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Syndigo Announces Additional Generative AI Capabilities to its Client Platform

Syndigo Announces Additional Generative AI Capabilities to its Client Platform

artificial intelligence 28 Mar 2023

SmartPrompts Addition will Complement Existing Cognitive Services and Hyper Content Automation

Syndigo, a leading SaaS product information and syndication company, announced additional generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The new SmartPrompts capability will enable Syndigo clients the ability to accelerate content creation for product detail listings. This latest capability bolsters the already existing integrations leveraging generative AI capabilities that enable improved conversions, a reduction in returns and a dramatically improved brand experience.

"We're excited to add to our existing production portfolio of generative AI capabilities," said Benny Blum, Syndigo Head of Product Strategy. "We've been focused on building the smartest platform to successfully create and optimize data that powers commerce, and integrated AI is a key component of that strategy. In addition, our alliance partners also have enabled Syndigo customers to benefit from integrated AI capabilities, including Microsoft Cognitive Services and Hyper Content Automation from AX Semantics. Together, through our partnerships and SmartPrompts we will take client capabilities even further on our platform, delivering even more speed to value."

Syndigo's SmartPrompts technology incorporates generative AI in order to help customers be more efficient in developing the descriptive and marketing copy that, as Regan DeHaven, SVP of Product, puts it, "accelerates content authoring, bringing better copy online faster, leading to more sales."

"SmartPrompts takes advantage of the nuances of conversational AI to provide more relatable context and tone to their product listings," said DeHaven. "We want to ensure that our customers get the most value with the least amount of effort from these incredible services."

Many businesses have begun their journey into Large Language Model (LLM)-based technology, such as ChatGPT and LLaMA, to streamline and improve the many product descriptions they maintain. As organizations look to apply these capabilities to more complex challenges, however, there is often a need for additional multilingual data-to-text tools across Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) systems. Syndigo's partner alliance with AX Semantics allows clients to solve these complex multilingual challenges.

"The multilingual data-to-text tool that AX Semantics offers provides automation for content teams, allowing them to create and maintain product content, then automatically update it by being linked to changes in the data," said Robert Weißgraeber, co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer at AX Semantics. "This scaled capability allows you to create an automation system that will generate content for any product in any language—and maintain those millions of product descriptions without a human in the loop or by post-editing."

"We're very excited to continue to incorporate newer OpenAI services like ChatGPT, and AX Semantics into the Syndigo ecosystem," said Benny Blum. "All indicators point to the models creating incredible value for our customers. For our customers wanting to leverage this technology, our role will be to ensure they can interact with these services most effectively, while maintaining the integrity of our data quality."

Data acquisition system market size is set to grow by USD 560.39 million from 2022 to 2027; The increasing demand for monitoring in end-user industries will boost the market - Technavio

Data acquisition system market size is set to grow by USD 560.39 million from 2022 to 2027; The increasing demand for monitoring in end-user industries will boost the market - Technavio

reports 28 Mar 2023

The global data acquisition system market size is estimated to grow by USD 560.39 million from 2022 to 2027, according to Technavio. The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% during the forecast period. Moreover, the growth momentum will accelerate. The increasing demand for monitoring in end-user industries is notably driving the market growth, although factors such as data acquisition system complexity and CAPEX may impede the market growth. For more insights on the historic data (2017 to 2021) and forecast market size (2023 to 2027) - Request a sample report


Global Data Acquisition System Market – Market Dynamics

Key factor driving market growth

  • The increasing demand for monitoring in end-user industries is notably driving market growth. 
  • By minimizing human involvement, data monitoring helps improve operational quality and early fault detection during production in the aerospace, defense, government, energy, and automotive sectors.
  • Data monitoring helps the energy sector assess the performance of assets such as solar power plants, wind turbines, and other power-generating machinery.
  • Moreover, data monitoring is used in the aerospace industry to validate the design and safety parameters for the engine and other aircraft components and analyze the flight aerodynamics characteristics. 
  • Thus, the increasing demand for data monitoring from the end-user industries will augment the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Major challenges hindering the market growth

  • Data acquisition system complexity and CAPEX are the major challenges impeding the market growth. 
  • Technological advances in the design and development of these data acquisition devices have made data acquisition systems increasingly complex.
  • The resulting need for higher test capabilities compels manufacturers to upgrade their current technology to meet their application needs.
  • Data collection system manufacturers must comply with numerous technical standards, which increases the cost of data collection systems.
  • Such factors may hinder market growth during the forecast period.

