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Analytic Partners Empowers Brands with Forward-Looking Decisioning to Drive Business Growth

Analytic Partners Empowers Brands with Forward-Looking Decisioning to Drive Business Growth

analytics 21 Sep 2023

Analytic Partners helps brands evolve from Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution report card ROIs to future-looking commercial intelligence for business growth.

Analytic Partners, the leader in marketing measurement and optimization, has added new capabilities to its platform, GPS-Enterprise (GPS-E) to empower businesses to make dynamic, forward-looking decisions with confidence. GPS-E delivers commercial intelligence to enable brands to move away from backward-looking report card measurement and account for the rapid shifts in the market and overall economy.

In today's increasingly complex business landscape, marketers can no longer rely on the historical performance ROI report cards from Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) to plan future activities. What worked last quarter might not work next quarter due to rapid changes in the economic environment, customer behavior, and competitive landscape. Recognizing the need for forward-looking planning and strategies, Analytic Partners' Commercial Analytics solution and platform, GPS-E, empower marketers to make proactive decisions that boost their brands.

Commercial Analytics leverages advanced science and proven expertise to understand and predict the impact of all business drivers, including brand, customer, product, operational, market and external factors. GPS-E integrates data, analytics, and insights, and facilitates decisioning through dynamic forecasting and real-world scenario planning and optimization.

New features now available with Commercial Analytics on Analytic Partners' platform, GPS-Enterprise:

  • Proactive planning – automatically generates investment scenarios that incorporate all internal constraints and outside influences to surface new and untapped opportunities to create value.
  • Scenario guidance – reduces time-to-decision by enabling brands to develop, optimize and evaluate multi-objective plans at an accelerated pace.
  • Forecast collaboration – allows brands to continuously anticipate and react to change and share updated insights across functions and teams. Brands can easily adapt and pivot to changing market conditions, adjust assumptions and optimize to deliver more accurate forecasts.
  • New end-to-end UI/UX – surface timely insights on what's happening behind the scenes and shed light into the perceived black box. The transparency on data accuracy, analytics and timeliness of intelligence builds credibility in planning and decision-making.

Analytic Partners has over 20 years of expertise delivering marketing measurement and optimization insights, validating models and analytic techniques, and addressing multi-faceted business questions and goals. Customers leveraging Analytic Partners' Commercial Analytics for decision-making, have earned industry recognition on various occasions, including winning at the ANA Genius Awards for Analytics Adoption multiple years in a row, the Broadbent Prize for Best Dedication to Effectiveness at the IPA Effectiveness Awards, and the I-COM Data Creativity Awards. The new capabilities are built upon the proven success of turning data into expertise so that brands can unlock growth opportunities and deliver commercial value.

Nancy Smith, President and CEO at Analytic Partners, explains: "We are pleased to release these powerful, forward-looking enhancements to our platform, GPS-E. The accelerating pace of change continues in the marketplace. Due to our close working relationship with our valued customers, we have an acute understanding of the need for proactive and accessible planning and optimization capabilities. The early results are in, and our customers are now better equipped with the tools commercial decisions and adapt to dynamic market challenges and opportunities." Expands Its Solution to Encompass ESG Expands Its Solution to Encompass ESG

data management 21 Sep 2023

Leading supplier diversity solutions provider solves ESG data fragmentation by bringing global sustainability certifications, policies, and data into a single platform

In a world where sustainability and corporate responsibility are no longer optional, announces its strategic expansion into the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) domain. Now, the global leader in Supplier Diversity Data and Management solutions will offer procurement teams a one-stop shop for responsible spending across the supply chain.

The new solution radically simplifies how organizations track, manage, and expand their responsible sourcing efforts by providing a single, unified platform for sustainability, social and diversity certifications, and measuring economic and environmental impact.’s database is the largest in the world and includes over four million suppliers and five million certifications. As part of the expansion, the platform will also include nearly 8,000 B Lab Certified B Corporations across 89 countries, over 4,000 Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) scores, and over 3000 Green Business Network companies, in addition to Fair Trade and many other sustainability certifications.

