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Proof and Socure Partner to Revolutionize Fraud Prevention in Digital Transactions

Proof and Socure Partner to Revolutionize Fraud Prevention in Digital Transactions

technology 20 May 2024

Socure to enhance synthetic identity and fraud detection as part of Defend, a new product by Proof to secure every critical agreement and customer interaction.

Proof, the market leader in remote online notarization and identity-secured transactions, has announced a new partnership with Socure, the leading provider of artificial intelligence for digital identity verification, sanctions screening, and fraud prevention. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance fraud prevention in agreements and forms, addressing a $200 trillion market opportunity.

The Growing Fraud Threat

According to FINCEN's 2021 report, false records and forgery account for over $45 billion in fraudulent activity annually, surpassing the $18 billion associated with money laundering and other identity-related risks. As businesses face increasing fraud risks across the entire customer lifecycle—from account openings to document notarization—the need for robust fraud prevention solutions is more critical than ever.

Innovative Solutions by Proof and Socure

  1. Proof's Defend

    • Overview: Proof's Defend leverages over 100 behavioral and data signals to combat fraud during the execution of critical agreements.
    • Industries Served: Real estate, mortgage, auto, retirement, banking, legal services, and more.
  2. Socure's Sigma Fraud Suite

    • Overview: Socure’s Sigma Fraud suite goes beyond viewing identity as a single snapshot in time. It assesses a consumer's historical behavioral patterns across institutions, geographies, and timeframes to detect anomalies indicating potential fraud.
    • Data Network: Powered by a decade of rich consortium data from the Socure Risk Insights Network, which includes data from nearly 2,400 customers across various industries such as banks, fintechs, gaming services, payment platforms, and payroll providers.

The Power of Partnership

  • Enhanced Capabilities: By integrating Socure’s digital identity verification capabilities, Proof enhances its Defend product to provide multi-layered defenses against fraud. This combined solution analyzes 30,000 signals in real-time, including PII, barcode data, device and behavioral intelligence, geolocation, and biometric signals.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: The partnership ensures that fraudulent activities are detected and prevented in less than two seconds, without impacting the end-user experience. This makes it prohibitively expensive and time-consuming for fraudsters to evade detection.

Leadership Insights

  • Johnny Ayers, CEO of Socure: "With the explosion of new fraud vectors, our mission at Socure remains steadfast: use AI to deliver the most accurate anti-fraud and identity verification solutions in the industry. Partnering with Proof allows us to uniquely ensure identity-assured transactions across various sectors."
  • Pat Kinsel, CEO of Proof: "Fraud is an increasingly serious problem across all industries, and companies need multi-layered defenses to help prevent billions of dollars in losses. Adding Socure’s digital identity verification capabilities to Defend allows customers to secure transactions at every stage, quickly and accurately."

The partnership between Proof and Socure marks a significant advancement in fraud prevention for digital transactions. By combining their proprietary technologies, the two companies offer a comprehensive, AI-powered solution that addresses every dimension of potential fraud. This collaboration not only enhances security but also ensures seamless and efficient transactions for businesses across multiple industries.

Acquia’s 2024 Survey Reveals Digital Accessibility Gaps Impact Brand Loyalty and Reputation

Acquia’s 2024 Survey Reveals Digital Accessibility Gaps Impact Brand Loyalty and Reputation

technology 20 May 2024

More than 60% of participants say they would consider switching to a competitor due to persistent accessibility challenges

Acquia, the leader in open digital experience software, has released its 2024 Survey Report: Consumer Perspectives on Digital Accessibility. The report examines the perceptions of website users with disabilities regarding digital accessibility and the impact on brand reputation and loyalty. The findings underscore the critical need for businesses to enhance digital accessibility to meet user expectations and maintain customer loyalty.