What's New?

  • Special coverage on the Russia-Ukraine war; global inflation; recovery analysis from COVID-19; supply chain disruptions, global trade tensions; and risk of recession 
  • Global competitiveness and key competitor positions 
  • Market presence across multiple geographical footprints - Strong/Active/Niche/Trivial  - buy the report!

Global Data Acquisition System Market - Segmentation Assessment
Segment Overview
Technavio has segmented the market based on end-user (power and energy, automotive, aerospace and defense, education and research, and others) and type (hardware and software). 

  • The power and energy segment will account for a significant share of the market growth during the forecast period. The power and energy sector uses data collection systems to collect, store and analyze information about power generation, distribution, and consumption. These systems typically include sensors, data loggers, and software that can track various variables such as voltage, current, power, energy, and temperature. Such factors will increase the segment growth in this market during the forecast period.

Geography Overview
By geography, the global data acquisition system market is segmented into North AmericaEurope, APAC, Middle East and Africa, and South America. The report provides actionable insights and estimates the contribution of all regions to the growth of the global data acquisition system market.

  • North America is estimated to contribute 36% to the growth of the global market during the forecast period. Data collection systems are widely used in the manufacturing industry to monitor and improve production processes and increase productivity and efficiency. Additionally, many companies are spending significantly on research and development to advance their data collection system technology to make it more effective and affordable, which is fuelling market expansion. As a result, the North American data collection system market is expected to witness strong growth during the forecast period, owing to many factors such as IoT, energy efficiency, and government regulations.

Insights on the market contribution of various segments, including country- and region-wise historic data (2017 to 2021) and forecast market size (2023 to 2027) - Download a Sample Report

Global Data Acquisition System Market – Leading trends influencing the market 

  • Increasing demand for 5G and other high-speed connectivity technologies is the primary trend in the market.
  • Several countries have started investing in 5G technology to improve their digital infrastructure and stay competitive in the digital economy.
  • Major countries implementing and deploying 5G wireless infrastructure include South KoreaChinathe United States, and Germany.
  • These countries are expected to offer opportunities for data collection systems in various end-user industries such as wireless infrastructure and telecommunications.
  • Such factors are expected to open new opportunities in the market during the forecast period.

Insights on market drivers, trends, and challenges, historic period (2017 to 2021), and forecast period (2023 to 2027) - Request a sample report!

What are the key data covered in this Data Acquisition System Market report?

  • CAGR of the market during the forecast period
  • Detailed information on factors that will drive the growth of the data acquisition system market between 2023 and 2027
  • Precise estimation of the data acquisition system market size and its contribution to the market in focus on the parent market
  • Accurate predictions about upcoming trends and changes in consumer behavior
  • Growth of the data acquisition system market across North AmericaEurope, APAC, Middle East and Africa, and South America
  • A thorough analysis of the market's competitive landscape and detailed information about vendors
  • Comprehensive analysis of factors that will challenge the growth of data acquisition system market vendors

Skai Introduces first of its kind Omnichannel Platform for Unified Performance Advertising

Skai Introduces first of its kind Omnichannel Platform for Unified Performance Advertising

advertising 28 Mar 2023

Holistic planning, testing, activation, optimization within and across walled gardens made possible with platform launch

Skai, a technology leader in the performance advertising industry, announced the market launch of its omnichannel platform. Eliminating the friction of fragmentation and limits to growth, Skai's omnichannel platform creates unique efficiencies of scale and unified program views, increasing agility for marketing teams. Equipped with new, AI-supported capabilities and bundled solutions for both executives and practitioners, organizations can connect advertising to meaningful business impact leveraging unprecedented reach and scale, more intelligent planning, and stronger activation. Unlocking access to all channels within the platform for a subscription fee, the platform also introduces a SaaS pricing model to the world of variable-cost ad tech.

As digital advertising continues to dominate marketing budgets and solve for signal loss in a challenged macroeconomic environment, brands are increasing investment in performance channels, particularly retail media, paid search, paid social and app stores, due to their effectiveness and measurability. These channels are dominated by publishers referred to as "walled gardens," and marketers are tasked with connecting insights and execution across them in an automated and holistic manner—a laborious and error-prone undertaking.

