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Ushur Adds Healthcare to Automation Portfolio in AWS Marketplace

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Ushur Adds Healthcare to Automation Portfolio in AWS Marketplace

Ushur Adds Healthcare to Automation Portfolio in AWS Marketplace


Published on : Oct 25, 2022

HIPAA-secure, no-code platform that allows citizen developers to create customized and secure customer experiences with a few clicks is now available in AWS Marketplace

Ushur, the leader in AI-powered Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA), today announced its healthcare listing is now available in AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that customers can use to find, buy, deploy and manage third-party software, data and services to build and run their businesses. The no-code Ushur platform lets healthcare enterprises rapidly design and deploy automated, personalized member, patient and high-volume business to business (B2B) experiences. The AWS Marketplace listing makes incorporating Ushur into your technology stack easier than ever.

The scale, security and resiliency of AWS is instrumental in providing the ability for organizations to modernize and provide new and innovative customer experiences. Ushur’s perspective on customer experiences is that building them should be as easy as using them, and its new availability in AWS Marketplace is just one more way for enterprise information technology (IT) departments to increase velocity when partnering with Ushur in the healthcare sector.

Ushur VP of Partnerships Bruce Holbert said: “Patient and member experiences built by health plans, payers and providers can be big lifts for any IT group to handle on their own. Listing Ushur in AWS Marketplace shortens the process of acquiring a new technology into the healthcare ecosystem and gives our healthcare clients the chance to easily and compliantly design the member experiences we’ve already seen be so impactful in the market.”

“By leveraging AWS, we are helping to empower healthcare IT teams. Ushur brings speed and velocity to deliver key business objectives,” said Ushur CEO Simha Sadasiva. “Enterprises across the whole of healthcare want to leverage and deploy technological solutions to create the culture of digital-first companies. Ushur has created one of the most comprehensive platforms for no-code, and automation to help bridge the gap between automating customer conversations and the resulting back-office knowledge work, in one single platform.”

Ushur’s CXA Platform provides non-technical citizen developers with the products and tools they need to drastically improve the engagements between their company and end-consumers. In a market where everyone has access to world-class products designed by digital-native companies, a high-quality customer experience is a requirement and often the difference between retaining and losing customers. Now, building better experiences easily and cost effectively is more important than ever.

Ushur for healthcare is generally available in AWS Marketplace starting this week. For more information on Ushur and its no-code platform, please visit