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Zscaler Expands Partnership with Zoom, Unveiling New Integration with Zoom’s Quality of Service Subscription (QSS)

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Zscaler Expands Partnership with Zoom, Unveiling New Integration with Zoom’s Quality of Service Subscription (QSS)

Zscaler Expands Partnership with Zoom, Unveiling New Integration with Zoom’s Quality of Service Subscription (QSS)


Published on : Nov 8, 2022

Actionable Telemetry and Collaboration Capabilities Offer Greater Quality Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Analytics

Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS), the leader in cloud security, today announced new integrations with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. that connect the Zscaler Digital Experience™ (ZDX) monitoring service with Zoom’s Quality of Service Subscription (QSS) offering. The integrated solution gives enterprises’ IT and helpdesk teams near real-time quality performance metrics and analytics for all remote office employees. The details provided by higher-quality telemetry data help IT teams quickly troubleshoot issues within devices, networks, or services that impact employee collaboration to improve productivity and user experience.

“The number of user-reported quality issues has increased as more hybrid workers rely on Zoom to stay connected and productive. This has put additional strain on Operations Teams including NetworkOps, ITOps, and Service Desk teams, who are expected to respond in real-time,” said Dhawal Sharma, Vice President and General Manager at Zscaler. “The new integrations with Zoom augment our existing integrations with Zoom APIs to provide IT and helpdesk teams with granular and real-time insights based on device, network, and application performance that quickly expose the root cause of user experience and reduces Mean Time to Resolution for user-reported issues.”

Zscaler’s expanded integration with QSS provides access to detailed telemetry data that allows teams to make real-time decisions that ensure the best Zoom experience. Based on event notifications, QSS enables IT teams to gather insights from an unlimited number of hosts, users, and participants. The new capabilities that will be available through Zscaler ZDX also give IT operations and helpdesk teams access to additional benefits, including:

  • Enterprise-wide quality monitoring and analytics: With the QSS integration, IT teams can now obtain detailed performance metrics and actionable insights for every user’s Zoom session within their organization - no matter its size. By leveraging ZDX’s integrated view which combines metrics from QSS with network, device, and application performance, IT can monitor the quality of all Zoom sessions, across the enterprise at all times.
  • Real-time detection and troubleshooting: Zscaler’s integration with QSS provides users with near real-time and granular call quality metrics that offer a clearer understanding of Mean Opinion Scoring (MoS) data. By melding these insights with device and network performance metrics, IT teams can monitor Zoom quality, detect degradation, and fix root causes in real-time, even while the meeting, webinar, or phone call is in progress.
  • Immediate time to value: The new integrations help improve efficiency by automating configurations and alert parameters. ZDX automatically baselines typical user experiences for each user, and can now alert IT teams when call quality deviates from learned baselines. This allows support teams to rapidly respond, isolate the root cause, and arm the right device, network, or application teams with the insights they need to resolve the issue.

“As more organizations provide the necessary tools to support a growing and thriving remote workforce, it's incredibly valuable to have near real-time, precise metrics and understanding of Zoom quality performance,” said Velchamy Sankarlingam, President of Product, and Engineering at Zoom. “We’re excited about the ZDX and QSS integration and are looking forward to helping our customers ensure seamless collaboration through flawless Zoom experiences.”

“The integration work Zscaler and Zoom have executed on over the last year helps ensure that device-to-application connectivity issues can be quickly and effortlessly identified and resolved before they cause work and communications disruptions,” said Christopher Rodriguez, Research Director at IDC. “Expanding Zscaler’s monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities with comprehensive, near real-time metrics and actionable insights can provide IT and helpdesk teams a holistic approach to unified communications services for hybrid working employees.”

Zscaler will demonstrate the new integrations and ZDX capabilities at the 2022 Zoomtopia User Conference, taking place November 8-9 in Booth 6.