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Verisk Marketing Solutions Launches

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Verisk Marketing Solutions Launches "Real-Time Decisions" Product Suite

Verisk Marketing Solutions Launches "Real-Time Decisions" Product Suite


Published on : Mar 14, 2023

Expanded Verisk data solutions power personalization and drive decisions, improving marketing ROI

Verisk, a leading global data analytics and technology provider, has launched a new product suite that helps marketers of considered purchases such as insurance make real-time decisions during inbound consumer interactions.

The new “Real-Time Decisions” product suite from Verisk Marketing Solutions empowers marketers to make split-second choices about how best to engage with consumers, enabling improved customer experiences and higher conversion rates.  

“Marketers and the analytics professionals supporting them need data available in real-time to inform instantaneous decisions that optimize consumer experiences," said Eli Schwarz, Chief Strategy Officer for Verisk Marketing Solutions. "Our Real-Time Decisions (RTD) suite of data solutions addresses that need through a single API call with immediate response times, enabling marketers in insurance and other considered purchases categories to improve the profitability of their inbound calls, leads, and website interactions.”

The Real-Time Decisions product line launches with five configurable features immediately available:

  1. Identity Scoring: Verifies the quality of contact data by scoring the accuracy of the identity.
  2. Attribute Enrichment: Provides insight into demographics, property ownership, financial characteristics, interests, etc.
  3. Lead Intelligence: Provides unique transparency into the origin and history of purchased leads.
  4. Guardian: Verifies Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) consent in advance of calling and obtains visual proof in the event of a complaint.
  5. Identity Completion: Turns fractional identity markers into complete identity profiles.

The launch of the Real-Time Decisions line follows a successful early adopter program.

“For the past six months, we’ve worked closely to gather feedback from strategic, trusted customers in insurance and other considered purchase verticals,” said John Park, senior product manager for Verisk’s Real-Time Decisions.  “Those customers have helped validate and prove out the core use cases for the solution that we believe will be most relevant to future customers across multiple industries.”

The most common use cases include:

  • Third-party purchased leads: Gain insight to verify the consumer-provided TCPA consent on the original web form; know the origin, history, and value of the lead; and confirm and supplement consumer-provided data on the lead form, while enriching insights on each consumer to know how best to personalize engagements.
  • First-party website forms: Leverage identity scoring to assess the validity of the contact data submitted by the consumer and personalize experiences in real-time by instantly enriching consumer profiles with a 360-degree view of their characteristics.
  • Inbound phone callsTransform a single, fractional input, like a phone number, into a complete identity profile to enable personalized, real-time call routing and improve conversion outcomes.

The features delivered through Real-Time Decisions products are powered by the unique data asset ecosystem that Verisk Marketing Solutions has built through the acquisition and integration of Jornaya and Infutor. Jornaya’s proprietary network of over 55,000 comparison shopping sites combined with Infutor’s unique identity graph and people-based attributes enable Verisk Marketing Solutions to deliver the three key components of personalization – Who, What, and When – across all marketing channels. Bringing this information into a single source makes it easier than ever to manage consumer consent, mitigate compliance risk, and improve the efficacy and profitability of marketing efforts.