New and Coming Innovation for Advertisers

With the new platform experience, Skai is providing every advertiser access to all of the publishers it supports, across channels, which count major consumer media such as Amazon Ads, Google, Microsoft, Apple Search Ads, Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Walmart Connect, LinkedIn and many others—an historic move in an industry built on single-channel point solutions.

Recent research shows that more than 73 percent of CMOs have increased the number of channels used to reach customers in the last three years, causing additional complexity in maintaining speed and consistency of experience, and many cite delivering greater ROI from marketing investments and data as a top challenge.

To address this new reality, the Skai platform access will include powerful new capabilities including:

  • Omnichannel Marketing Orchestration: A unified, holistic view of media performance for the executive accountable to several or all digital channels
  • Omnichannel Media Planning: Continuous forecasting and budget planning intelligence based on data and insights relevant to your business
  • Intelligent Creative Management: One-stop-shop asset management and AI-driven analysis for insights on what's working, what to adjust and why
  • Generative AI Recommendations: ChatGPT-powered recommendations for opportunistic keywords and search terms on Google
  • Accessible Data Visualization: Curatable views tailored to the individual and multi-functional stakeholder access to marketing data
  • Additional Integrations and Partnerships: Customizable ecosystem integrations plus off-the-shelf access to new Skai partners and their broader offerings including Amazon Marketing Cloud, Analytic Index and an expanded integration with Profitero for shelf intelligent media

A New Commercial Model for Today's Needs
The performance ad tech industry has traditionally offered variable pricing based on a percentage of media spend, a model that historically prohibits program growth, disincentivizes experimentation, and to many marketers, feels like an added tax. In contrast, and in response to today's uncertain economy where increased value and controllable expenses are top of mind for every brand, the Skai Omnichannel Platform is sold at a flat annual rate, tiered by program scale and specific needs such as custom data needs or transitional managed services. By offering transparent, predictable pricing, Skai intends to eliminate the relentless sales and legal cycles advertisers have resigned themselves to while enabling clients to take fuller advantage of its offerings, harnessing the maximum speed and power of the platform.

What Skai Clients are saying:

"As marketers, we have to start thinking more omni. We are looking at broader 'performance roles'—you can still have experts in search and social, but they need to be able to do everything," said Rafael Sosa-Krall, global media director at Microsoft. "We need technology that can support this fluidity across the team, facilitate collaboration, and respect consumer privacy while helping us compensate for signal loss."

"Gone are the days of thinking about retail and other digital media in isolation or echo chambers. The reality is, that's not how consumers shop," said Gemma Spence, global vice president, transformation at WPP-owned VMLY&R Commerce. "Where I see the market going, and where we are being pushed by clients, is the need for connectivity around, within and between retailers. The ability to drive switching and deeper engagement is something that the market is demanding and the adtech world needs to answer. Skai has set a high bar."

"Helping our clients understand and react to consumer patterns across the walled gardens is a major focus for us," said John T. Shea, chief executive of Amazon consultancy Momentum Commerce. "We've built an incredible window into consumer behavior and we use those insights to drive client performance. However, we know retail media ad performance doesn't happen in a vacuum so we're thrilled to partner with Skai on their new platform to help our shared customers drive insights and performance across Amazon, Google, Facebook and beyond." 

"Brands are underachieving relative to their potential today. For years, we have seen them struggle to keep pace with consumers across the various channels for shopping and information-seeking," said Yoav Izhar-Prato, Skai chief executive and co-founder. "Working closely with each of our industry-leading partners, it became very apparent that the gap lies in what brands can achieve running channel-siloed go-to-market programs. Taking a customer-centric approach is the only way forward for marketers and with Skai, brands can finally speak the same language as their audiences with omnichannel interaction and value exchange online. Early programs on the platform show massive performance improvement and better efficiency, resulting in smarter decisions and higher quality engagement. I have no doubt this will set the standard for how brands bring their offerings to market moving forward."

Cybersecurity company Hunters announces the availability of its SOC Platform on Databricks' Lakehouse

Cybersecurity company Hunters announces the availability of its SOC Platform on Databricks' Lakehouse

cybersecurity 27 Mar 2023

The move accelerates the company's growth as the leading alternative to SIEM

  • Hunters is the first partner to offer an end-to-end security operations platform for companies looking to leverage Databricks as their security data lake.
  • Hunters helps customers move beyond SIEM and consolidate their data in a modern, cloud-based data lake for better cost and security outcomes.
  • Hunters powers security operations in world leading organizations, including: Netgear,, Upwork and Gong.

