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UiPath Announces Partnership with Apprio to Deliver AI-Powered Automation Solutions for Midmarket Healthcare Organizations

UiPath Announces Partnership with Apprio to Deliver AI-Powered Automation Solutions for Midmarket Healthcare Organizations

artificial intelligence 4 Oct 2023

Service offering from Apprio provides proven business solutions targeting critical operations within revenue cycle management to help midmarket hospitals and healthcare systems improve operational and financial performance

UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced an enhanced partnership with Apprio, a leading provider of specialized technology and service solutions for hospitals and health systems, to bring managed automation services to midmarket healthcare organizations. With this partnership, UiPath will leverage Apprio’s capabilities and proven track record in automating critical revenue cycle management functions that bring a significant return on investment to hospitals and health systems.

As Apprio continues to expand its technology-forward approach for the optimization of revenue cycle processes, UiPath advances the company’s capabilities in leading the transformation and modernization of the healthcare industry to improve operational and financial performance.

“We are excited to grow our partnership with UiPath, the leader in AI-powered enterprise automation, and help our healthcare customers create a modern vision of traditional revenue cycle management services,” said Darryl Britt, President & CEO, Apprio. “We are seeing increased demand from customers who want pre-built or full-service solutions from Apprio that make implementing, maintaining, and scaling automation practices much more simplified, convenient, and cost effective. The managed services model provides customers with immediate return on investment while benefiting from our deep automation expertise in license management, implementation, and ongoing development and support.”

Apprio and UiPath have been jointly serving customers across the healthcare industry, helping support automation journeys as more enterprises strategize to become more agile in the face of staff shortages, strained resources, and voluminous patient backlogs. With UiPath and its AI Computer Vision, Apprio has deployed new automations in a very short timeframe within an affordable and predictable fee structure that eliminates any upfront costs by the hospital or health system.

Leadership within the AdventHealth Central Florida Division, Revenue Cycle, stated: “Over the past several years, our health system has partnered with Apprio to bring automation across multiple functions within our revenue cycle operations. The financial and operational impact has been game changing and we continue to work with Apprio to identify additional areas where we can deploy automation.”

“AI-powered automation plays a leading role for all industries as they modernize and integrate technologies to become agile and build the organizational structure for digital transformation,” said Kelly Ducourty, Chief Customer Officer at UiPath. “We look forward to our continued partnership with Apprio driving success for healthcare customers at various stages of their automation journeys. Customers can derive enormous value from UiPath and Apprio in the form of increased productivity, lower costs, and new efficiencies in their operations.”

Earlier this year, UiPath announced that UiPath Orchestrator, UiPath Insights, UiPath Automation Hub, and their supporting services in the UiPath Automation Cloud (TM) Platform earned certified status by HITRUST for information security. HITRUST certification comes after the most rigorous security assessment available in the healthcare technology space.

Concentric AI Introduces Industry’s First Data Lineage Functionality in a Data Security Posture Management Solution for Improved Data Protection and Management

Concentric AI Introduces Industry’s First Data Lineage Functionality in a Data Security Posture Management Solution for Improved Data Protection and Management

artificial intelligence 4 Oct 2023

Organizations Can Now Make Better Business Decisions to Secure their Data by Understanding Data’s Entire Journey and How it is Sourced, Processed, Modified, Entitled and Consumed

Concentric AI, a leading vendor of intelligent AI-based solutions for autonomous data security posture management (DSPM), today announced that its Semantic Intelligence™ DSPM solution now offers data lineage functionality for organizations to better protect their data, making it the first DSPM solution to deliver this differentiated capability.

As a result of today’s update to Concentric AI’s Semantic Intelligence, organizations can now make better business decisions around securing their data by understanding data’s entire journey with a clear and comprehensive view of how it is sourced, processed, modified, entitled, and consumed.

