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News Study: Web Accessibility Trends 2024 Study: Web Accessibility Trends 2024

technology 14 Jun 2024, recognized as the top web accessibility checker by Google, has released a comprehensive study titled "The State of Web Accessibility in 2024." This research highlights alarming statistics regarding the compliance of websites with current accessibility standards, impacting users with diverse abilities worldwide.

Key Findings:

  1. Non-compliance Rate:
    • A staggering 88% of analyzed websites fail to meet web accessibility standards.
  2. Average Accessibility Score:
    • The average accessibility score across analyzed websites is 60 out of 100.
  3. E-commerce Performance:
    • E-commerce websites perform slightly better with an average accessibility score of 64 out of 100.

Quote from Danny Trichter: "Danny Trichter, Co-Founder of, emphasized, 'Our findings underscore the critical need for businesses to prioritize accessibility. The investment in making websites accessible is minimal compared to the benefits it brings to all users and the legal risks it mitigates.'"

Enhancing Brand Safety on Pinterest: DV and Pinterest Expand Partnership

Enhancing Brand Safety on Pinterest: DV and Pinterest Expand Partnership

technology 14 Jun 2024

Global brands will benefit from DV’s industry-leading, AI-powered classification technology to gain transparency into Pinterest In-Feed inventory

DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, has announced an expanded partnership with Pinterest. This collaboration aims to enhance brand safety and suitability measurement for global advertisers, ensuring campaigns meet high media quality standards within Pinterest’s engaging online environment.

  1. Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement:

    • DV’s advanced AI-driven technology verifies campaign quality, aligning ads with non-objectionable and suitable content on Pinterest.
    • This ensures advertisers protect their brand reputation and equity across Pinterest’s in-feed placements.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage:

    • DV offers holistic media quality measurement across display and video ad placements on Pinterest, providing comprehensive insights into campaign performance.
  3. Trusted Measurement:

    • As the industry’s leading independent verification provider, DV offers trusted authentication of Pinterest campaigns, assuring advertisers of quality and transparency.
  4. DV Universal Content IntelligenceTM:

    • Powered by advanced AI, DV’s Universal Content IntelligenceTM analyzes various content types (video, image, audio, speech, text, links) to provide accurate classifications and scalable protection.
  5. Advertiser Benefits:

    • Advertisers gain access to detailed measurement data and insights through DV PinnacleⓇ, enabling them to monitor and optimize Pinterest ad campaigns effectively.

Pinterest, committed to creating a positive online experience, enhances brand safety through robust content policies and partnerships like the one with DoubleVerify. Advertisers leveraging DV’s solutions can confidently reach engaged audiences while ensuring alignment with brand values globally.

Unveiling Insights: MessageGears' 2024 State of Enterprise Marketing Report

Unveiling Insights: MessageGears' 2024 State of Enterprise Marketing Report

customer engagement 14 Jun 2024

Provides insight into customer engagement platforms, including capabilities, weaknesses and propensity for switching

MessageGears, a leading cross-channel engagement platform for large consumer brands, has launched its highly anticipated 2024 State of Enterprise Marketing Report. This report delves deep into the landscape of customer engagement platforms used by enterprise brands, offering valuable insights to optimize marketing strategies.

  1. Current Landscape of Customer Engagement Platforms:

    • The majority of enterprise organizations (64%) utilize a single customer engagement platform, highlighting trends in consolidation for efficiency.
  2. Preferred Capabilities in Customer Engagement Platforms:

    • Insights reveal the essential strengths required for successful customer engagement, aiding brands in maximizing their marketing efforts effectively.
  3. Identified Weaknesses in Customer Engagement Platforms:

    • The report identifies common obstacles hindering enterprise marketing progress, guiding improvements in platform functionalities.
  4. Propensity of Enterprises to Switch Platforms:

    • Analysis includes factors influencing enterprise decisions to switch customer engagement platforms, reflecting evolving market dynamics.
  5. Key Decision Makers and Influencers:

    • Understanding the roles of decision makers within enterprises in selecting and implementing customer engagement solutions is crucial for strategic alignment.

MessageGears' comprehensive report serves as a strategic resource for enterprise brands seeking to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in customer engagement strategies. By addressing strengths, weaknesses, and industry trends, the report empowers brands to make informed decisions and drive meaningful progress in their marketing technology investments.