Cybersecurity company Hunters is excited to announce the integration of its SOC (Security Operations Center) Platform with the Databricks Lakehouse. For the first time, Databricks customers will be able to stand up a security data lake for security operations (data ingestion, detection, investigation and response) in just a few clicks using Hunters SOC Platform.

Hunters SOC Platform is a modern, cloud-native alternative to SIEM that ingests, normalizes and analyzes data from all security and IT sources, including endpoint telemetry, network traffic, identity, and cloud infrastructure. With the built-in integration capabilities, Hunters makes it easy for security teams to ingest security data: No need to engineer, deploy and maintain ingestion pipelines. The platform delivers Detection Engineering as a Service, eliminating the repetitive security engineering work for all the common security use cases and removing the need to set up and maintain detection rules, so security teams can focus on the use cases that are unique to their organization. The platform also automates cross-correlation and investigation to significantly reduce mean time to respond (MTTR) and containment of threats.

The Databricks Lakehouse is a cloud-native data platform that combines the benefits of data lakes and data warehouses as a unified solution for all major data workloads. With its powerful analytics and machine learning capabilities, the Databricks Lakehouse provides a single platform for managing, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data.

"Hunters and Databricks are the perfect match for advanced detection on a lakehouse architecture and we're just getting started. This integration opens the flood gates to future advanced detection pipelines using ML/AI capabilities in the Databricks Lakehouse," said Fermín Serna, Chief Security Officer at Databricks.

Security data lakes have brought with them a paradigm shift in security operations. They support the ingestion of massive volumes and variety of data, at the speed of cloud, and allow security platforms to run advanced analytics including AI/ML on top of them with reduced complexity and at a predictable cost. Security operations shouldn't live in a silo, but rather be where the rest of the organization's data resides.

The security market has been conditioned to expect that more data means more people, time, and costs to address threats. Hunters shifts that paradigm by leveraging the leading modern data platforms and their powerful scale and cost efficiencies: they provide unlimited data ingestion and storage at a predictable cost, leveraging a pricing model that is based on compute and not storage. Security teams shouldn't be forced to make the hard decision of what data to store and for how long, but rather have it all readily available without taxing the security budget.

"We are thrilled to announce this integration with the Databricks Lakehouse and our enhanced partnership with Databricks," said Uri May, CEO and Co-founder of Hunters. "At Hunters, we're committed to the premise that data storage and analytics should be decoupled. Cybersecurity is a big data problem, and yet security teams shouldn't be spending their time working on data engineering problems like ingestion and preparing the data for security analytics. By integrating with leading data-focused technologies like the Databricks Lakehouse, we are enabling our customers to gain deeper insights into their organization's security and respond to threats more quickly and effectively, bringing their security data lake of choice."

Simplifying Data Validation: Datametica Brings Pelican SaaS-based Technology to the Google Cloud Marketplace

Simplifying Data Validation: Datametica Brings Pelican SaaS-based Technology to the Google Cloud Marketplace

data management 27 Mar 2023

Datametica, a leading data warehouse modernization and migration solution provider, launched its SaaS-based technology, Pelican, on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Pelican is an enterprise-grade technology to compare, validate and reconcile datasets across two heterogeneous data stores at a massive scale. This includes table & column comparison, cell-level validation, selective column mapping, and even mapping columns with different data types or names. The validation can be achieved, without coding or data movement. 

Pelican enables production parallel running of legacy and new solutions, de-risking migration, bringing certainty to data matching, and reducing unit testing. It drives assurance and confidence in decommissioning a legacy data warehouse or database. 

Google Cloud Marketplace enables customers to leverage software packages quickly and efficiently. Google Cloud customers, such as those migrating to Google BigQuery, can leverage Datametica SaaS-based technologies - Eagle, Raven, and Pelican, for an accelerated and safer cloud migration experience.

The following Pelican technologies are available on Google Cloud Marketplace:

  • DM-Pelican-Base-License
  • DM-Pelican-Validation usage-based license

During the launch of this event, Dr. Phil Shelley, Co-Founder and President of Datametica, said, "We are proud to offer our customers technologies that accelerate and de-risk migration to the Google Cloud. Our SaaS-based Pelican is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, offering organizations a scalable, flexible, and efficient way to validate and reconcile data."

