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Stampli Introduces Advanced Vendor Management

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Stampli Introduces Advanced Vendor Management

Stampli Introduces Advanced Vendor Management

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Published on : Dec 21, 2022

Stampli's Advanced Vendor Management organizes and files documents to help control spend, and makes it easier to onboard new vendors. Businesses can manage vendors effectively and strengthen vendor relationships by providing visibility into payment status and with built-in communication tools. All of the information is kept up-to-date and accurate.

Stampli, the leading provider of Accounts Payable (AP) Automation solutions, announced the release of its Advanced Vendor Management solution, which makes it easier to onboard new vendors, collect and manage documents, and to streamline vendor communications, all in one place.

The new Advanced Vendor Management functionality will provide Stampli customers with premium capabilities, including:

  • Customizable onboarding forms for different vendor types to ensure your business has all the necessary information and documents to stay compliant, and to pay invoices based on complete and accurate data.

  • Collect & maintain all vendor information and documents such as payment details, address, W-9, licenses, insurance, and more in one organized platform.

  • Keep documents up-to-date with automatic reminders to vendors prior to document expiration.

  • Keep vendors up-to-date on invoice & payment status by centralizing all communications and inquiries in one location.

  • Allow vendors to upload invoices & update details such as payment information, address, and bank account directly in the Vendor Portal.

  • Deliver on-brand experiences by adding a company logo and color for Stampli's Vendor Portal and email invitations.

"We are very excited to introduce Stampli's Advanced Vendor Management solution to our customers," said Will Toms, Vice President of Customer Success at Stampli. "Vendor management is an essential part of the accounts payable process. We believe this new solution will enable our customers to improve their relationships with vendors and gain greater control over their operations. Advanced Vendor Management vastly improves the ability to onboard vendors, collect data, communicate with vendors, and pay invoices using verified information in one central location."

Advanced Vendor Management is fully integrated with Stampli's existing AP Automation platform, allowing customers to access all of their vendor information, invoices, and payment data in one place. Use the solution to set vendor payment preferences, collect payments, monitor invoice status and payment history, and to track vendor compliance with contract terms.

"We believe this new solution will be a game-changer for our customers," said Will. "By providing them with Advanced Vendor Management capabilities, vendors benefit from a faster onboarding process, access to invoices and payment status, and a streamlined communication system to get questions answered real-time."