Key Findings on Digital Accessibility Challenges

The survey reveals that 89% of participants encounter accessibility issues that hinder their interaction with websites and digital experiences. This widespread issue has significant repercussions for brands:

  • User Frustration: Nearly half of the respondents (45%) rate their frustration level as either "very" or "extremely" frustrating when facing accessibility challenges.
  • Brand Perception: A majority (71%) of users feel frustration toward a brand due to accessibility issues, with 58% feeling disappointed and 24% feeling angry. Additionally, 18% of respondents report feeling excluded.
  • User Reactions: When faced with accessibility problems, 34% of users would complain directly to the brand, 31% would discuss the issue with family and friends, and 20% would share their experiences on social media. This leads to a broader negative impact on brand perception.
  • Switching Behavior: Over half (51%) of the respondents indicated they would seek alternative accessible options, and 42% would discontinue using the brand’s services.

The Business Imperative for Digital Accessibility

The survey highlights the substantial business risks of neglecting digital accessibility:

  • Customer Loyalty: 62% of respondents would consider switching to a competitor with better accessibility features.
  • Revenue Impact: Brands risk losing a significant portion of their customer base to more accessible competitors.
  • Reputational Damage: Negative experiences are likely to be shared, amplifying the brand’s reputational damage.

The Path Forward: Prioritizing Digital Accessibility

Consumers overwhelmingly agree on the importance of digital accessibility, with 93% stating that brands should prioritize it. However, skepticism remains about companies’ commitment to making meaningful improvements:

  • Perceived Commitment: Only 27% of consumers believe companies are taking accessibility seriously and making meaningful improvements.
  • Minimal Effort: 33% think companies only meet basic regulatory compliance.
  • Marketing Tactics: 28% feel that companies talk about accessibility for marketing purposes without significant action.
  • Neglect: 12% believe companies are not considering or improving digital accessibility at all.

Expert Insights

Jennifer Griffin Smith, Chief Market Officer at Acquia, emphasizes the importance of digital accessibility: “Digital experiences are not meeting the accessibility expectations of those who need them. This is a critical business issue that requires more attention. Creating equal, accessible opportunities for all is a value all marketers and organizations should strive for.”

The Acquia survey underscores the urgent need for brands to prioritize digital accessibility. By doing so, they can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, their bottom line. Addressing these accessibility challenges presents a significant opportunity for brands to expand their customer base and enhance their reputation.

As Griffin Smith concludes, “We’re talking about a large proportion of the population who would like to access, enjoy, and get value from digital experiences. As digital marketers, we should not be excluding anyone from engaging with or participating in our digital content.”

FreeWheel Report Highlights Explosive Growth in Independent Programmatic Demand for Premium Video

FreeWheel Report Highlights Explosive Growth in Independent Programmatic Demand for Premium Video

advertising 20 May 2024

Research shows that programmatic growth is being fueled by the democratization of access to premium CTV for more advertisers.

FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising industry, has released its latest report titled “The State of Programmatic Independent Demand.” The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the burgeoning market segment of independent programmatic advertising, particularly focusing on premium video. It highlights the factors contributing to the rapid growth of this sector and offers insights into future opportunities.

According to the report, independent programmatic impressions in the Connected TV (CTV) market have seen a substantial 24% year-over-year increase. Several factors are driving this growth:

  • Adoption of Multi-Publisher Programmatic Bundles: There has been a 119% increase in advertisers using multi-publisher bundles to target audiences across premium CTV platforms. These bundles allow advertisers to reach niche first-party audiences more effectively.
  • Strong Uptake in Specific Verticals: Advertisers in the pharma, gaming, telecom, and retail sectors are increasingly embracing programmatic advertising. This trend is attributed to programmatic’s superior ability to demonstrate return on investment (ROI).

Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer at FreeWheel, emphasized the transformative growth within the independent market: “This growth is fueled by the increasing adoption of programmatic advertising by marketers, coupled with the expansion of premium CTV supply. Advertisers of all sizes now have powerful tools for measuring and attributing their premium video campaigns’ success, driving higher demand and better outcomes.”

The Role of Independent Demand

FreeWheel defines “independent demand” as ad buys originating from agencies and buying entities that are not owned by a holding company. The report is based on one of the largest datasets available, which includes aggregated advertising data collected through the FreeWheel platform specifically for the independent market.

