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Acrolinx: Boosting Your Editorial Efficiency to the Next Level

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Published on 30th Nov, 2023

Stating the obvious, content is everywhere in today’s business scenario, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it drives the lion’s share of marketing initiatives for most of today’s organizations. Acrolinx, the leading SaaS enterprise editorial management system, enters here to optimize the content and editorial processes and enhance their efficiency.

Hurdles in Maintaining Continued Editorial Efficiency

Christopher Willis, CMO, Acrolinx, in our latest Tuesdays with Trailblazers session, takes us through the struggles of achieving and, more than that, maintaining the peak standards of editorial and content effectiveness and efficiency. He brilliantly highlights that an organization can generate loads of content, now, even more, using generative AI, but does it have enough people or bandwidth to review all of the content it spawns? The answer would be an outright “no.”

What does that mean? It implies that you cannot publish the majority of the content you create, or even worse, you publish it without ensuring its quality. Further elaborating, Chris rightly says how the audience can put up with grammatical errors at most, but if you miss ticking the boxes of clarity, structure, inclusivity, and other nuances in your content, the brand impacts can be devastating.

How Acrolinx Puts a Stop to Editorial Inconsistencies

Acrolinx enters your editorial process to root out all inconsistencies right from the start when a writer in your organization begins penning content, prompting them with feedback on – from simple things like grammar and spelling to the critical factors like consistency, terminology, inclusivity, emotion, etc. The best part? Your very own company data, guidelines, and knowledge form the basis for this intelligence, so you have efficiency with the touch of personalization in your content.

Acrolinx’s use further extends to automated content governance, where it digs deep into your existing content repositories to revamp them so that they align with the guidelines that have been operationalized. As a result, based on how your content performs in the market, you can optimize your guidelines, and Acrolinx takes on the responsibility of optimizing your content accordingly.

Acrolinx’s Future Visions

In the approaching future, content will go on to inch more toward the center around which businesses revolve. Sharing with us the future endeavors of Acrolinx, Chris reveals that they have been continuously innovating and upgrading their product to inject as much automation as possible into the entire editorial scenario.

Acrolinx: Boosting Your Editorial Efficiency to the Next Level

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