“Concentric AI’s new data lineage functionality allows organizations to trace the lineage of a particular file or data record and discover how it has travelled through the enterprise with all the appropriate modifications, ensuring that organizations have a clear understanding of their data’s possible risk,” said Karthik Krishnan, Founder and CEO, Concentric AI. “Organizations came to us to develop this functionality – the first of its kind in a DSPM solution – and we are pleased to rapidly respond and deliver on these industry requirements. Our partners are also now better equipped to meet their customers’ demands for this robust functionality.”

While data lineage exists in the industry from other classes of products, Concentric AI’s new functionality is differentiated by leveraging large language models (LLMs) and semantic analysis to identify near duplicates of data records (such as 30 different versions of a redlined contract), where they are located, how they have proliferated across the organization from first record to the latest, and who has and had access to them to better protect sensitive data. This is unique and a capability that is unrivaled in the industry today.

Advantages of data lineage delivered in a DSPM solution include being able to identify all versions of similar sensitive data across the organization’s data repositories, as well as remediating risk to that information from inappropriate entitlements, wrong permissioning, and unauthorized access. In addition, data lineage can help enterprises move redundant and obsolete data to secondary storage for effective data management.

Data lineage allows organizations to understand how data flows across their environment and who has access and has accessed it, in order to address risks associated with inappropriate access, inaccurate entitlements and risky sharing, as well as ensure effective data management. Organizations can make better business decisions from data protection to data management by understanding data’s entire journey and identifying redundant processes or changes that might affect risk to sensitive data. In the event of a data breach, understanding data lineage can help organizations quickly identify the source of the breach and the affected data, accelerate response time, and improve damage control.

“Many industries and organizations are subject to strict data regulations such as GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (the California Consumer Privacy Act),” added Krishnan. “Data lineage helps organizations demonstrate compliance by showing regulators how data is handled, processed and stored. It also creates an audit trail, making it easier for reporting around regulatory inquiries and audits.”

Concentric AI’s Semantic Intelligence DSPM solution scans organizations’ data, detects sensitive or business critical content, identifies the most appropriate classification category, and automatically tags the data. Concentric AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve discovery and classification accuracy and efficiency to avoid endless regex rules and inaccurate end user labeling. In addition, Concentric AI can monitor and autonomously identify risk to financial and other data from inappropriate permissioning, wrong entitlements, risky sharing, and unauthorized access. It can automatically remediate permissions and sharing issues or leverage other security solutions and cloud APIs to quickly and continuously protect exposed data.

Concentric AI’s Semantic Intelligence automates unstructured and structured data security using deep learning to categorize data, uncover business criticality and reduce risk. Its Risk Distance™ analysis technology uses the baseline security practices observed for each data category to spot security anomalies in individual files. It compares documents of the same type to identify risk from oversharing, third-party access, wrong location, or misclassification. Organizations benefit from the expertise of content owners without intrusive classification mandates, with no rules, regex, or policy maintenance needed.

Integral Launches Privacy Workbench to Revolutionize Data Quality and Certification

Integral Launches Privacy Workbench to Revolutionize Data Quality and Certification

security 4 Oct 2023

Privacy Analytics Suite Adds Layer of Protection to Rapid Control and Review of Sensitive Data

Integral, an innovator in safeguarding privacy and maximizing data quality, today announced the launch of its privacy analytics suite, Privacy Workbench. The privacy analytics suite adds to defense-in-depth security strategies while allowing fast and carefully controlled review processes for companies de-identifying highly sensitive information.

Combining personal healthcare data like medical records, health histories, and genetic information with non-healthcare data such as social media activity, demographics, purchasing history, social determinants of health, and geographic data provides researchers with a comprehensive view of an individual’s health and lifestyle. While this combined dataset advances healthcare research and outcomes, it also poses a significant regulatory compliance and privacy risk by exposing people’s sensitive information. Integral’s Privacy Workbench streamlines dataset creation by automating de-identification and compliance determination reports, ensuring the protection of sensitive private information.

