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Contrast Security Welcomes Shay Mowlem as Chief Marketing Officer to Drive Global Expansion

Contrast Security Welcomes Shay Mowlem as Chief Marketing Officer to Drive Global Expansion

technology 23 Apr 2024

Contrast Security announces the appointment of Shay Mowlem as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), tasked with leading the company's global marketing endeavors. With a focus on Contrast's groundbreaking Runtime Security platform, Mowlem brings a wealth of experience from esteemed enterprise software companies, setting the stage for heightened strategic direction and accelerated growth.

1. Mowlem's Background and Expertise:
   - Previously served as Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at NinjaOne.
   - Held executive marketing and product roles at prominent high-growth companies like Illumio, Rubrik, MuleSoft, and Splunk.

2. Significance of Contrast's Runtime Security Platform:
   - Positioned as a game-changer in Application Security Testing (AST).
   - Offers real-time, always-on security for web applications and APIs, preventing exploits targeting zero-day vulnerabilities.
   - Provides developers with a more effective and accurate approach to securing complete application stacks.

3. Vision for Marketing Strategy:
   - Focuses on leveraging Contrast's innovative solutions to meet escalating global demand.
   - Aims to bolster Contrast's market presence and drive the next phase of growth.
   - Harnesses Mowlem's proven expertise to refine marketing initiatives and enhance strategic direction.

With the appointment of Shay Mowlem as Chief Marketing Officer, Contrast Security reinforces its commitment to advancing Runtime Security solutions for web applications and APIs. Mowlem's extensive background in enterprise software positions him to drive global marketing efforts, propel strategic growth, and solidify Contrast's position as a leader in modernized Application Security.

Solodev Launches Solodev Digital: A Comprehensive Cloud-Based Platform for Secure Identity and Access Management

Solodev Launches Solodev Digital: A Comprehensive Cloud-Based Platform for Secure Identity and Access Management

advertising 23 Apr 2024

Solodev, the cloud platform for developers, now offers a cloud-based solution and expert services for managing identity and SSO. The new platform also enables users to build and connect a stack of supported apps for martech, digital advertising, and payment processing.

Solodev introduces Solodev Digital, a revolutionary cloud-based platform designed to address the growing demand for secure identity and access management (IAM) solutions. With a comprehensive suite of products and services, Solodev Digital empowers organizations to deploy robust identity strategies, including Single Sign-On (SSO), managed identity, and consent management. This article explores the significance of IAM in 2024 and highlights how Solodev Digital offers a solution to securely connect and manage various applications and services through one universal login.

1. Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions:
   - Managed Identity: Premium enterprise solution offering turnkey implementation and management of SSO with custom-branded login and dedicated help desk support.
   - Self-Service Keycloak: Free self-service deployment of Keycloak for strong SSO, with the option to upgrade for custom features.
   - Consent Management: Cloud-based customizable consent experience to manage user privacy and compliance.

2. Martech Integration: 
   - Unified access to digital marketing apps and marketplace of AI-powered tools like DataDog, Google Ads, and Salesforce.
   - Solodev Developer Account serves as a "digital passport" to connect and manage apps securely with SSO.

3. Digital Advertising Services:
   - Turnkey digital services to build and manage custom advertising campaigns across leading ad platforms like Apple, Amazon, Bing, and Google.

4. Payment Processing Solutions:
   - Expert assistance to deploy secure payment processing solutions with trusted providers like, PayPal, Recurly, and Stripe.

Expert Commentary:
"In an era of growing data privacy and security requirements, Solodev Digital is simplifying ID," said Shawn Moore, CTO at Solodev. "With Solodev’s innovative identity and SSO solutions, your martech, digital advertising, and payments strategies can be more secure and connected – so you can focus on growth."

Solodev Digital emerges as a comprehensive cloud-based platform tailored to meet the evolving needs of organizations in managing secure identity and access. With its range of IAM solutions and seamless integration capabilities for martech, digital advertising, and payment processing, Solodev Digital empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern internet security while enabling growth and innovation.