“The expansion into ESG is a testament to our commitment to not only meet the current demands of the industry but to anticipate and shape its future. We have always been at the forefront of supplier diversity, and it is only natural for us to incorporate ESG, an area of growing global significance,” said Aylin Basom, CEO of

Key features of’s expanded ESG solution include:

  • ESG Data Enrichment: Enrichment of supplier spend data with environmental, social, and diverse supplier certifications from the top agencies, certifiers, and providers.
  • Social and Sustainable Spend Analytics: Robust executive and procurement analytics to analyze spend, track, and report on progress, identify new opportunities, and make informed decisions.
  • Supplier Registration: Centralized and customizable registration portal for all necessary supplier data.
  • Responsible Supplier Explorer: Instantly find credible and validated social and sustainable suppliers, with the ability to filter based on firmographics, diversity, social, and environmental data. Analyze the supplier market to identify the best growth areas and track progress.
  • Environmental Impact Analysis: Data-driven reporting on environmental impact, with the ability to measure Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and filter by GHG type and supplier scores.

“Foundational to ESG supply chain success is data, and the ability to engage with and monitor that data to guide the architecture and refinement of the supply base and beyond to the supply network. Solution providers like, where data is core to their offering, have the opportunity to be key enablers of this success,” said Chris Sawchuk at The Hackett Group.

Basom continues, “While the business and supply chain benefits of sustainability are clear and proven, many procurement teams struggle to manage their programs due to the fragmented ESG data landscape. With this launch, we are democratizing access to reliable sustainability information, ensuring that every organization has the insights necessary to manage their supply chains effectively and responsibly.”

Today, over 750 companies - including over 50% of the Fortune 100 - rely on to drive their responsible sourcing and supplier diversity programs. The launch of its ESG solution is a direct response to extensive customer demand for expanding’s proven approach to environmental and social suppliers.

As businesses around the world grapple with the challenge of integrating sustainability into their operations, stands as a beacon of innovation, offering tools that seamlessly merge supplier diversity with the critical pillars of ESG. It is not just about sourcing; it's about responsible, sustainable, and accountable sourcing. ensures businesses do not have to make that journey alone.

DriveLine Powers Precision Advertising with Groundbreaking Visitation Audience Solutions, Now Available on the Industry's Largest Data Connectivity Platform

DriveLine Powers Precision Advertising with Groundbreaking Visitation Audience Solutions, Now Available on the Industry's Largest Data Connectivity Platform

advertising 21 Sep 2023

Built on Geo-Behavioral Consumer Data, Integration with LiveRamp Allows Marketers to Harness the Power of Visitation-Based Audience Intelligence for Targeted Advertising

DriveLine, a cutting-edge audience intelligence solution, announces the availability of its custom audience segments on LiveRamp's partner network, named Google Cloud's "Global Industry Tech Partner of the Year".

By leveraging LiveRamp's data connectivity and identity resolution capabilities, LiveRamp's active user base can now access, target and reach the DriveLine custom visitation audiences relevant to their mobile advertising campaign KPIs.

"DriveLine's integration with LiveRamp represents a significant milestone in our journey to deliver highly targeted custom audiences from high impact audience intelligence," says Peter Sayer, CEO of DriveLine. "Audiences built on movement, or visitation, serve as a gateway to forging meaningful connections with consumers, shifting from engagement to conversion driven strategy."

Powered by precise location-intelligence, DriveLine leverages the spatial context of their consumers, including their physical movements and interactions with specific locations. LiveRamp allows brands and agencies that leverage programmatic platforms an easy way to access the most targeted audiences for high-impact advertising helping marketers create, target and reach relevant custom audiences across 250 million mobile devices.

MotherDuck Raises $52.5 Million Series B Funding as DuckDB Adoption Soars

MotherDuck Raises $52.5 Million Series B Funding as DuckDB Adoption Soars

analytics 21 Sep 2023

Valued at $400M, MotherDuck removes the waitlist from its platform, announces new product features, and adds 11 more partners to its growing ecosystem

MotherDuck, builder of a serverless, easy to use data analytics platform based on open source database DuckDB, today announced a $52.5 million round of funding. Led by Felicis, the round puts MotherDuck at a $400M post-money valuation and brings their total funding to date to $100M. New and existing investors like a16zMadrona, Amplify PartnersAltimeterRedpoint, Zero Prime, and more participated in the round as well. Felicis General Partner Viviana Faga will join MotherDuck's Board of Directors.