GrowthLoop Launches AI-Powered Audience Segmentation Tool on Snowflake AI Data Cloud

GrowthLoop Launches AI-Powered Audience Segmentation Tool on Snowflake AI Data Cloud

customer data platforms 14 Jun 2024

GrowthLoop's revolutionary Snowflake Native App allows enterprises to leverage GrowthLoop's Composable Customer Data Platform via Snowflake

GrowthLoop, a leading provider of composable customer data platforms (CDP), has announced the integration of its AI-powered audience segmentation and discovery tool as a Snowflake Native App. This collaboration, scheduled for July 1, 2024, harnesses Snowflake's AI Data Cloud capabilities and Cortex AI models, empowering marketers to utilize advanced generative AI directly within Snowflake's secure ecosystem.

  1. Enhanced Marketing Capabilities:

    • Marketers can now segment and activate customer data within Snowflake, leveraging GrowthLoop's powerful generative AI engine for enhanced audience, journey, and campaign management.
    • This integration significantly boosts campaign launch velocity and enables rapid experimentation and personalized cross-channel content delivery.
  2. Benefits of Snowflake Native App Integration:

    • GrowthLoop's solution operates locally alongside enterprise data within Snowflake, ensuring data security and maximizing the effectiveness of the generative AI engine.
    • Users benefit from features like Generative Audience Studio, Audience Discovery, and upcoming tools like Generative Journey Studio for continuous improvement.
  3. Expert Insights:

    • Anthony Rotio, Chief Data Strategy Officer at GrowthLoop, emphasizes the synergy between advanced generative models and enterprise data in Snowflake, delivering substantial value to organizations and customers alike.
    • The Snowflake Native App simplifies access to GrowthLoop's generative AI capabilities, enabling quick adoption and impactful results for marketers.

GrowthLoop's introduction of its AI-powered tool as a Snowflake Native App marks a milestone in leveraging generative AI within enterprise marketing strategies. By integrating directly with Snowflake's AI Data Cloud, marketers can harness the full potential of their data securely and efficiently, driving superior campaign outcomes and customer engagement.

Oracle Exits Advertising Business Amid Revenue Decline

Oracle Exits Advertising Business Amid Revenue Decline

technology 14 Jun 2024

Oracle Corporation has announced its decision to exit the advertising business, citing a significant decline in revenue. CEO Safra Catz disclosed during an investor call that advertising revenue dropped to approximately $300 million in fiscal 2024, down sharply from $2 billion reported two years ago.

Key Details:

  • Revenue Decline: Oracle's advertising segment saw a drastic revenue decline from $2 billion to $300 million in fiscal 2024.
  • Wind Down Plans: Catz did not elaborate on the specific plans for winding down the advertising business.

Expert Opinion: According to Adam Schenkel, EVP of global platform strategy and operations at GumGum, Oracle's exit presents a "significant opportunity" for other players in the advertising industry amidst ongoing innovations and shifts away from traditional data practices.

Oracle's decision to withdraw from advertising marks a notable shift in strategy following challenges such as regulatory pressures and evolving data privacy concerns. The company's exit opens doors for competitors while prompting industry-wide reflections on the future of digital advertising.

Consumer Insights on AI in CTV Advertising: Perception, Personalization, and Regulation

Consumer Insights on AI in CTV Advertising: Perception, Personalization, and Regulation

advertising 14 Jun 2024

New insights from LG Ad Solutions reveal consumer perceptions regarding the use of AI in CTV advertising

LG Ad Solutions unveils new consumer insights on AI in connected TV (CTV) advertising, revealing shifting perceptions and preferences among consumers towards AI-generated ads. These insights shed light on the impact of AI on brand perception, personalization in advertising, and regulatory concerns.