TELUS International Unveils Fine-Tune Studio: A Next-Generation Task-Execution Platform for GenAI Model Optimization

TELUS International Unveils Fine-Tune Studio: A Next-Generation Task-Execution Platform for GenAI Model Optimization

customer experience management 23 Apr 2024

Multimodal, multi-language workflows optimize AI dataset creation processes to help clients get accurate fine-tuning data, predictably fast, at affordable costs

TELUS International announces the launch of Fine-Tune Studio, an innovative task-execution platform integrated into its AI Data Platform. Fine-Tune Studio is engineered to produce high-quality fine-tuning datasets for large language models (LLMs) and generative AI (GenAI) models, addressing the critical need for accurate and diverse datasets in AI model training. This article explores the features and benefits of Fine-Tune Studio and its role in advancing AI model optimization.

1. High-Quality Datasets: 
   - Fine-Tune Studio creates datasets for LLM fine-tuning across various domains, including STEM, healthcare, finance, and law, supporting more than 100 languages.
   - Supports labeling tasks for text, audio, image, and video data types, facilitating supervised fine-tuning, reinforcement learning, and direct preference optimization.

2. Native AI Integrations:
   - Real-time plagiarism, tone analysis, spelling, and grammar checks enhance dataset accuracy and user productivity.
   - Configurable workflows enable clients to customize quality assurance processes for optimal task management.

3. Experts Engine:
   - Task matching with subject matter experts from TELUS International's global AI community ensures the creation of precise and validated datasets.
   - Diverse pool of experts includes linguists, researchers, coders, doctors, and specialists from various domains, mitigating biases and inaccuracies in dataset creation.

Expert Commentary:  
Siddharth Mall, Vice President, Product for TELUS International AI Data Solutions, emphasizes, "Fine-Tune Studio marks a significant advancement in our commitment to delivering expertly-vetted and validated data, enhancing our clients’ model performance, adaptability, and safety."

Fine-Tune Studio by TELUS International represents a milestone in AI data solutions, offering a robust platform for creating high-quality fine-tuning datasets for LLMs and GenAI models. With its native AI integrations, customizable workflows, and access to subject matter experts, Fine-Tune Studio empowers organizations to optimize AI model performance while upholding data integrity and regulatory standards.

TrustArc Awards DoubleVerify First TRUSTe Responsible AI Certification, Setting Industry Standards

TrustArc Awards DoubleVerify First TRUSTe Responsible AI Certification, Setting Industry Standards

technology 23 Apr 2024

TrustArc, a leading provider of data privacy management solutions, announces DoubleVerify as the first recipient of its TRUSTe Responsible AI Certification. This certification underscores DoubleVerify's commitment to ethical AI practices and sets a precedent for responsible AI governance in the industry. This article explores the significance of the certification and its implications for DoubleVerify and the broader AI ecosystem.

1. Industry-Leading Certification: 
   - TRUSTe Responsible AI Certification, developed by TrustArc, establishes industry standards for responsible AI governance.
   - Incorporates principles from EU AI Act, NIST AI Risk Management Framework, ISO:42001, and OECD AI Principles, offering a comprehensive framework for AI ethics.

2. DoubleVerify's Commitment: 
   - DoubleVerify's swift adoption of responsible AI practices earns it the inaugural certification, showcasing its dedication to excellence and ethical responsibility.
   - The certification highlights DoubleVerify's leadership in promoting accountability and transparency in AI-driven solutions.

3. Advantages of Certification:
   - Provides DoubleVerify a competitive edge by instilling confidence among partners and consumers in the responsible use of AI.
   - Demonstrates DoubleVerify's commitment to privacy, fairness, and integrity, enhancing trust with customers and stakeholders.

Expert Commentary:
Noël Luke, Chief Assurance Officer at TrustArc, emphasizes, "DoubleVerify's swift adoption of responsible practices within their AI-driven solutions is a testament to their commitment to excellence and ethical responsibility."

Jack Smith, Chief Innovation Officer at DoubleVerify, states, "Partnering with TrustArc proves our commitment to meet the highest standards in privacy and fairness. We're honored to be the first to earn this certification in Responsible AI."

TrustArc's TRUSTe Responsible AI Certification sets a new standard for ethical AI governance, with DoubleVerify leading the charge as its inaugural recipient. This certification reinforces DoubleVerify's commitment to accountability, transparency, and integrity in AI operations, fostering greater trust among consumers and partners. As AI continues to shape the future of technology, certifications like these play a crucial role in ensuring responsible AI practices across industries.

