Double-Extortion Ransomware Tactics

Align, the premier global provider of technology infrastructure solutions and Managed IT Services, has announced the addition of a new exfiltration prevention feature to its Align Guardian Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering. Powered by Adlumin, this innovative feature is designed to detect and halt attackers from exfiltrating data, providing a robust defense against modern ransomware tactics that employ double-extortion techniques.

1. Overview of the New Feature

  • Introduction of exfiltration prevention to Guardian MDR.
  • Complements existing ransomware prevention capabilities.
    • Stops ransomware encryption quickly enough to save 99% of files.
  • Provides comprehensive protection against both data encryption and theft.

2. Importance of the New Feature

  • Addresses modern ransomware tactics, including double-extortion techniques.
  • Ensures organizations are protected from evolving cyber threats.
  • Critical for maintaining the security of sensitive data, particularly for clients in the alternative investment industry.

3. Statements from Align Leadership

  • Vinod Paul, President of Align Managed Services:
    • Highlights the commitment to innovation and client support.
    • Emphasizes the enhanced protection's importance for clients.

4. How the Exfiltration Prevention Feature Works

  • Utilizes decoy files to attract malicious actors.
  • Monitors these files for signs of encryption or data exfiltration.
  • Terminates suspicious processes at the earliest stages.
  • Proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of successful ransomware attacks and data breaches.

5. Benefits to Align’s Managed Services Clients

  • Automatic inclusion of the new feature at no additional cost.
  • Enhanced security measures without extra financial burden.

The addition of exfiltration prevention to Align’s Guardian MDR offering marks a significant advancement in the fight against modern ransomware tactics. This innovative feature not only complements the existing ransomware prevention capabilities but also provides a comprehensive defense against data encryption and theft. With this enhancement, Align continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and protecting its clients from evolving cyber threats.

Treasure Global Inc to Acquire Who Knows Wins, Expanding into US Market

Treasure Global Inc to Acquire Who Knows Wins, Expanding into US Market

technology 9 Jul 2024

Treasure Global Inc, a leading technology solutions provider, has announced its plan to acquire 100% shareholding of Who Knows Wins Ltd (WKW), a UK-based interactive social sports platform operator. This acquisition aligns with Treasure Global’s strategic vision to leverage innovative technologies for revenue growth and expansion into the US market.

1. Overview of Who Knows Wins (WKW)

  • Innovative online platform for social sports engagement.
  • Proprietary 'Game Engine' utilizing game logic and APIs.
  • Features include real-time sports data, social platform integration, AML measures, and third-party payment integration.

2. Strategic Goals of the Acquisition

  • Leverage WKW’s platform to penetrate the US market.
  • Align with major gaming brands for growth.
  • Enhance Treasure Global's offerings in the gaming technology space.

3. Benefits of WKW’s Platform

  • Fully customizable sports engagement platform for media, brands, and teams.
  • Over 65,000 registered users engaging in custom leagues and competitions.
  • Effective tool for first-party data collection and audience insights.
  • Converts passive fans into active users, driving multiple revenue streams.

4. Partnership with GolfNow LLC

  • Collaboration with GolfNow, a subsidiary of NBC.
  • Development of a white-label site service within the GolfNow Compete App.
  • Introduction of GolfNow Sponsored Leagues accessible via WKW and GolfNow Compete App.

5. Market Potential and Industry Growth

  • Rapid evolution of the sports technology industry.
  • Global sports technology market projected to grow at a CAGR of 20.8% from 2023 to 2030.
  • Increasing demand for interactive and personalized fan experiences.

6. Statements from Treasure Global Leadership

  • CEO Carlson Thow on the acquisition’s potential to complement the company’s roadmap.
  • Emphasis on leveraging WKW’s platform for user engagement and revenue growth.
  • Commitment to delivering exceptional value to stakeholders and clients.

The acquisition of Who Knows Wins Ltd by Treasure Global Inc represents a strategic move to enhance the company’s position in the gaming technology space and expand into the US market. By integrating WKW’s innovative platform, Treasure Global aims to drive user engagement, gather valuable audience insights, and create new revenue streams. This acquisition underscores Treasure Global’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional value and maintain a leadership position in the evolving sports technology industry.