As part of today's announcement, MotherDuck will no longer have a waitlist for those interested in trying the platform. Anyone who wants to start leveraging the power of DuckDB at scale immediately can sign up at The company also announced feedback-driven improvements to the analyst experience including faster data import, a better notebook interface with SQL auto-complete, optimized hybrid query planning, and improved database sharing.

"We're proud of what we've been able to achieve over the last year alongside the DuckDB community and the DuckDB Labs team," said Jordan Tigani, CEO and Co-Founder of MotherDuck. "Our initial funding allowed us to grow our engineering team to get our platform launched and in use by almost 2,000 analysts. With this funding and the momentum surrounding our platform and DuckDB's adoption, the sky's the limit. The key is a simplified scale-up approach to SQL analytics; for the 95% of us who do not have petabyte-scale data, a scale-up approach to analytics based on an engine like DuckDB can be faster, cheaper and more user-friendly than distributed architectures. Spending the last week in Amsterdam with the DuckDB team has solidified that DuckDB is the future. We're excited about bringing the power of its simplicity to organizations at scale and improving the analyst experience across the board."

As the popularity of DuckDB skyrockets across the data community - thanks to its ability to run everywhere (including in the browser), query data from anywhere without preloading it, and its super-fast execution of analytical queries - early adoption of MotherDuck has validated the belief that data technology needs to focus on analyst experience. As the DuckDB team continues to rapidly evolve the open source database engine and its close ties to cutting-edge academic research, MotherDuck has been able to add collaboration and scalability of the cloud for organizations who want to use DuckDB at a larger scale.

The partnership between the two teams has led to more than 2,000 users already finding success with MotherDuck across a multitude of use cases to include: 

  • A cloud data warehouse for the rest of us: MotherDuck provides a simplified, performant and efficient data warehouse based on the lightweight DuckDB engine for the majority of data warehouses that don't need petabyte scale. 
  • A data lake query engine: MotherDuck uses DuckDB to query your data where it sits as parquet, iceberg, or CSV files.
  • A serverless backend for data apps: Customers of SaaS applications like SaaSWorks and Dexibit need fast and fresh analytics on their data to make better decisions. Developers often tackle this with analytics queries running on the transactional database, which are not designed for the task. MotherDuck uses DuckDB to provide a better solution.

"We looked at various OLAP platforms that could serve our broad and demanding data platform that serves the modern CFO as we were hitting scale limits (price and performance) with Postgres on RDS. MotherDuck with DuckDB was by far the fastest - both in the cloud and run on our developer's machines - bridging price and performance and greatly increasing productivity. We feel we have partnered with the future of Cloud and desktop-based OLAP providers with MotherDuck." - Jim O'Neill, CTO & Co-Founder, SaaSWorks.

MotherDuck's ecosystem also continues to grow. Following their initial product launch in June, the company announced 16 integrations with the platform. Today, MotherDuck is announcing 11 more: CubedltHubEvidenceGoodDataKestraMetabaseInfinyOn, LlamaIndex, SlingStreamlit, and Voltron DataAirbyte will be available to users today, while integrations with Fivetran and Tableau are both underway.

"We are excited to partner with Jordan and the MotherDuck team as they build a platform designed to seamlessly blend speed and user-friendliness, thereby simplifying and making analytics widely accessible. Analysts clearly need the speed of working with data at the edge, as well as the flexibility to query cloud-based data. The era of serverless data analytics is here." - Viviana Faga, General Partner, Felicis

Airbyte Users Create More than 1,500 Data Integration Connectors with No-Code Builder

Airbyte Users Create More than 1,500 Data Integration Connectors with No-Code Builder

data management 21 Sep 2023

Also, popular data connectors now 10 times faster and beat competition

Big Data London — Airbyte, creators of the fastest-growing open-source data integration platform, today announced that its community has built more than 1,500 connectors for their own needs in just three months using its no-code connector builder. In addition, recent testing shows performance of popular data connectors for PostgreSQL and MySQL has increased by a factor of 10 over the past six months.