"Data validation and transparency is essential to successful business operation," said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace at Google Cloud. "With Datametica's Pelican technology now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, businesses have access to modernized technology that simplifies the authentication of datasets and ultimately drives certainty around key information."

Captiv8 Launches Affiliate Solutions Globally and Joins Influencer Marketing Trade Body

Captiv8 Launches Affiliate Solutions Globally and Joins Influencer Marketing Trade Body

marketing 24 Mar 2023

Captiv8, a leading influencer marketing platform, is pleased to announce the global launch of its Creator Affiliate Suite. The Creator Affiliate Suite was initially launched across the US market last year, and was followed by releases across the UK, ItalyGermanyFranceMexicoCanada and Japan.

Captiv8's Creator Affiliate Marketing Solutions will allow brands to:

  • Automate affiliate recruitment, attribution modeling, referral link management, full-funnel conversion tracking, and commission payments.
  • Access Affiliate Creator recommendations generated via Captiv8's award-winning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Gain performance transparency across each Affiliate Creator, social platform, content piece and transaction, down to specific products sold and average order value.
  • Deploy Captiv8's Return APIs to ensure Affiliate Creators following the return window are accurate.
  • Leverage Captiv8's Paid Social APIs to boost top performing content across Meta, IG, TikTok and Pinterest, in-platform with one click.
  • Seamlessly integrate with traditional affiliate publisher networks via Captiv8's open APIs.

For Affiliate Creators, Captiv8 offers a best-in-class creator experience: from streamlined sign-up and authentication, to ongoing nurturing via a dedicated Creator Success team, weekly newsletters, content inspiration and actionable insights on channels, trends and top performing posts.

Spearheading these efforts is Bill Kantar, a seasoned executive with extensive experience across the influencer and digital media space, along with Rafe Oakes, who manages business efforts across the United Kingdom.

"Captiv8's Affiliate offering is the only solution purpose-built around Affiliate Creators.  As the Creator, Affiliate and Paid Social practices continue to converge, and as Creators make their lives more shoppable, we offer brands the ability to build a first-party Affiliate Creator network, where brands own their Creator relationships through Captiv8. Only a few months following our US launch, we're already seeing brands who have recruited tens of thousands of Affiliate Creators, driving millions of dollars in Sales." - Bill Kantar, Head of New Markets, Captiv8.

In addition, Captiv8 is proud to announce its membership in the Influencer Marketing Trade Body (IMTB) UK, a professional membership organization dedicated to building a sustainable future for the influencer marketing industry. By joining the IMTB, Captiv8 will help promote professionalism, unity, and best practices across the industry.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with the Influencer Marketing Trade Body and work alongside our peers across the UK and EMEA regions, with the goal of building a better landscape for influencer marketing practices and pushing the industry forward." - Bill Kantar, Head of New Markets, Captiv8.

"We're thrilled to have Captiv8 on board as IMTB's newest member. Progressive platforms and agencies understand that to sustain influencer marketing's meteoric growth rate we need to demonstrate accountability and professionalism with our customers. The IMTB gives members that unified, co-ordinated voice along with a channel to share best practices. We're looking forward to working alongside Captiv8 to help realise our industry's fullest potential". - Scott Guthrie, Director General of the IMTB.

Happiest Minds Technologies partners with Pimcore to drive superior digitization projects

Happiest Minds Technologies partners with Pimcore to drive superior digitization projects

customer experience management 24 Mar 2023

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited (NSE: HAPPSTMNDS), a 'Born Digital. Born Agile', Mindful IT Company, today announced its strategic global partnership with Pimcore, an Open-Source digital platform that aggregates, enriches, and manages enterprise data and provides up-to-date, consistent, and personalized experiences to customers.

Happiest Minds' collaboration with Pimcore will provide customers with a seamlessly integrated platform, and a centralized solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS, and digital commerce. Pimcore's deep expertise in data management, experience management, and eCommerce will create a powerful alliance, helping businesses fast-track their digital transformation initiatives. Happiest Minds has nurtured a long-standing reputation for delivering high-quality Pimcore solutions that drive business growth and success. This re-imagined partnership with Pimcore will further strengthen the Company's ability to provide exceptional cross-industry applications. In addition, Happiest Minds will bring its expertise in providing global cutting-edge and tailored Pimcore solutions to clients, accelerating their digital transformation.