“Anytime you’re putting two data sets together, such as healthcare data and consumer data, you’re creating new data that hasn’t existed. This is great. However, it introduces requirements to meet all privacy and regulatory requirements to avoid penalties and to safeguard sensitive data. In a human-led compliance process, it is common for usable data to be excluded during the combining process, negatively impacting the value of your data investment,” said Timothy Nobles, Integral’s general manager. “Integral’s Privacy Workbench preserves more usable data and simplifies the ultra-complex and time-consuming process of preparing sensitive data to merge with other data sets. The workbench’s cloud-based platform provides visibility into risk tolerance variables and introduces statistically acceptable ranges for understanding what makes the data compliant and ready for certification in near-real time.”

Integral’s Privacy Workbench simplifies the layers of workflow management, data documentation, data privacy and analytics assessments, merging datasets, and safely storing the original data after the process is complete. The final step includes an expert determination report with the newly combined and remediated data.

With Integral’s Privacy Workbench, healthcare companies can access and analyze data as quickly as retail marketers while protecting personal information and respecting people’s privacy rights. Researchers can unlock more value from data and enhance patient care through stronger clinical trials, products, medication and health technologies.

Mini Peiris joins Nintex as Chief Marketing Officer

Mini Peiris joins Nintex as Chief Marketing Officer

automation 4 Oct 2023

Nintex, the global standard for process intelligence and automation, today announced the appointment of Mini Peiris as its new chief marketing officer. Mini is an experienced B2B SaaS CMO who has led global marketing teams through periods of high growth and transformation, including executive roles with NetSuite (now part of Oracle), Ambra Health (now part of Intelerad), Elementum, and most recently as CMO of Doma. 

As CMO, Mini will be responsible for shaping and executing Nintex's global go-to-market strategy, driving awareness, demand generation, partner and customer engagement, and furthering the company's position as an industry leader in process intelligence and automation solutions powered by AI.

"We are thrilled to welcome top-tier talent like Mini to our executive leadership team," said Amit Mathradas, Nintex CEO. "She joins us at a transformational moment for Nintex. We are all focused on building the best product and processes for our customers around the world, and we know that our global marketing team will be critical to raise awareness and demand for Nintex solutions. Mini's experience perfectly aligns with this stage of growth for Nintex."

"Nintex has an opportunity to really shape the future of intelligent automation for mid-market businesses," said Mini Peiris, Nintex CMO. "Nintex solutions are trusted worldwide, and with the power that AI adds to the platform, we have a unique opportunity to enable customers and partners of all sizes to orchestrate critical processes that can be deployed anywhere quickly. This moment for Nintex is so important and exciting, and I look forward to the journey ahead of us."

Pulumi Raises $41M in Series C Funding to Expand Infrastructure as Code Market

Pulumi Raises $41M in Series C Funding to Expand Infrastructure as Code Market

customer experience management 4 Oct 2023

New funding builds on industry-first innovations and rapid customer and revenue growth

Pulumi, the leading open source Infrastructure as Code platform, today announced $41 million in Series C funding led by Madrona with participation from NEATola Capital, and Strike Capital. This round brings Pulumi’s total funding to $99 million. Pulumi will use the investment to make cloud infrastructure easily accessible to everyone – innovating on its open source platform, advancing infrastructure security and bringing the power of generative AI to cloud engineers and developers.

“Pulumi is critical to global enterprises now that it is the leading open source Infrastructure as Code provider,” said S. Somasegar, Managing Director of Madrona and Pulumi board member. "With the size and complexity of cloud infrastructure rapidly increasing as enterprises continue their digital transformation journey, the scale, power, and ease of use that Pulumi provides is more valuable than ever.”

The new funding builds on a strong period of innovation and growth for Pulumi, which doubled revenue over the past year and now counts over 2,000 customers and 150,000 users on its platform. New enterprise deployments in the last year include Univision, Moderna, Pinecone, the LEGO Group, and many others, all of whom are using Pulumi to accelerate their own innovation. More than half of the Fortune 50 now use Pulumi to help tame cloud complexity.

“We run due diligence calls every day, and we were awestruck by how much customers love the product,” said John Lagomarsino, General Partner at Strike Capital. “Pulumi has created incredible fans and a loyal following among cloud engineers and developers.”

