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Influ2 Launches Its End-to-End Revenue Marketing Engine, Influ2 V2

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Published on : Nov 22, 2023

Built in direct response to customers’ needs, Influ2 V2 aligns marketing and sales teams helping prove marketing impact on ROI.

By Anastasiia Khlystova, Marketing Manager at Influ2

Sunnyvale, CA – November 16, 2023 – Influ2, an inventor of person-based advertising technology, announces the launch of Influ2 V2. This latest version represents an advanced stage in the evolution of the unique technology. It’s designed specifically to align the B2B marketing and sales teams around crucial metrics such as pipeline generation and revenue, and attribute the marketing influence. With this release, Influ2 establishes itself as a comprehensive solution for end-to-end revenue marketing.

B2B martech spending is on the rise. By 2024, it is estimated to hit $8.5B and 70 per cent of B2B companies leverage account-based marketing (ABM). In the past 3 years, Influ2 customers used person-based advertising to boost commercial efficiency throughout the entire buying process. Credited to Influ2 technology, they managed to generate $3.8 billion in pipeline value and $1.1 billion in closed revenue. Early adopters of the platform that helped shape the final version include Cato Networks, AppsFlyer, Optimove, Paddle, Perficient and more.



After analyzing GTM teams’ key challenges, Influ2 V2 introduces several core features that address these challenges:

  • cohort designer;
  • multi-stage buying journeys;
  • a sales priorities dashboard with contact-level intent;
  • revenue reporting, which connects marketing influence to sales results.

Influ2 allows B2B organizations to build long-term relationships with prospects. With a clearly defined ideal customer profile, the platform can target the same person for up to 10 years. These long-term relationships are especially valuable for B2B marketers where sales cycles tend to be much longer.

With the Influ2 V2 multi-stage journeys, marketers can easily personalize ad experience based on individual engagement as prospects through the buying journey. Triggers can be based on metrics like number of impressions, clicks, sales outreach. This personalized approach ensures that each customer receives the right messaging at the right time, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

Recognizing the importance of marketing and sales alignment, Influ2 V2’s privacy-first technology facilitates collaboration between marketing, sales, and customer success to drive increased conversions. Marketers can prioritize prospects for sales based on the individual’s engagement with the advertising campaign. They can even provide guidance on which advertising messages resonated with each target buying group and key decision-makers. This ensures targets are engaged as people with real interests versus as faceless organizations. Sales can track contact-level intent through integrations with their CRM.



Influ2 V2’s comprehensive revenue reporting demonstrates the impact of marketing activities on revenue generation. By consistently tracking the impact from first touch through to a closed deal, marketers can continually optimize their campaigns to improve the revenue impact of their advertising efforts. This empowers businesses to measure and analyze the alignment between marketing and sales, ensuring that both teams are working in sync towards common revenue-centric goals.