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Intellicheck Promotes Innovative Veteran to Chief Technology Officer

Intellicheck Promotes Innovative Veteran to Chief Technology Officer

identity management 4 Oct 2023

Intellicheck, Inc., an industry-leading identity company delivering on-demand digital and physical identity validation, today announced the appointment of Jonathan Robins as Chief Technology Officer.

Robins brings more than 35 years of technological innovation and leadership with a vision for the next wave of software applications to his new position at Intellicheck. His substantial expertise includes shaping growth strategies, optimizing engineering teams and creating customer focused cultures to deliver high-value engineering solutions. Always on the leading edge of technological innovation, he successfully built and later sold his own company focused on helping enterprises with business processes and custom applications development and systems that leveraged internet technology. With the sale of his business, Robins joined the Chicago Cubs where he concentrated on architecting software applications that leveraged large data sets, statistical modeling, AI, and machine learning solutions. From that experience, Robins discovered the next wave of software applications applying machine learning and probabilities to large data sets to power a new wave of high-value software applications.

Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis said Robins appointment stands to build on the Company’s position as a best-in-class industry leader. “Jonathan has an impressive track record as an innovative technology visionary and leader who has had a demonstrated impact on strategic initiatives, leading-edge product advances, business development, and client relations. His extensive knowledge in data analytics, data science and data mining will be instrumental in leveraging Intellicheck’s data to benefit our growing clientele. We look forward to the contributions he will make as he brings modern data-driven and machine learning approaches to Intellicheck to build new techniques for stopping fraud and providing our customers with high-value insights,” said Lewis.

Intellicheck provides both digital and physical identity verification solutions to industries where speed and certainty is crucial. These include financial services, social media, automotive, insurance, law enforcement and identity access management. Our services are used by half of the top 12 banks and credit card issuers, in use at over 30,000 retail locations, two of the major social media companies, and over half of the state-level law enforcement agencies in the U.S.

GoTo Announces Promotion of Damon Covey to Chief Product Officer and Welcomes New Head of User Experience, Ruth Frank

GoTo Announces Promotion of Damon Covey to Chief Product Officer and Welcomes New Head of User Experience, Ruth Frank

business 4 Oct 2023

GoTo, the company making IT management, support, and business communications easy with flagship products GoTo Resolve, GoTo Connect, and LogMeIn Rescue, today announced it has promoted Damon Covey to the role of chief product officer (CPO) and hired Ruth Frank as vice president, user experience (UX).

Covey joined GoTo in 2021 as the company’s senior vice president and head of product. Prior to his time at GoTo, he served as vice president of product management at Cox Automotive and held various leadership roles for 14 years at cybersecurity company Symantec. As CPO at GoTo, Damon will be responsible for leading the product teams and UX for the company’s full IT management, support, and business communications portfolio.

This month, GoTo welcomes Ruth Frank as the company’s new head of UX within the Product team, where she’ll lead the ideation, user research, and design functions for product development.

Before joining GoTo, Frank was the vice president of experience design at Pitney Bowes, where she worked for over 18 years. She has previously led UX teams at AT&T, Delta Airlines, and NCR Corporation.

“It is my pleasure to congratulate Damon on his promotion and welcome Ruth to her new role at GoTo,” said Paddy Srinivasan, CEO at GoTo. “Damon has been instrumental in GoTo’s recent product innovation, and together with Ruth’s experience in guiding UX teams, they will play a critical role in building technology that makes IT and business communications easy for our customers.”

Backlight Achieves SOC 2 Compliance for ftrack, its Creative Project Management Platform

Backlight Achieves SOC 2 Compliance for ftrack, its Creative Project Management Platform

technology 4 Oct 2023

ftrack achieves significant security assurance milestone for its enterprise-grade project management and media review platforms

Global media and entertainment technology company, Backlight, today announced that its award-winning creative project management platform, ftrack, has achieved System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) Type I compliance. Users of the ftrack platform—ftrack Studio and ftrack Review—can now work with confidence knowing that their projects are safeguarded by rigorous data protection standards as set by American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

“As we continue to evolve in a landscape that demands not just innovation but also trust, achieving SOC 2 compliance is a big milestone for ftrack,” said Mikael Wahlberg, CTO, Backlight Creative. “Our focus has always been on empowering creative minds to bring their visions to life, and it’s critical they can do this with confidence in the security of our products. This latest compliance, and ftrack's ongoing commitment to security, gives customers confidence that when they create, collaborate, and deliver exceptional projects with Backlight’s technology their security will be our priority.”