Pulumi recently announced Pulumi Insights, which provides analytics and search across cloud infrastructure, and Pulumi AI, which allows developers to generate infrastructure as code using natural-language. The company has also seen mounting industry accolades this year, having been named among the top 5% of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America and listed among Redpoint Ventures’ InfraRed 100 transformative companies in cloud infrastructure.

Pulumi also announced the appointment of Bob Laskey as Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Laskey brings more than 25 years of cloud software leadership experience to Pulumi, having led highly-successful revenue teams at Cloudflare and Microsoft. As CCO, Laskey will focus on improving the experience of Pulumi’s growing customer base, and developing its partner ecosystem and professional services.

“This funding will accelerate our growth and enable us to solve even more of our customers' toughest cloud challenges,” said Pulumi co-founder and CEO Joe Duffy.“The modern cloud changes everything and, as the leading open source Infrastructure as Code provider, we look forward to continuing to work closely with our community to reimagine how the world programs the cloud.” Announces Appointment of General Manager of North America and Hybrid Regional Structure Announces Appointment of General Manager of North America and Hybrid Regional Structure

technology 4 Oct 2023

Jamison Powell has been promoted to General Manager and the company’s first SVP of Sales to oversee’s growth in North America Ltd., a work operating system (Work OS) where organizations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work, today announced two executive appointments and its new hybrid regional structure, effective September 1, 2023.

Established in November 2022,’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) organization ensures that from the moment a customer begins using and throughout their growth trajectory, their experience is seamless. As part of the CRO organization evolving, is establishing a hybrid regional structure to empower the regions while providing a strong connection to core global functions. North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) will be led by a regional leader who will own and be accountable for the entire revenue and retention in the region, driving annual recurring revenue and net dollar retention and ensuring all client-facing and supporting-operational functions are aligned on the regional goals.

To support this structure, has promoted Jamison Powell to GM of North America and the company’s first Senior Vice President of Sales. Over his nearly four-year tenure at, Powell served as the company’s Vice President of Sales, Americas, where he scaled the sales organization by over 10X and nearly doubled the revenue in the region each year. In addition to the above responsibilities, Powell will oversee the nearly one-third of employees, four offices, and over half of its customer base that are located in North America. Additionally, Dean Swan, previously Regional Vice President of APJ, has been promoted to GM of APJ and joined the CRO leadership team. As one of's first employees in Australia in 2020, Swan significantly scaled the local team and oversaw the opening of the company's regional headquarters in Sydney earlier this year. Powell and Swan will continue to report to CRO Yoni Osherov and is actively recruiting for the GM of EMEA role.

“This shift to a hybrid regional model is the natural next step to take and the CRO organization to the next level. While certain functions will remain global, the power behind this new structure brings a level of uniqueness to each region. This is crucial as we scale, as each regional leader will have the autonomy to create strategies that are tailored to specific market needs,” said Osherov. “Jamison and Dean have been influential leaders that have helped guide’s rapid growth in North America and APJ and we look forward to seeing their continued impact in their elevated roles.”

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be at and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to expand my role to lead and continue to grow our presence in North America,” says Powell. “With our focus on customer centricity and efforts to bring the best, most trusted, multi-product WorkOS platform to the market, I’m optimistic we’ll continue to deliver value to our over 186,000 customers and beyond.”

In starting his new role, Powell will focus on further expanding operational excellence, as well as oversee the hiring for several key roles, including Head of Account Management, and various sales management roles in product growth areas such as monday sales CRM and monday dev.

OpenX Teams up with Cedara to Become the First Adtech Platform to Deliver a Complete Programmatic Campaign Emissions Solution

OpenX Teams up with Cedara to Become the First Adtech Platform to Deliver a Complete Programmatic Campaign Emissions Solution

advertising 4 Oct 2023

The partnership provides buyers a sustainable supply path through fully integrated carbon emissions measurement, reduction and offset capabilities.

OpenX Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading omnichannel supply-side platforms, today announced a milestone partnership with Cedara, the Carbon Intelligence Platform. With this integration, OpenX becomes the first digital advertising company to offer automated emissions measurement on campaigns, reduced campaign emissions, and a custom carbon offset portfolio solution for remaining campaign emissions via Cedara’s platform.

