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Vislink to Showcase Latest AI Solutions for Monetizing Live Sports Content at Sportel Monaco 2022

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Vislink to Showcase Latest AI Solutions for Monetizing Live Sports Content at Sportel Monaco 2022

Vislink to Showcase Latest AI Solutions for Monetizing Live Sports Content at Sportel Monaco 2022


Published on : Oct 21, 2022

Company Will Launch New AI Clipping Tool and will Show Latest Updates to IQ Sports Producer

Vislink (Nasdaq: VISL), a global technology leader in the capture, delivery and management of high quality, live video and associated data in the media & entertainment, law enforcement and defense markets, will showcase its latest AI solutions for monetizing live sports content at Sportel Monaco 2022 (Booth #A32) from October 24 through October 26. The company will be introducing its latest AI Clipper Studio toolkit, as well as showcasing its latest updates to the AI-centric IQ Sports Producer system. In addition, Vislink launches a newly integrated partnership with sports OTT provider, StreamViral, at the show.

Sportel is the world’s leading sports content media rights and technology convention. It represents the perfect venue for Vislink to demonstrate how its AI-automated solutions can help capture and stream more compelling sports content while engaging and expanding audiences — and do so at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Debuting at Sportel will be Vislink’s AI Clipper Studio toolkit, which uses the power of artificial intelligence to identify key sporting moments from real-time content for users to cut into TV programming or to publish onto online platforms. Featuring a highlights builder, clip export to social media and clip marking for EVS operations, Clipper Studio allows the rapid building of highlights packages, delivers rapid publishing to social media and creates a revolution in automated event-driven action-replay production workflows that lower storage costs.

Vislink’s IQ Sports Producer (IQ-SP) provides high quality live broadcast sports productions driven by an artificial intelligence engine, to track the sporting action and produce exciting and engaging productions. IQ-SP allows the production of sports events without the need of an onsite camera crew or director. It has been designed for leagues and sports that don’t have the budget for a major camera crew. The IQ-xCam Pro is a panoramic camera featuring iris, lens alignment and zoom control to create the optimal panorama picture of a sport pitch without wasting pixels, no matter how far the camera is located from the pitch. In addition, the intelligent iris control enables the camera to look into the sun without being over exposed and creates a picture with equal lighting across the entire length and breadth of the pitch.

In addition to IQ-xCam, the IQ-SP now has the ability to use a range of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras to capture live events with the highest quality optics and encode the AI-directed content for live streaming platforms. This provides users with the highest quality imaging by dedicating the full frame of the PTZ camera image to the sporting action at full broadcast frame rates. Further, a simple overview camera allows the AI engine to steer the broadcast PTZ camera to the heart of the sporting action.

To deliver the live commentary on the onsite action, Vislink complements the video production with an app that allows audio commentary to be overlayed and synchronized with the live video. The commentator can even work remotely and still deliver co-timed discussion on the excitement of the match. The app also incorporates tools to allow live updates of the production scoreboard and clip video content for action replays. This satisfies another important aspect required to deliver a premium, total sports production experience for the viewer.

The new partnership with StreamViral allows content captured from IQ-SP to be easily customized to allow a range of subscriptions, Video-On-Demand (VOD), sponsored promotions, fixtures, and a historical archive for the club, league, or federation. The system not only provides a visually appealing front end for consuming sports, but also comes complete with a feature-rich administrative back end for clubs to be able to understand their users and enable a more targeted approach to their marketing and promotional activities for increased fan engagement. Additional information about the Vislink/StreamViral partnership can be found at this link.