Rajiv Shah, Executive Board Member & CEO, Digital Business Services (DBS), Happiest Minds Technologies said, "Happiest Minds and Pimcore together have delivered multiple projects which are business-centric and cater to the customer's needs. We at Happiest Minds continuously aim to support our customers modernize their businesses using digital enablers with a consultative approach. We are confident that with this strategic partnership, we will be able to deliver business benefits to countless more customers and mutually grow in this journey."

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO, Pimcore said, "Happiest Minds has established a steadfast partnership with Pimcore for over 7 years, and it is with great significance that we now progress to the next phase of our collaboration. Their expertise, combined with our open-source technology, will help businesses to drive digital transformation and improve customer experience in ways never thought possible."

Shashin Shah, Head of Pimcore Business Unit, Happiest Minds Technologies said, "Pimcore is a market leader in data management and experience management. We truly admire our partnership with Pimcore. Happiest Minds is committed to continuing its contribution to growing the Pimcore ecosystem worldwide, especially in the United States, using its available resources and capabilities."

Designed for perpetuity, Happiest Minds has been recognized among the Top 25 India's Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM, Top 50 India's Best Workplaces™ for Women, Top 100 Best Workplaces in Asia™, and India's Top 50 Best Companies to Work™ by the Great Place to Work® Institute. The company has also won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance 2022 and the Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award 2021.

Acronis enhances security offerings with IntelĀ® TDT technology

Acronis enhances security offerings with IntelĀ® TDT technology

cybersecurity 23 Mar 2023

Innovative technology integration strengthens Acronis’ roster of security solutions against fileless attacks

Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, today announced the enhancement of its security defense against advanced fileless attacks using Intel® Threat Detection Technology (Intel® TDT) leveraging the Intel® integrated GPU to offload memory scanning operations from the CPU. Acronis is the latest cyber protection company to integrate Intel® TDT to enrich its security products.

With cyber threats evolving and growing on a daily basis, Acronis researchers have witnessed new types of malware and attack vectors on enterprises such as polymorphic malware and fileless attacks. Many threats utilize an in-memory-only approach which can be hard to detect. Intel® TDT technology allows Acronis cyber protection solutions to free resources while scanning HDD and memory resulting in improved system performance. Acronis researchers found that while scanning all the processes in system memory on supported CPUs, Intel® TDT reduced the load on the CPU 2.4x times, by offloading the job to the Intel® integrated GPU.

The Acronis solution combines complete single-agent cyber protection with Intel® TDT. This enhancement results in lower CPU utilization which allows more compute capacity for productivity and office software used by Acronis end customers while compute-intensive security operations run in the Intel® integrated GPU. The innovation of Intel® TDT will be available through Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Protect, and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office solutions.

“The integration of Intel® TDT into Acronis cyber protection solutions is a logical step to meet the needs of our users, said Patrick Pulvermueller, CEO at Acronis. “During the last year, we observed that almost 50% of attacks detected were fileless. The use of this Intel technology is a great milestone as we continue to optimize and enhance our anti-malware engine.”

“Through our collaboration with Acronis to integrate Intel® Threat Detection Technology into their cyber protection solutions, customers of all sizes that utilize Intel vPro® can perform frequent and highly performant memory scanning. This is a great benefit for our mutual customers as we help them stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated threats,” said Carla Rodríguez, Vice President and General Manager, Ecosystem Partner Enabling at Intel.

“As the IT world grows in sophistication and continues its migration to the cloud, more stress has fallen on security teams with less-integrated technology, creating complexity and unintentional blind spots in security systems,” said Research Vice President of Security and Trust Michael Suby at IDC. “According to a recent IDC survey of 1,015 security professionals in North America, this is particularly the case for smaller organizations who are less equipped to effectively operate separate products from multiple vendors or benefit from a position of strength in negotiating with multiple vendors. As such, they are more likely to resonate with an integrated hardware and software approach to endpoint security.”

Acronis provides its users with the ability to take back control and overcome complexity with an integrated platform which results in greater operational efficiency. By implementing an integrated solution like Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, organizations can reduce the time that security teams spend on various operational activities, lower training costs, reduce the complexity in their environment by minimizing the number of tools managed, and ultimately drive business growth.


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