By pairing Cedara’s media emissions reduction and offset capabilities with OpenX’s status as the first Net-Zero adtech company, this partnership leads the industry’s sustainability initiative with best-in-class solutions for measuring and reducing emissions both at a corporate level and in media distribution.

This fully integrated solution will enable buyers to:

  • sync organizational emissions data with media buys
  • access highly curated and third-party certified projects
  • achieve transparency and customization into how and what offsets are leveraged through the creation of custom offset portfolios
  • seamlessly onboard and measure emissions from OpenX’s campaigns

Cedara provides automated omnichannel emissions measurement and deep business intelligence across both organizational and campaign-level emissions for advertisers and the media supply chain. Paired with OpenX’s comprehensive media activity data, this partnership enables transparent and accurate emissions measurement to deliver a truly sustainable supply path for buyers.

“We are thrilled to partner with OpenX, as they have a long-term commitment to sustainability and are consistent innovators. Our partnership gives buyers an end-to-end, sustainable programmatic product that they simply can’t get anywhere else,” said Eric Shih, COO at Cedara.

“With Cedara, we are able to offer an end-to-end solution that enables brands to measure the impact of their digital activity and provides control over and transparency into how and where quality offsets are used while delivering performance across our publisher portfolio,” said Joseph Worswick, VP EMEA and Head of Global Sustainability at OpenX. “In keeping with OpenX’s commitment to our own emissions reduction, we’re excited to see more businesses successfully build sustainability solutions as it shows the demand from digital advertising is growing.”


Akkio Launches Generative Reports to Turn Data Into Decisions Instantly

Akkio Launches Generative Reports to Turn Data Into Decisions Instantly

artificial intelligence 4 Oct 2023

First-of-its-Kind Generative Business Intelligence Feature Empowers Small and Medium Businesses with Automatic, AI-powered Insights

Akkio, the pioneer in generative business intelligence for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today unveiled Generative Reports, a powerful, first-of-its-kind AI tool that automatically turns data into decisions. Customers simply connect their data and describe their project, and Generative Reports automatically creates a real-time report. With Generative Reports, SMBs have a self-service tool to surface the information they need to optimize marketing spend, forecast revenue, score leads, improve customer experiences, or anything else they can imagine.

Data is an SMB’s competitive advantage, but without the resources of a big company, most struggle to leverage its value. Akkio levels the playing field. For the first time, AI-powered Generative Reports allow SMBs to go toe-to-toe with industry giants, letting them quickly understand their data, get insights based on their specific use case, and share live reports with their team.

  • Instant insights: Say goodbye to complex coding and formulas, Generative Reports delivers a dashboard of relevant charts to business users instantly, helping them make quick and informed decisions to support marketing operations, sales forecasts, and more.
  • Built to understand business: Generative Reports goes beyond standard dashboard technology by analyzing a user’s specific project requirements, problems, and use case. It’s like speaking with an analyst. Generative Reports understands the problem users want to solve up-front and delivers a report to instantly answer questions, track statuses, and understand results.
  • Live, sharable reporting: Users can connect Generative Reports to live data sources and then easily share these insights with their team, ensuring secure and immediate alignment to relevant business objectives.

The Future of Business Intelligence is Generative

Akkio is a leader in Generative BI, which stands at the intersection of generative AI and business data. With AI-powering features like automated insights, forecasting, and shareable reports, Akkio lets customers analyze the past, predict the future, and act on it.

“Generative BI is revolutionizing decision-making for small and medium businesses, and Akkio is enabling access to anyone working with data,” said Jonathon Reilly, Co-Founder and CEO of Akkio. “The introduction of Generative Reports provides SMBs with the immediate insights required to make better, more informed data-driven decisions.”

Ease of use is at the core of Akkio’s product strategy and design for Generative BI. Akkio empowers hundreds of customers to chat with their data securely, generate live dashboards, and use machine learning to forecast and predict future outcomes across their operations.


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