In June, Airbyte released its no-code connector builder to help its user community address all their custom connector needs by building integrations in a manner of minutes. Further, any data connector created with the no-code connector builder can automatically take advantage of future performance improvements made in the connector builder. In a close collaboration between Airbyte and its user community, existing connectors are being migrated to the no-code/low-code format to make them easier to maintain and improve. Since August, 40 connectors have been migrated. Airbyte is planning a Hacktoberfest hackathon to migrate more than 100 more.

In addition to hackathons, Airbyte created an ongoing “Community Program” to incentivize and recognize their community members’ contributions, including new connectors, migration to the new format, or tutorials and articles.

Over the last six months, the Airbyte engineering team has made significant progress on performance – multiplying the speed by up to 10 times for popular PostgreSQL and MySQL source connectors. Internal testing has shown that the company now exceeds competition, as reported in these test results.

“Our average overall sync success rate across all connectors is now over 99%,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO, Airbyte. “Airbyte is now moving more than 1.5 petabytes of data every month and we’ve exceeded 100,000 deployments. We are now leading the industry in quantity of data connectors and performance of the most popular connectors.”

Airbyte makes moving data easy and affordable across almost any source and destination, helping enterprises provide their users with access to the right data for analysis and decision-making. Airbyte has the largest data engineering contributor community – with more than 800 contributors – and the best tooling to build and maintain connectors.

Pivotree and Stibo Systems Share Expert Advice on How Businesses Can Use Master Data Management (MDM) to Harness ESG Data

Pivotree and Stibo Systems Share Expert Advice on How Businesses Can Use Master Data Management (MDM) to Harness ESG Data

data management 21 Sep 2023

Learn from the experts and gain practical insights on the transformative impact of MDM on sustainability practices

In its mission to empower businesses to harness their full data capabilities, Pivotree Inc. (TSXV: PVT) (“Pivotree” or the “Company”), a leading provider of frictionless commerce solutions and services, today announced that it will take part in a webinar titled: Maximize Impact, Minimize Footprint: Harness Sustainability Data with Master Data Management to share insights and expertise with business leaders looking to transform their sustainability practices.

Hosted by Stibo Systems, experts in Master Data Management, the webinar will include MDM experts, including: Simon Tuson, Product Manager, Innovation in MDM, Stibo Systems and Richard Mackay, Solution Architect, Pivotree.

“More than ever before, being able to evidence your ESG performance is just as crucial as actually meeting the benchmarks,” said Paul van Lennep, Head of ESG at Stibo Systems. “With a foundation of trusted sustainability data, you’ll be well-positioned to mitigate risks, make a real impact, and put yourself at the forefront of the competitive landscape.”

“Business leaders will have the opportunity to learn the many ways that MDM empowers businesses to overcome the challenges of fragmented data systems,” says Derek Corrick, General Manager of Data Management at Pivotree. “With our expertise and experience we’ll guide business leaders through the intricacies of integrating sustainability data in order to align environmental responsibility with business success.”

Register here to attend the session and learn how MDM can help businesses optimize sustainability practices.
Date: Thursday, September 21, 2023
Time: 11:00am ET, 8:00am PT

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Channel99 Debuts Next-Generation Performance Marketing Platform to Reveal the True Financial Return of B2B Marketing

Channel99 Debuts Next-Generation Performance Marketing Platform to Reveal the True Financial Return of B2B Marketing

b2b data 21 Sep 2023

The new platform features the first universal B2B tracking pixel to bring transparency to the efficiency of B2B advertising, social, video and other popular channels

Channel99, the pioneer in B2B performance marketing technology, today announced its next-generation platform for optimizing marketing investments and uncovering financial inefficiencies. The new solution features a revolutionary verification pixel created exclusively for B2B to make it possible for marketers to understand how well their programs are reaching, engaging and converting the accounts in their target markets. The pixel provides B2B marketers with the first closed-loop view-through technology that can be applied to advertising, social, video, email, CTV and other channels.