  1. Consumer Perception and Recognition of AI Ads:

    • 49% of consumers can distinguish between AI-generated ads and traditional methods, yet nearly half (49%) prioritize authenticity over the method of ad creation.
    • Insights indicate consumer receptiveness towards innovative technologies enhancing the ad experience, especially in emerging CTV areas like shoppable TV.
  2. Impact of Personalization in Advertising:

    • 74% of respondents notice personalized ads tailored to their preferences, highlighting a positive reception towards personalized advertising among the majority.
    • There's a generational divide, with older consumers (55+) less likely to notice personalized ads compared to younger demographics.
  3. Perception of Brand Innovation with AI:

    • 38% of consumers perceive brands using AI-generated ads as more innovative, particularly resonating with the 35-54 age group (51% agreement).
    • However, 31% remain neutral about AI's influence on brand perception, suggesting varied consumer sentiments.
  4. Regulatory Concerns and Consumer Sentiments:

    • Despite interest in personalized AI ads, 80% of consumers advocate for regulations, especially concerning sensitive contexts like political advertising during the 2024 election.
    • This reflects a cautious approach towards AI application in advertising, balancing innovation with ethical considerations.

LG Ad Solutions leverages AI technology to enhance consumer engagement across global platforms, emphasizing relevance and effectiveness through dynamic ad personalization. As consumer expectations evolve, AI-driven insights and personalized campaigns are pivotal in shaping future advertising strategies, ensuring brands align with consumer preferences while navigating regulatory landscapes.

Jacquard: Revolutionizing AI-Powered Brand Messaging

Jacquard: Revolutionizing AI-Powered Brand Messaging

technology 14 Jun 2024

  • Jacquard, the leading specialist in AI messaging, brings brands to life through automated content generation, fuelling deeper and longer lasting resonance.

  • Speaking to customers how they want to be spoken to is now easier than ever, as Jacquard debuts Personalised Campaigns – built to deliver unprecedented precision in customer messaging.

  • Jacquard helps brands to resonate at scale by generating thousands of brand-compliant messages in seconds. Marketing campaigns driven by these messages outperform human-created copy at least 94% of the time.

  • Introduction

    • Introduce Jacquard as a pivotal tool in AI deployment for brand messaging.
    • Highlight its foundational data from Phrasee and its position in the market.
  • Key Features of Jacquard

    • Purpose-built Architecture: Designed to tackle enterprise-level brand messaging challenges.
    • Language Calibration: Ensures tailored content that resonates with consumers.
  • Benefits of Using Jacquard

    • Scale and Speed: Generates up to 2,500 message variants in 30 seconds.
    • Performance: Outperforms human-led campaigns with high accuracy.
    • Personalization: Tailors messages to reflect customer preferences and brand tone.
  • Jacquard's Branding Strategy

    • Universal Application: Reflects its ability to resonate globally with enterprise clients.
    • High-Tech Identity: Distinctive branding designed for the tech industry.
  • Future Prospects and Innovations

    • New Features: Introduction of Personalised Campaigns for unprecedented personalization.
    • Market Impact: Set to redefine customer marketing with advanced AI capabilities.
    • Recap the significance of Jacquard in enhancing lifecycle marketing through automation.
    • Discuss the future potential of AI technologies in scaling enterprise operations.

The Paywall Paradox: UK Consumers' Quest for Free Online Content

The Paywall Paradox: UK Consumers' Quest for Free Online Content

advertising 14 Jun 2024

New research from The Trade Desk finds consumers are willing to pay with their data, but the ad experience must improve

  • Introduction

    • Highlight the growing concern among UK consumers regarding access to online content behind paywalls.
    • Introduce the research findings by The Trade Desk on consumer behaviors and preferences.
  • Consumer Behavior and Preferences

    • Desire for Free Content: Over 88% of Brits prefer consuming as much free online content as possible.
    • Avoidance of Paywalls: 77% actively seek free alternatives when encountering a paywall, impacting publishers' revenue.
  • Challenges for Publishers

    • Monetization Issues: Discuss how paywalls struggle to balance revenue generation with consumer demand for free access.
    • Impact of Ad Blocking: Consumer adoption of ad-blocking tools complicates traditional revenue models.
  • Consumer Attitudes Towards Data Exchange

    • Acceptance of Data Exchange: 87% are willing to pay for content with their data.
    • Preferences in Data Use: Insights on how consumers prefer data to be handled—26% prefer controlling data collection methods, while 27% prioritize privacy-safe practices.
  • Future of Online Monetization

    • Innovative Solutions: Explore emerging technologies like cross-channel identity solutions and single sign-on authentication.
    • Balancing Consumer Needs and Publisher Revenue: The role of relevant advertising in sustaining free content while respecting consumer preferences.
    • Recap the challenges and opportunities presented by the paywall paradox.
    • Discuss potential future trends in online content monetization and consumer engagement.


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