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Syndigo Announces Additional Generative AI Capabilities to its Client Platform

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Syndigo Announces Additional Generative AI Capabilities to its Client Platform

Syndigo Announces Additional Generative AI Capabilities to its Client Platform

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Published on : Mar 28, 2023

SmartPrompts Addition will Complement Existing Cognitive Services and Hyper Content Automation

Syndigo, a leading SaaS product information and syndication company, announced additional generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The new SmartPrompts capability will enable Syndigo clients the ability to accelerate content creation for product detail listings. This latest capability bolsters the already existing integrations leveraging generative AI capabilities that enable improved conversions, a reduction in returns and a dramatically improved brand experience.

"We're excited to add to our existing production portfolio of generative AI capabilities," said Benny Blum, Syndigo Head of Product Strategy. "We've been focused on building the smartest platform to successfully create and optimize data that powers commerce, and integrated AI is a key component of that strategy. In addition, our alliance partners also have enabled Syndigo customers to benefit from integrated AI capabilities, including Microsoft Cognitive Services and Hyper Content Automation from AX Semantics. Together, through our partnerships and SmartPrompts we will take client capabilities even further on our platform, delivering even more speed to value."

Syndigo's SmartPrompts technology incorporates generative AI in order to help customers be more efficient in developing the descriptive and marketing copy that, as Regan DeHaven, SVP of Product, puts it, "accelerates content authoring, bringing better copy online faster, leading to more sales."

"SmartPrompts takes advantage of the nuances of conversational AI to provide more relatable context and tone to their product listings," said DeHaven. "We want to ensure that our customers get the most value with the least amount of effort from these incredible services."

Many businesses have begun their journey into Large Language Model (LLM)-based technology, such as ChatGPT and LLaMA, to streamline and improve the many product descriptions they maintain. As organizations look to apply these capabilities to more complex challenges, however, there is often a need for additional multilingual data-to-text tools across Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) systems. Syndigo's partner alliance with AX Semantics allows clients to solve these complex multilingual challenges.

"The multilingual data-to-text tool that AX Semantics offers provides automation for content teams, allowing them to create and maintain product content, then automatically update it by being linked to changes in the data," said Robert Weißgraeber, co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer at AX Semantics. "This scaled capability allows you to create an automation system that will generate content for any product in any language—and maintain those millions of product descriptions without a human in the loop or by post-editing."

"We're very excited to continue to incorporate newer OpenAI services like ChatGPT, and AX Semantics into the Syndigo ecosystem," said Benny Blum. "All indicators point to the models creating incredible value for our customers. For our customers wanting to leverage this technology, our role will be to ensure they can interact with these services most effectively, while maintaining the integrity of our data quality."