BurstIQ Achieves 6th Consecutive SOC 2 Type II Compliance, Reinforcing Leadership in Secure Data Management

BurstIQ Achieves 6th Consecutive SOC 2 Type II Compliance, Reinforcing Leadership in Secure Data Management

data management 23 Apr 2024

BurstIQ celebrates another year of achievement as it passes its sixth consecutive SOC 2 Type II audit, reaffirming its commitment to excellence in secure data management. This article explores BurstIQ's ongoing compliance success, highlighting the significance of its LifeGraph® platform and its continued leadership in the industry.

1. Continuous Compliance Excellence: 
   - BurstIQ achieves SOC 2 Type II compliance for the sixth consecutive year, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security.
   - The company's secure data platform, powered by LifeGraph®, has consistently passed the audit with zero exceptions since 2018, showcasing its robust security measures.

2. Leadership in Secure Data Management:  
   - BurstIQ remains the sole blockchain-enabled data platform to achieve SOC 2 Type II compliance for six consecutive years, underscoring its leadership in secure data management solutions.
   - LifeGraph® integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance data management capabilities while upholding best-in-class security standards, including NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, and emerging privacy laws compliance.

3. Platform Innovation:
   - Tyson Henry, CTO of BurstIQ, highlights LifeGraph's innovative features, including security, privacy, granular ownership, metadata, consent, exchange, and governance, which foster trust and intelligence among users.
   - The platform's foundational knowledge graph structures empower organizations to securely exchange data across ecosystems, driving revenue growth and impactful outcomes.

Recognition and Accolades:
   - BurstIQ's LifeGraph® platform receives acclaim from industry leaders and organizations, including Gartner, Red Herring, CB Insights, and Frost & Sullivan, reaffirming its status as a global leader in blockchain-enabled secure data management.

BurstIQ's achievement of SOC 2 Type II compliance for the sixth consecutive year reflects its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in secure data management. With its LifeGraph® platform setting industry standards and earning accolades from leading organizations, BurstIQ continues to lead the way in driving trust, security, and intelligence in data exchange. As organizations navigate increasingly complex data security challenges, BurstIQ remains a trusted partner in delivering secure, compliant, and transformative data management solutions.

Fullstory Launches Data Direct: A Game-Changing Solution for Behavioral Data Activation

Fullstory Launches Data Direct: A Game-Changing Solution for Behavioral Data Activation

technology 23 Apr 2024

Fullstory introduces a new way for enterprises to harness comprehensive, high-quality behavioral data as a standalone source 

Discover how Fullstory's latest offering, Data Direct, revolutionizes the activation of behavioral data by seamlessly syncing it to a company's chosen destination. This article explores how Data Direct empowers businesses to leverage high-quality behavioral insights to enhance customer engagement, drive revenue growth, and improve decision-making.

1. Unveiling Data Direct:
   - Fullstory launches Data Direct, a groundbreaking solution designed to sync clean, structured, AI-ready behavioral data to a company's destination of choice.
   - By activating web and mobile sentiment signals, including digital movements, interactions, and patterns, Data Direct transforms how businesses engage with customers and drive bottom-line impact.

2. Unlocking the Power of Behavioral Data: 
   - Fullstory CEO, Scott Voigt, emphasizes the significance of comprehensive first-party behavioral data in understanding customers and driving business success.
   - McKinsey & Company research highlights that organizations leveraging customer behavioral insights outperform peers in sales growth and gross margin, underscoring the value of high-quality behavioral data.

3. Empowering Enterprises with Quality Data:  
   - Data Direct simplifies the capture and utilization of quality behavioral data across web and mobile platforms, enabling enterprises to enhance personalization, forecasting, and modeling efforts.
   - Built on Fullstory's robust behavioral data platform, Data Direct surfaces sentiment insights to reveal the untold story behind user behaviors, driving better decision-making.

4. Key Capabilities of Data Direct:  
   - Data Studio enhances Fullstory's autocapture capabilities, allowing teams to visually inspect and tag events, elements, and pages for improved data quality.
   - Streaming Webhooks enable data teams to push event data based on user behaviors and sentiments, facilitating real-time insights.
   - Pre-built integrations with leading platforms like Google BigQuery, Snowflake, RedShift, and Amazon S3 ensure seamless data integration and accessibility.

With Data Direct, Fullstory empowers enterprises to harness the power of comprehensive behavioral data for enhanced customer engagement and business growth. By providing a direct, standalone source of AI-ready data, Data Direct enables organizations to drive personalized experiences, accurate predictions, and revenue growth with ease. As businesses strive to understand and connect with their customers on a deeper level, Data Direct emerges as a game-changing solution for unlocking actionable insights and driving impactful outcomes.