Achieving SOC 2 compliance is a critical step for any company entrusted with sensitive information, such as intellectual property and personal data. ftrack's customers, whether they have intricate animations or high-stakes films, can be assured that their critical data is protected by an independently audited security and risk management program.

“Our clients' projects include cinematic blockbusters for which data protection is integral to their success,” said Benjamin Desbois, Backlight’s chief operating officer. “This successful completion of our SOC 2 audit is proof of the dedication, consideration, and care we give to the security of our customer’s projects across all workflows—both creative and distribution—as also evidenced with Zype for OTT.”

SnapLogic Leverages Amazon Bedrock to Make Anthropic’s model Claude Available in SnapGPT

SnapLogic Leverages Amazon Bedrock to Make Anthropic’s model Claude Available in SnapGPT

artificial intelligence 4 Oct 2023

SnapLogic Creates a Pioneering Generative Integration Solution to Further Customer Innovation and Productivity

SnapLogic, a leader in generative integration, today announced it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand the capabilities of SnapGPT, SnapLogic’s generative integration interface. As part of this collaboration, SnapLogic will make Anthropic’s cutting-edge Large Language Model (LLM), Claude 2, offered by Amazon Bedrock, available within the SnapGPT platform that was made generally available earlier this year. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that provides access to industry-leading foundation models via an API to build and scale generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

SnapLogic introduced SnapGPT, an innovative generative integration solution, powered by proprietary and open source AI this spring. With hundreds of customers already experiencing its game-changing potential, SnapGPT has set a new standard for integration and automation, streamlining complex processes and powering businesses into a data-driven future. By using natural language prompts, customers are using SnapGPT to accelerate the creation of new pipelines, instantly document new and old pipelines, create sample data, and generate SQL queries, expressions, mappings, and more.

“SnapGPT has made an immediate and incredibly beneficial impact on our developer team,” said David Patterson, Head of Solutions and Delivery at Hampshire Trust Bank. “By leveraging the natural language prompts with SnapGPT, we have been able to automate up to 80 percent of common integration tasks, freeing up our skilled developers to focus on building more innovative services for our customers. We’re eager to explore the possibilities of this promising technology.”

SnapGPT will empower users to use Anthropic’s state-of-the-art LLM Claude 2 to build new integrations, define existing pipelines, create new expressions, and more using natural language prompts. SnapGPT users now have access to Claude 2’s advanced natural language processing and generation abilities that can accept prompts containing up to 75,000 words or 100,000 tokens. SnapGPT leverages the larger prompt size of Claude 2 to offer a more powerful integration co-pilot that enhances performance across a wider range of applications. SnapGPT’s ease of use will allow businesses to roll-out citizen integration to clear backlog and drive business agility.

Key benefits of SnapLogic using Amazon Bedrock include:

  • Integration Pipeline Generation: SnapLogic customers can generate integration pipelines directly from natural language instructions, making integration faster and more accessible for all users
  • Complex Data Mapping: Our platform can effortlessly create complex data mapping configurations using natural language inputs, eliminating the need for intricate data transformation coding
  • SQL Generation: SnapGPT can generate SQL queries from natural language queries, making it easier for users to interact with their data
  • Complex Pipeline Description: Users can describe intricate data pipelines in plain language, enhancing collaboration and understanding among teams
  • Sophisticated Chat-based Q&A: SnapLogic's documentation now offers a chat-based Q&A feature, allowing users to find answers to their integration questions more easily and intuitively

"SnapLogic is committed to providing our customers with the most advanced language models available, and our work with Amazon Bedrock and the integration of Anthropic’s model Claude 2 into SnapGPT is a testament to that commitment," said Jeremiah Stone, CTO of SnapLogic. "This collaboration will empower our users to harness the full potential of natural language processing in their applications, making generative integration and automation even more accessible and powerful."

