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Screenverse Partners with FuelMedia TV, Expanding Reach to Gas Station Venues

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Published on : Apr 17, 2024

CHICAGO, IL [April 17, 2024] - Screenverse, a leader in programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, announces its partnership with FuelMedia TV, a digital media network serving fuel and convenience retail sites across the United States. This partnership leverages Screenverse's expertise in ad management and programmatic sales alongside FuelMedia TV's dynamic programmatic platform and extensive network of screens at gas stations.

FuelMedia TV has more than 8,000 digital video screens at gas pumps in 40 US Designated Market Areas (DMAs). Their advertising inventory includes interactive video displays with vibrant visuals, sound, and motion, providing advertisers with the ability to display contextually relevant content to consumers in a brand-safe environment.

Fueling customers, representing about 90% of the adult population in FuelMedia TV markets, allow brands to reach a wide range of consumer profiles, making it an ideal media channel for brands seeking broad exposure and frequency. FuelMedia TV caters not only to brands pursuing broad national strategies but also provides an avenue for advertisers targeting specific audiences, such as automotive, CPG, and convenience food and beverage brands, in a setting that makes sense. 

This partnership also empowers Screenverse to provide friction-free integration of video digital out-of-home (vDOOH) into omnichannel campaigns. vDOOH, helps advertisers attract consumers' attention through motion and sound, improving recall and engagement. By streaming high-quality, compelling video ads at fuel stations, brands can create memorable experiences that complement their overall media mix.

David Weinfeld, CEO & Co-Founder of Screenverse, expressed, "Joining forces with FuelMedia TV aligns perfectly with our vision to revolutionize the programmatic DOOH landscape. Our collaborative efforts will not only provide enhanced solutions for advertisers but also elevate the consumer experience at fuel stations nationwide."

FuelMedia TV's inventory can currently be accessed on Vistar and Place Exchange, offering immediate access to a wide network, with near term plans for availability on Hivestack and Broadsign Reach, ensuring a broader reach for advertisers. 

Programmatic sales will be conducted through Direct, Open Exchange, and Private Marketplaces. The partnership takes effect immediately, with both companies collaborating to integrate their technologies and streamline ad delivery processes for maximum efficiency and impact.

About FuelMedia TV

Designed from the start to seamlessly integrate advanced technology at gas station entrances with automated ad buying systems, FuelMedia TV’s dynamic platform combines automated ad functionality with the amplification power of digital out-of-home advertising, providing a complete media solution to advertisers and convenience stores. For more information, visit

About Screenverse

Screenverse, established in 2020, is a prominent company in the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) space, facilitating connections between brands and highly valuable target audiences. With an expansive DOOH media network base, including billboards, urban panels, and retail environments, among others, Screenverse has curated digital ad inventory networks that are highly utilized across direct and programmatic buyers from major agencies across the US. For more information, visit


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