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Varonis Launches HackerOne Vulnerability Disclosure Program

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Varonis Launches HackerOne Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Varonis Launches HackerOne Vulnerability Disclosure Program


Published on : Nov 29, 2022

New program harnesses the world’s top ethical hackers to enhance product security

Varonis Systems, Inc., a pioneer in data security and analytics, today announced the launch of its public vulnerability disclosure program via HackerOne. The Varonis Vulnerability Disclosure Program (“VDP”) enables the entire HackerOne community to report potential security issues related to Varonis' corporate and cloud environments, including Varonis SaaS products.

Varonis CISO Guy Shamilov said, "Varonis has had tremendous success with our private bug disclosure program, and the logical next step for us is to partner with HackerOne, the undisputed leader in vulnerability coordination and bug bounty management."

"Varonis has always remained committed to providing the best security for our platforms," continued Shamilov. "With the public launch of our Varonis SaaS offering, we are continuing our tremendous investment in product security. Moving forward, our HackerOne VDP will make it possible for threat researchers to report issues easily and safely, which will help keep our products, and in turn, our customers, more secure."

“Varonis’ choice to launch a VDP is a great proactive step toward hardening attack surfaces and a signal of an increasingly security-mature organization,” said Amanda Berger, Chief Customer Officer at HackerOne. “The diverse hacker community brings an unmatched ability to keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape and identify the security gaps cybercriminals are most likely to exploit.”