"We are excited to work with SnapLogic to bring the power of Amazon Bedrock to SnapGPT users," said Rich Geraffo, vice president of North America at AWS. "This collaboration will enable organizations to leverage the capabilities of Amazon Bedrock and AWS’s generative AI expertise to drive innovation and enhance their data processing workflows."

Hatch Launches No-code Web Creation Platform to Empower Creators with One-click Interactivity and Animation

Hatch Launches No-code Web Creation Platform to Empower Creators with One-click Interactivity and Animation

technology 4 Oct 2023

Hatch, consumer software innovator founded by entrepreneurs from Valve and Picnik, today announced the official launch of their creative web development platform Hatch. With a focus on interactivity, animation, and physics functionality typically requiring programming expertise, Hatch was built to support tech-curious creators on the web.

Hatch cofounder Darrin Massena said, “A webpage has the creative potential of a painter’s palette and the constructive power to solve a problem. At Hatch, we are removing the technical barriers of coding, so anyone can use a webpage as a limitless creative medium. Anyone can build a new connected experience for themselves, their business, or their community.”

Hatch provides simple tools and a dedicated web space to make unique websites, games, evites, portfolios, digital art, interactive stories, messaging, maps, and creative experiments, regardless of technical expertise. Registered Hatch users can create and publish pages to share publicly or keep projects private for sharing with friends and family. As part of the creator community, users can also open-source their projects by making them “remixable,” allowing other users to duplicate and modify the content. Hatch offers free and paid versions of their publishing tools which include drag-and-drop kits, one-click interactive effects, responsive physics, dynamic gravity, and more.

“When an engineer wants a new interactive experience, they build it. But that power shouldn’t be limited to programmers alone,” said Hatch cofounder Mike Harrington. “We built Hatch so any creator can carve out their own corner of the web without having to code it themselves. Unlike many no-code platforms, we don’t rely on grids or boxes so our creators can drag, drop, trigger, and animate text or visual elements however and wherever they want.”

After a successful exit with their photo editing startup Picnik, Harrington and Massena came together again in 2021 with a vision of democratizing software creation. Self-funded with a growing bootstrapped team, the cofounders dedicated their resources to building the infrastructure and functionality required to support a community of web creators at scale.

Massena continued, "Hatch's journey is a reflection of our long term vision to democratize software for anyone to create interactive experiences on the web. We invite all creators to try the Hatch platform and see what they can make."

Asana Unveils New AI Innovations to Help Every Organization Work Smarter

Asana Unveils New AI Innovations to Help Every Organization Work Smarter

artificial intelligence 4 Oct 2023

Asana Intelligence, powered by the Work Graph®, drives greater clarity, impact, and scale for executives, departments, and entire organizations

Today Asana, Inc., a leading enterprise work management solution, announced new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that drive greater clarity, impact, and scale for executives, departments, and entire organizations. Through Asana’s Work Graph®, these new enterprise-grade AI capabilities empower leaders to steer their organizations toward reaching goals and driving outcomes faster.

“We stand at the precipice of a new golden age of innovation, where humans and AI together can achieve more than ever,” says Dustin Moskovitz, Asana CEO. “Yet, so many leaders still find themselves without the right tools to save time and resources, drive impact, and hit their goals. With our new AI capabilities – powered by Asana’s Work Graph – our customers can now harness AI at work to drive greater clarity and accountability, and maximize impact at scale. Asana brings AI and human innovation together to help leaders understand how work gets done within their organizations in real-time and find ways to work more efficiently.”

Asana’s latest AI innovations offer leaders:

A smarter way to maximize impact

  • (Starting today) Smart fields: Organize projects to support cross-functional collaboration with auto-generated custom fields.
  • (Starting today) Smart editor: Write clearer, more compelling drafts that strike the appropriate tone (for example, polite vs. direct or concise vs. detailed).
  • (Starting today) Smart summaries: Surface highlights from task descriptions and comments, along with key action items. In the future, make video calls actionable by turning meeting transcripts from calls into summaries and action items.
  • (What’s ahead) Smart workflows: Create workflows with simple, natural language instructions that are optimized over time to match specific goals and best practices.
  • (What’s ahead) Smart digests: See project updates with a feed that tracks recent changes or what may require priority attention.

