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Spryker Appoints New CMO

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Spryker Appoints New CMO

Spryker Appoints New CMO


Published on : Dec 6, 2023

U.S.-based Anton van Deth joins with over 30 years of B2B marketing experience driving sustained growth and innovation

Spryker, the leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated use cases in B2B Commerce, Enterprise Marketplaces, and IoT Commerce, today announced that Anton van Deth will join the Spryker executive team as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Anton’s strong product and revenue marketing background, experience connecting with an international audience, passion for partner marketing, and deep interest in AI will enable Spryker to continue to grow their global presence and increase efficiency.

“I’m very excited to announce that I’m joining the Spryker Herd,” said Anton van Deth, CMO at Spryker. “Customers are being pushed to respond faster to an increasing range of challenges created by today's dynamic markets. Marketing must support this decision agility by leveraging the power of AI at every stage of the process. This means reducing the noise from promotion pollution and focusing on what's essential and relevant. This is where I believe marketing must go to be successful.”

Anton’s focus will be transforming marketing from a communications function to a revenue and decision engine that enables customers to quickly recognize the impact Spryker and its partners can have on their business and make the buying journey the best in the world. His global experience running demand generation, product, partner, and operations teams will enable him to best identify what will move the needle with efficient global campaigns.

“I am thrilled to share the news that Anton will join us as Spryker’s new CMO,” said Boris Lokschin, Co-founder and CEO at Spryker. “Anton is a highly experienced, future-oriented, world-class marketing expert, as well as an inspiring leader and human being. His expertise will propel our global marketing efforts to new heights by doubling down on the initiatives and ecosystem led growth approach we have underway and strategically designing new ones. He will strengthen our U.S. footprint and help us grow in this important and strategic core market.”

Having lived and worked in the U.S., Australia, Japan, and France, Anton brings a wide perspective to the business well aligned with Spryker’s global customer base. Anton previously worked at Symantec, Red Hat, Informatica, Apptio, and Protegrity. In these roles he helped to grow and transform teams while increasing efficiency as well as build solutions that drove significant and continued business results even years later.

Outside of work, Anton can be found exploring the world with his wife, flying planes, building and racing cars, woodworking, playing chess, and anything that teaches him something new.

Spryker recently announced efficiency-enabling product updates including new additions to the Spryker App Composition Platform as well as a new middleware that slashes development time, enables more personalized customer experiences, and shortens time-to-value.