Garrett Dale, Chief Partnership Officer and Co-Founder of Kepler Group, highlighted the importance of curated group deals: “Curated group deals have been integral in complementing publisher direct programmatic activations to expand reach of high-value audiences for brands, enabling Kepler to achieve and exceed client business goals from both brand awareness to performance objectives.”

Opportunities in Live Sports and Beyond

Looking ahead, the report identifies significant opportunities for the independent programmatic market, particularly in live sports inventory. This category is noted for its high viewership and event-like engagement, making it highly attractive to advertisers. However, the report also points out the complexities involved in programmatic activation for live sports due to the need for robust technical infrastructure to manage high viewership spikes.

Moe Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV at MiQ, commented on this potential: “The biggest events – NFL Playoffs, Olympics, March Madness – are all available for streaming, which offers a huge opportunity for programmatic advertising. If executed effectively, this reduces the investment barriers to entry for marketers and brings a new level of addressability and accountability to live sports.”

Additional Insights and Future Trends

The report also explores other opportunities for growth in the independent programmatic market, including:

  • Transition of Large Advertiser Commitments to Programmatic: As more large advertisers move their commitments to programmatic platforms, there is potential for significant growth in this area.
  • Unlocking Programmatic Political Spend: The report suggests that with appropriate controls on creative and placement, there is an opportunity to unlock substantial political advertising spend programmatically.

FreeWheel’s “The State of Programmatic Independent Demand” report underscores the dynamic growth and evolving opportunities within the independent programmatic advertising market. By leveraging advanced programmatic tools and strategies, advertisers can achieve better outcomes and capitalize on the expanding premium CTV supply.

As the market continues to grow, FreeWheel remains at the forefront, providing the insights and technology needed to navigate and succeed in this rapidly changing landscape.

Former Magnite Executives Launch PilotDesk, an AI-Powered Ad Operations Automation Platform

Former Magnite Executives Launch PilotDesk, an AI-Powered Ad Operations Automation Platform

video advertising 20 May 2024

No-Code, AI-Powered Platform Streamlines Repetitive Tasks in Ad Operations and Account Management, Secures over $3M from Syndicate of Investors Led by Ardent Venture Partners, including SpotX Co-founders Mike Shehan and Steve Swoboda (Roster Capital), and AperiamVentures

Former executives from Magnite, leveraging their expertise in advanced video ad-serving solutions, have unveiled PilotDesk, an innovative AI-driven platform designed to streamline ad operations and account management processes.

  • Funding: PilotDesk has secured over $3 million in financing from a syndicate of investors led by Ardent Venture Partners, with participation from industry veterans including SpotX Co-founders Mike Shehan and Steve Swoboda (Roster Capital) and AperiamVentures. This funding will fuel the platform's development, market expansion, and ongoing innovation in AI-driven ad operations.

  • Mission: PilotDesk aims to revolutionize ad operations by harnessing the latest advancements in automation, machine learning, and AI technology. By automating repetitive tasks such as campaign setup, budget monitoring, and yield management, PilotDesk enhances operational efficiency, leading to improved campaign performance and increased revenue streams.

  • Platform Features: The no-code automation platform offered by PilotDesk is platform-agnostic, allowing seamless integration with various ad servers, demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, and business intelligence platforms. It automates manual administrative tasks, enabling ad operations teams to scale their revenue without incurring additional costs.

  • Founding Team: PilotDesk's principal co-founders, Matt Dearborn, Joe Hirsch, and Rich Lin, bring extensive experience in ad operations and technology development. Having previously co-founded SpringServe, which was acquired by Magnite in 2021, they have a proven track record of building innovative solutions tailored to the needs of advertisers and media companies.

  • Industry Impact: By freeing ad operations teams from routine tasks through automated playbooks and autopilots triggered by key events in ad management platforms, PilotDesk enables these teams to focus on strategic initiatives. This shift towards automation and efficiency is expected to drive significant advancements in advertising technology.


  • Joe Hirsch, CEO of PilotDesk: "PilotDesk solves this problem, enabling publishers to scale their ad revenue across any ad server, demand-side platform, supply-side platform, or business intelligence platform, without having to increase the cost of ad operations."

  • Phil Herget, General Partner, Ardent Venture Partners: "By freeing up teams to focus on strategic efforts, PilotDesk is paving the way for a more efficient and human-centered era in advertising technology."