A smarter way to drive clarity and accountability

  • (Winter 2023) Smart status: Create more comprehensive status updates faster with AI, pulling from real-time work data to identify risks, open questions, and roadblocks standing in the way of hitting goals.
  • (Winter 2023) Smart answers: Use natural language to ask Asana questions, and get timely answers and insights about projects, identify blockers, and determine next steps.
  • (Summer 2024) Smart goals: Write more effective goals by starting with a plain description of what to achieve and let AI draft it based on previous goals and performance.
  • (What’s ahead) Smart planning: Visualize potential outcomes with scenario planning based on timelines, resource allocations, and approved budgets.
  • (What’s ahead) Smart workload: Monitor and adjust team resourcing based on historical and future capacity to meet changing goals.

A smarter way to scale

  • (What’s ahead) Smart search: Use natural language to search and pull relevant information from Asana’s Work Graph data (for example, “show tasks assigned to me in the last month”).
  • Asana AI Technology Partner network: Leverage leading foundation models from OpenAI and Anthropic, tailored for the enterprise in a trusted, secure, and ethical way. Asana also integrates with services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) AppFabric to improve collaboration at scale.
  • Asana AI Channel Partner network: Support customers at scale in AI implementation through leading global solutions and systems integrator experts, like Slalom, CPrime, and West Monroe.
  • Enterprise security & control: Keep data safe, secure, and compliant with enterprise-grade security and permissions, while providing admins with controls over the role of AI at work.

Asana’s new AI capabilities are designed to help entire organizations – individuals, departments, and leaders – work smarter and drive outcomes faster. From marketing executives wanting to drive clarity around annual planning and goals; to operations leaders looking to maximize impact by scaling strategic initiatives across departments; and IT executives eager to standardize work management on one enterprise-grade platform that is trusted, secure, and uses AI in a transparent way, Asana’s new AI capabilities help enterprises around the world work smarter.

“At IPG Mediabrands, we use technology to empower all 18,000 of our employees across more than 130 countries. Asana has been instrumental in helping our teams work smarter,” says Jarrod Martin, CEO at KINESSO (IPG Mediabrands’ global performance marketing agency). “It has freed up time for employees to focus on innovation and strategic thinking, helped us understand where our processes can be improved, and reduced the amount of joyless work we do – the work that impacts our bottom line and the happiness of our people and clients. We are excited by the potential of AI to further reduce joyless work and enhance productivity.”

Asana’s Work Innovation Score

Asana also launched The Work Innovation Score, a proprietary, first-of-its-kind AI-driven benchmark developed by its Work Innovation Lab. The Work Innovation Score, which is now available to Asana’s enterprise customers, enables companies to benchmark their performance against industry peers across four key metrics: cohesion (how well employees work together), velocity (how quickly work moves forward), resilience (stability during employee turnover), and capacity (employee bandwidth). The Work Innovation Score shows how effectively teams are working together within an organization and suggests ways to improve collaboration, accelerate productivity, maximize employee impact, and increase competitive advantage. Developed by industry-leading experts on the science of work, the score is powered by Asana’s Work Graph®, state-of-the-art neural networks, and predictive AI. Because the Work Graph connects data across the whole enterprise – work, functions, teams, and people – Asana’s Work Innovation Score is uniquely able to assess innovation potential.

“Asana’s Work Innovation Score provides a lens into how teams work together, predicting challenges in how employees are collaborating in order to proactively address them. At AWS and through our joint research with Asana’s Work Innovation Lab, we’ve seen that employees are struggling with ‘collaboration overload,’ which comes at the cost of productivity,” says Federico Torreti, head of product for AWS AppFabric at AWS“With The Work Innovation Score and services like AWS AppFabric—which connects multiple software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for better security, management, and productivity—companies have new visibility into how to streamline collaboration and productivity to drive employee impact and gain a competitive advantage.”

Yellowbrick Supports NCSolutions to Revolutionize CPG Advertiser Cleanroom Solution

Yellowbrick Supports NCSolutions to Revolutionize CPG Advertiser Cleanroom Solution

advertising 4 Oct 2023

New Agreement Provides a Data Engineering Platform for Deep Analytics on U.S. Household Purchases with Insights Shared Through Snowflake Marketplace

Yellowbrick Data, the leading Kubernetes-based data warehouse that runs in the cloud and on-premises, today announced that NCSolutions (NCS), the leading company for improving advertising effectiveness for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) ecosystem, has deployed Yellowbrick on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is NCS’s data engineering platform for turnkey consumer insights shared with customers through the Snowflake Marketplace.