Planoly Acquires Snipfeed: Uniting Social Media Management with Creator Monetization

Planoly Acquires Snipfeed: Uniting Social Media Management with Creator Monetization

social media 23 Apr 2024

Explore how Planoly's recent acquisition of Snipfeed, a popular creator monetization tool, signals a significant step forward in empowering creators to monetize their content effectively. This article delves into the strategic implications of the acquisition and its potential to enhance the capabilities of both platforms for content creators and small businesses.

1. Uniting Social Media Management and Monetization:  
   - Planoly's acquisition of Snipfeed merges robust social media management tools with Snipfeed's storefront functionality, offering creators a seamless integration of content planning and monetization strategies.
   - The partnership aims to streamline workflows for creators, saving them valuable time while unlocking new revenue streams directly from their social media platforms.

2. Accelerating Creator Success:  
   - Katelyn MacKay, CEO of Planoly, emphasizes the importance of social commerce in empowering creators to build profitable businesses. The acquisition enables Planoly to enhance its product roadmap and elevate creator success to new heights.
   - By combining Planoly's expertise in content planning with Snipfeed's monetization features, users gain access to a comprehensive creator suite designed to maximize their earning potential.

3. The Ultimate Creator Suite:  
   - ReĢdouane Ramdani, Co-Founder of Snipfeed, highlights the vision behind the acquisition, envisioning a one-stop shop where creators can plan their content and monetize it seamlessly from a single dashboard.
   - With deeper integrations between Planoly and Snipfeed on the horizon, users can expect enhanced functionality and a more cohesive experience for managing their content and monetization efforts.

4. Empowering the Creator Economy: 
   - As creators redefine traditional work models and pursue passion projects as viable businesses, the need for comprehensive tools to manage their online presence becomes paramount.
   - Planoly and Snipfeed aim to empower creators by providing them with the tools and resources needed to succeed in the evolving landscape of social commerce, ultimately fueling the growth of the creator economy.

The acquisition of Snipfeed by Planoly marks a significant milestone in the evolution of social commerce and creator monetization. By integrating content planning with monetization capabilities, the partnership enables creators to streamline their workflows and unlock new revenue opportunities directly from their social media platforms. As the creator economy continues to flourish, Planoly and Snipfeed are poised to play a pivotal role in empowering creators to turn their passions into profitable businesses and reshape the future of work.


Unveiling "The Science of Loyalty": Intuit's Insightful Report on Building Lasting Customer Relationships

financial technology 23 Apr 2024

The study presents 12 actionable tactics brands and marketers can take to build loyalty with their customers 

Intuit Inc. unveils "The Science of Loyalty," a comprehensive report delving into the drivers behind consumer behavior and offering actionable insights for marketers to nurture lasting relationships with their customer base. By examining the commitment spectrum and outlining 12 tactics of loyalty, Intuit equips brands with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of consumer loyalty effectively.

1. Understanding the Commitment Spectrum:  
   - Intuit introduces a commitment spectrum ranging from inert to fandom loyalty, providing a nuanced understanding of customer loyalty levels.
   - Each loyalty category, from habitual to fandom, reflects varying degrees of emotional attachment and engagement with the brand.

2. Tactics of Loyalty:  
   - The report outlines 12 actionable tactics of loyalty, including smart exposure, familiar foundations, choice validation, and new routines, among others.
   - These tactics empower brands to build meaningful relationships with customers and foster loyalty across different levels of commitment.

3. Insights from Marketing Experts:  
   - Perspectives from marketing experts, such as Richard Shotton and Denise Lee Yohn, underscore the significance of loyalty as a comprehensive business strategy.
   - Loyalty is described not only as a marketing goal but as a strategic imperative for sustainable growth and resilience in a competitive marketplace.

4. Strategic Loyalty Playbook: 
   - By leveraging the tactics outlined in the report, brands and marketers can engage with customers holistically and deepen relationships that positively impact marketing goals.
   - The Strategic Loyalty Playbook provides a roadmap for navigating the complexities of consumer behavior and fostering enduring brand-customer connections.

Intuit's "The Science of Loyalty" provides marketers with valuable insights and actionable strategies for building lasting relationships with customers. By understanding the commitment spectrum and implementing the tactics of loyalty, brands can navigate the evolving landscape of consumer behavior and cultivate meaningful connections that drive loyalty and business growth.


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