  • Mike Shehan, Co-Founder, Roster Capital: "Innovation in ad operations is much needed, and PilotDesk is harnessing the power of AI to both increase revenue and create efficiencies that, until now, couldn't be achieved."

PilotDesk represents a significant advancement in ad operations automation, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline processes and enhance revenue generation in the adtech industry. With its focus on innovation and efficiency, PilotDesk is poised to reshape the landscape of advertising technology.

Braze Expands Global Footprint with Focus on APAC, EMEA, and LATAM Regions

Braze Expands Global Footprint with Focus on APAC, EMEA, and LATAM Regions

customer engagement 17 May 2024

Company Establishing Local Presence in Brazil, Bucharest, Dubai, and Seoul

Braze, a leading customer engagement platform, is embarking on a significant expansion initiative, targeting key regions across Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Latin America (LATAM). This expansion involves establishing direct presence in São Paulo, Brazil; Bucharest, Romania; Dubai, UAE; and Seoul, South Korea.

  1. Market Understanding and Engagement:

    • Braze's prior engagement through reseller networks in South Korea and Brazil has provided valuable insights into these markets and their unique demands.
    • Notable clients include iFood,, Westwing Brazil, and Zigzag.
  2. Dubai as a Digital Hub:

    • Dubai emerges as a thriving hub for digital-first organizations seeking cross-channel customer engagement solutions.
    • Collaborations initiated with leading brands such as FIVE Hotels & Resorts, Floward, Majid Al Futtaim, and Noon.
  3. Local Presence and Commitment:

    • Astha Malik, Chief Business Officer of Braze, emphasizes the company's commitment to exceptional service globally.
    • Addition of local teams, in-market leadership hires, and future office openings signify a growth opportunity for Braze's global presence.
  4. Investment in Emerging Markets:

    • Earlier appointments of sales leaders in APAC and LATAM, coupled with plans for a new data center in Indonesia, underscore Braze's commitment to emerging markets.
    • Continued investment in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk aligns with the rising popularity of these channels, especially in new markets.

Braze's expansion into these regions reflects a strategic investment in emerging markets and a commitment to providing exceptional service and solutions to its global customer base. With a focus on fostering local presence, Braze aims to fortify its position as a leader in customer engagement across diverse regions.

ESPN Elevates Customer Service with Domo App Studio and AI Insights

ESPN Elevates Customer Service with Domo App Studio and AI Insights

technology 17 May 2024

Together, Domo and RXA@OneMagnify uncover and analyze insights from fan survey data, improving ESPN’s customer service program

Domo announces ESPN's adoption of Domo App Studio, in collaboration with RXA@OneMagnify, to revolutionize its customer service experience. Through customized AI-driven insights, ESPN aims to elevate fan interactions and foster brand loyalty.

  1. Enhancing Customer Insight with AI:

    • ESPN utilizes Domo App Studio and RXA@OneMagnify's expertise to analyze customer service survey data at scale.
    • Custom app development enables in-depth analysis of customer feedback, enhancing understanding of fan sentiments and preferences.
  2. Empowering Contact Center Agents:

    • Traditional numerical ratings lacked context, hindering actionable insights for improvement.
    • Implementation of emotion-based models empowers agents with nuanced feedback, enabling tailored training and consistent fan experiences.
  3. Utilizing Domo's Low-Code App Builder:

    • Domo App Studio's intuitive interface facilitates the creation of personalized app layouts and branding.
    • Custom application integrates Large Language Model (LLM) and AI Model Management layer to extract sentiment and emotional journey from customer feedback.
  4. Driving Business Results through Personalized Experiences:

    • Collaboration between ESPN, Domo, and RXA@OneMagnify underscores the power of data-driven insights in enhancing customer service.
    • Personalized experiences derived from AI-driven analysis foster brand loyalty and drive business growth.

ESPN's adoption of Domo App Studio and AI insights signifies a strategic approach to enhancing customer service and fostering fan engagement. By leveraging advanced analytics and personalized experiences, ESPN aims to create a dialogue that resonates with fans, driving brand loyalty and business success.