In the fast-paced world of consumer packaged goods (CPG), effective advertising performance is paramount. NCS recognized this need and developed its one-of-kind, CPG Insights Stream. This provides a complete and representative projection of CPG shopping behavior for all United States households across all relevant retail outlets. Brands can leverage it to conduct deep customer analysis and improve campaign outcomes through audience targeting, optimization, and measurement.

Data Excellence and Elasticity

NCS harnesses the power of Yellowbrick on AWS to process vast datasets, ensuring robust data consolidation, transformation, and ingestion. Yellowbrick's Direct Data Accelerator technology enables faster and more granular analysis at a lower cost, revolutionizing how NCS handles data.

Ad campaigns are subject to seasonality and periodic fluctuations. NCS seamlessly scales its infrastructure with Yellowbrick nodes during peak periods, ensuring clients benefit from increased data collection and opportunities to reach new buyers. Per-second billing minimizes cloud consumption costs, even during demand spikes.

Secure, Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Security is paramount in handling proprietary data sets. With Yellowbrick, NCS maintains tight control over sensitive data, storing it securely in their virtual private cloud (VPC). Insights derived from this data are shared through the Snowflake Marketplace, ensuring the highest level of data protection.

Douglas McDowell, VP Technology, NCSolutions: “Yellowbrick has supported our analytics services since 2019. We value our relationship with them for our data platform requirements. Yellowbrick enables us to efficiently extract, process, and deliver data-driven insights to our clients on a large scale while maintaining cost-effectiveness and data security. The synergy between its platform and our domain expertise significantly enhances our approach to advertising performance management.”

Neil Carson, CEO and Co-Founder of Yellowbrick Data: “I am thrilled to see NCSolutions harness our technology to revolutionize advertising performance management. NCSolutions' innovative use of Yellowbrick on AWS, integrated seamlessly with Snowflake Marketplace, exemplifies the power of our platform in handling vast datasets with speed and precision.”

FieldRoutes Unveils Marketing Automation with Launch of ServiceTitan Marketing Pro at PestWorld 2023

FieldRoutes Unveils Marketing Automation with Launch of ServiceTitan Marketing Pro at PestWorld 2023

automation 4 Oct 2023

New FieldRoutes® Operations Suite Integration Enables Targeted Marketing Automation to Field Service Providers

FieldRoutes, a ServiceTitan company and a leading cloud-based and mobile SaaS provider for field service businesses, will be showcasing its integration with ServiceTitan Marketing Pro at PestWorld 2023 in Honolulu, Hawaii later this month. Marketing Pro pulls relevant data directly from the FieldRoutes Operations Suite and allows users to quickly create and schedule direct mail and email campaigns to engage and nurture customers for upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities.

"We've heard the calls from the industry for more marketing automation loud and clear, and we couldn't be more excited to bring the power of Marketing Pro to our pest and lawn customers," said Vahe Kuzoyan, president and co-founder at ServiceTitan. "With Marketing Pro, pest and lawn businesses will be able to leverage their customer's data to supercharge their business with more calls, booked jobs and higher customer spend. Our mission is to provide the tools contractors need to grow fast and scale effectively. That's why we're continuing to invest in technology to help our customers succeed."

Marketing Pro empowers businesses with professionally designed, industry-focused templates that can be used to convert unsold estimates, win back former and inactive customers, drive attention to seasonal trouble areas, encourage renewals, announce seasonal promotions, and more. It includes a simple user interface that requires no design or programming expertise.

"Marketing Pro is going to be a game-changer at Greenix," said FieldRoutes customer Ben Craner, chief marketing officer at Greenix. "As a marketing team, we're already seeing time savings and efficiencies with our communications. So far we couldn't be happier with the success we've had with Marketing Pro."

The integration means all relevant data is imported directly from the FieldRoutes Operations Suite to Marketing Pro, without the need to create segmented customer lists manually. Marketing Pro also includes access to a powerful marketing dashboard where users can quickly view campaign performance in one place.


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