"Combining the digital signals from our customers on and off our website with our investment data and financial outcomes in our CRM is brilliant," said Nick Panayi, CMO of Inovalon. "I can finally understand the performance of a variety of vendors on a level playing field. Channel99 also made the right investments to make it possible for any new client to go live and realize benefits on day one."

The First Verification Pixel Technology for B2B Marketing
B2B businesses spend $20 billion a year to drive digital engagement on the web through paid and organic channels, often making digital the largest portion of a marketing budget. However, digital marketing teams are plagued by misattribution. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of website traffic has an unknown source and is labeled "Direct" when it would be more accurately attributed to another channel and vendor.

Channel99 offers the first universal verification pixel to make it possible for B2B marketers to understand how well their programs are reaching, engaging and converting the accounts in their target markets. By tracking the digital engagement of accounts both on and off the website with a 360-degree view of buyer engagement, Channel99 monitors "view-through" to reveal the patterns that lead to actual deals and brings transparency to the efficiency of B2B advertising, social, video and other popular channels. The pixel is also privacy-friendly and free of cookies or other personal tracking mechanisms.

"It's incredibly frustrating for advertisers, marketers and agencies to invest so much time and money into a multitude of programs, yet have so little proof to show that it is working," said Chris Golec, Founder & CEO of Channel99 and previous Founder & CEO of Demandbase. "Our new pixel technology was built for B2B and will finally bring the transparency, uniform KPIs and attribution the industry needs."

AI budgets increased over 80% within enterprises globally, according to the ABBYY State of Intelligent Automation Report

AI budgets increased over 80% within enterprises globally, according to the ABBYY State of Intelligent Automation Report

artificial intelligence 21 Sep 2023

IT leaders report a significant impact to customer value, employees’ well-being, and enterprises’ return on AI investments

The economy may have had a downward impact on enterprise investments, but these increased exponentially when implementing AI, according to 82% of IT executives taking part in the latest State of Intelligent Automation Report: Impact of the Economy on AI Priorities, commissioned by ABBYY.

Respondents from the US, UK, Germany, and France attributed an increase in higher value work (60%), happiness (62%), and employee innovation (59%), noting that intelligent automation freed them from many routine and mundane tasks to focus more on customer and revenue-driven initiatives.

Nearly half of respondents (49%) reported an increase in staff retention levels since introducing intelligent automation, which is significant in the era of “silent quitting.” They also stated that improvements in employee efficiency (52%) and productivity (48%) were among the top benefits to the organization, as well as the benefit to employees, with almost a third (32%) globally stating there was better work-life balance. The US led in the reduction of work stress (41%), followed by the UK (38%).

“IT executives are gaining powerful value from their AI investments,” stated Gabrielle Lukianchuk, Chief Marketing Officer, at ABBYY. “Notably, more than half of the leaders surveyed stated higher quality products and projects, along with faster delivery of their products to customers. More than a third reported improved customer service outcomes. It’s no surprise they achieved twice the ROI by leveraging AI in their intelligent automation initiatives to accelerate the improvement of complex processes and putting data to work.”

Greater ROI, greater investment

Almost half (47%) of enterprise executives saw a 2x return on their AI investments in 2023, up from 43% in 2022. Additionally, 82% said their AI budgets increased this year and 48% plan to invest more, despite reductions in costs in other parts of the organization.

The survey also revealed that mid to large enterprises are placing the greatest investments in AI to enable intelligent automation. Increased investments of up to 35% by emerging enterprises indicates growing recognition that AI is leveling the playing field and required for a competitive advantage.

As AI adoption becomes more widespread with the use of large language models such as generative AI, 89% of IT executives responded that they have AI strategies in place. 37% have compressed their roadmaps into three-to-five-year plans, noting revenue-impacting processes as top priorities including operations, marketing, product development, sales (as it relates to customer experience), and logistics services.

More details about AI investments, ROI expected and achieved, budget priorities, technologies and processes used, benefits gained, and employees’ mindsets can be viewed by downloading State of Intelligent Automation: Impact of the Economy on AI Priorities.


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