SurveyMonkey Expands Market Research Solutions to All Users

SurveyMonkey Expands Market Research Solutions to All Users

marketing 17 May 2024

The leader in DIY market research makes its AI-fueled market research solutions accessible to all users when customers purchase responses through SurveyMonkey Audience

SurveyMonkey, a renowned leader in online surveys and forms, announces expanded access to its market research solutions for Basic (free) accounts and above. This strategic move democratizes market research, offering users the ability to tap into industry trends and consumer insights at no additional cost.

  1. Accessible Market Research for All:

    • Basic (free) account users now have access to SurveyMonkey's market research solutions.
    • Leveraging SurveyMonkey Audience, users can tap into a global survey panel of over 175 million respondents across 130 countries.
  2. Key Benefits for Users:

    • Ease of Use: Expert methodologies cater to both novice and experienced users, ensuring intuitive market research.
    • Speed-to-Insights: Rapid access to actionable insights, with automated analysis and AI-powered insights reducing processing time.
    • Actionable Insights: Customizable dashboards aid in visualizing data, identifying trends, and extracting impactful findings for decision-making.
    • Artificial Intelligence: SurveyMonkey Genius® employs AI and machine learning to enhance survey creation and uncover deeper insights swiftly.
    • Reliability: Adherence to industry standards ensures data quality and reliability across all research endeavors.
  3. Democratizing Market Research:

    • Priya Gill, global head of marketing at SurveyMonkey, highlights the importance of accessible market research for organizations of all sizes.
    • By extending market research solutions to Basic users, SurveyMonkey aims to democratize valuable insights and foster innovation.
  4. Trusted by Leading Brands:

    • Renowned brands like Tweezerman, Allbirds, ClickUp, and Wahl Clipper rely on SurveyMonkey for their market research needs.
    • SurveyMonkey's commitment to innovation and accessibility resonates with organizations worldwide.

SurveyMonkey's initiative to expand market research solutions to all users signifies a commitment to democratizing insights and empowering informed decision-making. With accessible tools and global survey panels, organizations can leverage data-driven strategies to drive growth and innovation.

Gorgias Secures $29M to Revolutionize Ecommerce Customer Experience with AI

Gorgias Secures $29M to Revolutionize Ecommerce Customer Experience with AI

customer experience management 17 May 2024

Gorgias, a leading customer experience (CX) platform catering to over 15,000 ecommerce brands, announces $29 million in Series C-2 funding led by SaaStr and Alven. With this investment, Gorgias aims to enhance its suite of AI tools, including Automate, to streamline customer support processes and elevate brand interactions.

  1. Empowering Ecommerce Brands with AI:

    • Gorgias plans to leverage the funding to expand its suite of AI tools, including Automate, enabling ecommerce brands to automate up to 60% of their customer support tasks.
    • The integration of AI-driven solutions allows brands to deliver instant, accurate, and on-brand responses, thereby exceeding customer expectations and enhancing overall experiences.
  2. Unified CX Platform with AI Features:

    • Gorgias offers a unified CX platform that integrates all customer communication channels into one interface.
    • AI-powered features and integrations with leading ecommerce tools like Shopify, Loop Returns, and Recharge streamline operations and drive growth for brands.
  3. Introduction of AI Agent:

    • Gorgias introduces AI Agent, a fully autonomous AI teammate tailored to brands' knowledge bases and integrations.
    • AI Agent enhances efficiency by instantly answering tickets, performing actions in other apps, and maintaining brand tone, while ensuring seamless human hand-offs when necessary.
  4. Success Stories and Future Vision:

    • Leading brands like Psycho Bunny leverage Gorgias's AI Agent to automate email tickets and enhance customer experiences.
    • Gorgias's upcoming user conference, CX Connect, will convene ecommerce support and CX leaders to explore AI's role in shaping future business growth.

Gorgias's latest funding round underscores its commitment to revolutionizing ecommerce customer experience through AI-driven solutions. With an emphasis on automation and seamless integration, Gorgias empowers brands to enhance support efficiency, drive growth, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in the competitive ecommerce landscape.


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