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Spryker Announces Product Updates to Increase Efficiency for Enterprises

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Spryker Announces Product Updates to Increase Efficiency for Enterprises

Spryker Announces Product Updates to Increase Efficiency for Enterprises


Published on : Nov 27, 2023

New additions to the Spryker App Composition Platform and new middleware slashes development time, enables more personalized customer experiences, and shortens time-to-value

Spryker, the leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated use cases in B2B Commerce, Enterprise Marketplaces, and IoT Commerce, has today announced a number of product updates that are focused on increasing business efficiency, saving development time, and enabling a more tailored user experience for global customers in a rapidly changing landscape. These updates include the new Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio, new additions to the Spryker App Composition Platform, new fulfillment and Click & Collect / Buy Online Pick Up In-Store capabilities for Unified Commerce, the new Oryx Framework for frontend composability, and more. Spryker has also recently launched CommerceQuest, an interactive community space to promote collaboration, idea sharing, problem-solving, and networking. These updates are the latest in Spryker’s commitment to enabling business efficiency and sophisticated digital innovation for global enterprise customers.

The new Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio solves today's challenges of data integrations in a flexible and composable way. Additionally, with Akeneo, the Product Experience Company, Spryker launched an out-of-the-box PIM integration app for more seamless management of product information across channels.

Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio enables enterprises to:

  • Reduce time-to-market with easy integration that can reduce the data exchange implementation and maintenance efforts by 90%.
  • Lower total cost of ownership by centralizing the management of data flows.
  • Lower return rate with comprehensive and accurate product information.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by keeping consistent and up-to-date information across all touchpoints.
  • Increase conversion rate by reacting to customer demands and competitive challenges more quickly.

“We are thrilled to announce the new Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio. By streamlining integration processes and offering a low-code solution, our new middleware gives enterprises the competitive edge they need to thrive in a fast moving market,” said Elena Leonova, SVP Product at Spryker. “Faster and easier than ever to integrate, Spryker customers can reduce the data exchange implementation and maintenance efforts by 90%. Such a reduction can lead to a massive amount of efficiency gained, freeing up development time for other business priorities.”

Spryker is consistently expanding the Spryker App Composition Platform and has announced the inclusion of two new apps.

  • Vertex: staying up-to-date with ever-changing tax regulations and rates can require a lot of resources. Spryker, through the Vertex integration, offers a means for businesses to automate the update of tax rates and rules and tax calculation on their transactions.
  • Algolia: an innovative AI search engine that helps to build a more efficient path to value. Spryker customers can easily integrate powerful search capabilities into their digital storefront, streamlining the customer journey and increasing conversions with blazing fast speed and at significant scale. Simplified product discovery is another key benefit and can address the needs of enterprise customers with sophisticated products that need powerful search capabilities.

"A composable solution in today’s digital commerce landscape is critical. That’s why we are proud to announce new apps for the Spryker App Composition Platform in partnership with Vertex and Algolia,” said Manishi Singh, SVP App Composition Platform & Technology Partnerships at Spryker. “With this platform, the enterprise world can seamlessly integrate and optimize an array of top-tier services and vendors, delivering business agility and efficiency.”

Spryker’s Unified Commerce capability offers a consistent online and offline experience on a single platform, allowing for a seamless customer journey. It enables easier management of separate systems such as sales, CRM, inventory, and more, as well as eliminates integration complexities. It’s comprised of two new and improved efficiency-enabling solutions:

  • Fulfillment App: provides an all-new user interface designed to streamline the order fulfillment process, simplifying tasks for warehouse and store staff. Spryker customers can expect to fulfill orders faster, easier and smarter.
  • Enhanced Click & Collect: gives end customers the flexibility to choose between delivery or pickup, enhancing customer experience and convenience, reducing shipping costs, and fostering direct customer-business interactions. Customers can also expect updated product availability information across channels.

“In the dynamic world of digital commerce, the importance of Unified Commerce cannot be overstated,” said Boris Lokschin, Co-founder and CEO at Spryker. “The ability to seamlessly integrate online and offline sales channels not only increases efficiency but also empowers businesses to adapt to evolving consumer preferences. That’s why we are proud to announce both the Fulfillment and Click & Collect apps that will enable enterprises to meet customer expectations with speed, enhance customer satisfaction, and save costs.”

The new Oryx Framework empowers developers to build composable frontends with ease. It provides a rich library of components, including a design system, which lets developers create modern and visually appealing user interfaces. The components integrate with Spryker APIs which provide a seamless experience for developers. The Oryx Framework is built to make business for enterprises easier with benefits including internationalization, authentication, search, check out, user experience and more.

Spryker invites the digital commerce community to join CommerceQuest to engage and explore these and future product updates.