Quark Software Expands Collaboration with Microsoft to Enhance Enterprise Content Management

Quark Software Expands Collaboration with Microsoft to Enhance Enterprise Content Management

marketing 9 Jul 2024

Closer collaboration will give customers easy access to the most advanced AI -powered content automation solutions to address any enterprise content challenge

Quark Software, a global leader in content automation, intelligence, and design software, has announced an expanded collaboration with Microsoft to extend the reach of Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen. This enterprise content lifecycle management solution is designed to automate complex and compliance-controlled content, providing global organizations with a comprehensive set of tools for managing every phase of the content lifecycle.

1. Overview of QPP NextGen and Its Capabilities

  • AI-powered content technology solutions.
  • Manages content lifecycle from creation to publishing.
  • Supports highly regulated, complex, and compliance-controlled content.

2. Integration with Microsoft Technologies

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Microsoft Data Factory, Microsoft Document Intelligence, and Microsoft Power Automate.
  • Availability in the Microsoft Azure marketplace for easy adoption and integration.
  • Enhances enterprise content and AI strategies.

3. Benefits of Using QPP NextGen on Microsoft Azure

  • Azure as the preferred cloud platform for enterprises.
  • Supports business applications at scale.
  • Addresses complexities of creating and publishing omnichannel content.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements across industries and geographies.

4. Statements from Quark and Microsoft Leaders

  • Martin Owen, CEO of Quark, on the strategic collaboration with Microsoft.
  • James Chadwick, Head of ISV at Microsoft UK, on the impact of the collaboration on digital publishing.

5. Key Features of QPP NextGen

  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365.
  • AI-driven automation for content creation, collaboration, and assembly.
  • Personalized and compliance-controlled content delivery.
  • Measuring content consumption to drive digital transformation, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and revenue growth.

6. Availability and Migration Path

  • QPP NextGen available in the Azure marketplace later this year.
  • Seamless migration path for current users to transition to Azure.

7. Impact on Industries

  • Benefits for life sciences organizations and other regulated industries.
  • Modernization of content operations infrastructure.
  • Achievement of key business objectives through enhanced content management.

The expanded collaboration between Quark Software and Microsoft marks a significant advancement in enterprise content management. By leveraging QPP NextGen’s AI-powered capabilities on the Microsoft Azure platform, global organizations can streamline their content lifecycle management, ensuring compliance and driving growth. This partnership underscores Quark’s commitment to innovation and supporting enterprises in their digital transformation journeys.

Fullpath Recognized as Approved Turnkey Provider for GM IMR Funds

Fullpath Recognized as Approved Turnkey Provider for GM IMR Funds

customer data platforms 9 Jul 2024

Revolutionizing GM Dealerships with Enhanced Customer Data Platform and Data Activation Solutions

Fullpath, the leading enhanced Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider for the automotive industry, proudly announces its recognition as an Approved Turnkey certified provider for General Motors (GM) In-Market Retail (IMR) funds. This endorsement empowers GM dealerships across the United States to leverage Fullpath's advanced CDP and data activation marketing automation to elevate their marketing strategies and operational efficiency.

1. Overview of Fullpath's Enhanced CDP

  • Centralizes and streamlines customer data from multiple sources.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of each shopper.
  • Analyzes customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns.

2. Benefits for GM Dealerships

  • Deeper insights into customer data.
  • Personalized and automated marketing campaigns.
  • Enhanced marketing strategies and operational efficiency.

3. Statements from Fullpath Leadership

  • Aharon Horwitz, CEO of Fullpath, on joining the GM IMR program.
  • Commitment to innovation and excellence in the automotive industry.

4. Solutions Offered by Fullpath to GM Dealerships

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP): Unifies customer data for comprehensive insights.
  • Digital Advertising: Drives leads and brand awareness with hyper-targeted campaigns.
  • VINs-Acceleration: Boosts visibility and sales of at-risk VINs.
  • Audience Activation: Utilizes first-party data for effective email and SMS marketing automation.

5. Expected Outcomes for GM Dealerships

  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Improved marketing ROI.
  • Stronger competitive edge in the market.
  • 1:1 co-op IMR Funds options.

The recognition of Fullpath as an Approved Turnkey certified provider for GM In-Market Retail funds marks a significant milestone. By leveraging Fullpath’s advanced Customer Data Platform and data activation solutions, GM dealerships can enhance their marketing strategies, improve operational efficiency, and achieve higher customer satisfaction and sales growth. This partnership underscores Fullpath’s dedication to driving innovation and excellence in the automotive industry.


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