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Qples by Fobi Goes Live With New Affiliate Marketing Platform And Announces First Two Commercial ShopperBridge Deals

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Qples by Fobi Goes Live With New Affiliate Marketing Platform And Announces First Two Commercial ShopperBridge Deals

Qples by Fobi Goes Live With New Affiliate Marketing Platform And Announces First Two Commercial ShopperBridge Deals


Published on : Oct 13, 2022

Qples Affiliate Marketing Platform signs on first 10 influencers, immediately expanding the Qples distribution and audience by over 10x

Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and profitability, today announced the launch of the new Qples Affiliate Marketing platform with 10 top affiliates, as well as the first two ShopperBridge deals. Fobi will generate revenue from the affiliate marketing platform by reselling coupon prints through the affiliate websites and social platforms. Fobi earns revenue from ShopperBridge deals through media and advertising sales.


Fobi’s new affiliate marketing platform is off to a roaring start with 10 top affiliates that collectively have millions of monthly page views having signed up for the initial launch. All of the affiliates will promote the Qples coupon gallery, that is currently only promoted through the Grocery Coupon Network (GCN), through their heavily trafficked websites. This will significantly increase exposure of the Qples coupons through these top affiliates and will immediately increase Qples’ monthly coupon print volume. Qples pays a percentage of the revenue for each coupon print to the affiliate out of the money that the CPG brands pay to Qples for the coupon campaign. This means that as the number of coupon prints scale, revenues will also scale accordingly. Initially the focus is on affiliates who have significant communities of followers who will immediately increase the number of coupon prints. Next up is a focus on signing influencers who can drive significant coupon print volumes through their hundreds of millions of dedicated followers. For this, Fobi’s recent agreement with Xinfluence will play a key role in delivering impactful Influencer campaigns for the CPG brands.

Eddy Watson, President of Qples by Fobi stated, “Since the acquisition, Qples has benefited from the expansive capabilities of the Fobi tech and marketing teams, including this launch of our new affiliate marketing platform.  With their extensive work, we have been able to expand the business and strengthen the platform by incorporating the ability to deliver coupons through some very key affiliates. The initial launch through 10 key affiliates will immediately grow our coupon print revenue by 10x and this will only continue to grow as we add new affiliates and next up some key influencers thanks to our agreement with XInfluence.  Our clients will now be able to deliver coupons across more channels than ever before, all while easily tracking and optimizing their campaigns in real-time thanks to the incredibly robust analytics that the Qples platform provides.”


After the initial announcement of the extremely synergistic addition of the ShopperBridge media platform to the Qples by Fobi solution set, Fobi is pleased to announce that the first 2 deals have now launched. The first deal was signed with Karuna, makers of the very popular Karviva beverage series designed to improve wellness and wisdom. The second deal has been signed with Blue Bunny ice cream, which is a new extension of the recently announced end-to-end 8112 universal digital coupon pilot that Fobi is part of in Colorado with Lagrees grocery stores. The ShopperBridge platform enables CPG brands to measure the uplift of in-store sales on a product by product and store by store basis from their media advertising campaigns, solving something that has been a long-standing issue in the industry. The reaction to the ShopperBridge platform from CPG brands so far has been very strong, given the ability this gives them to track in-store attribution and ROI from their advertising campaigns with even more granularity.

“This latest news is extremely satisfying for me, as we have not only executed on the introduction of our new affiliate marketing platform to the market , but in a short matter of time we have validated our product and business model by going live and by signing our first 10 influencers. Our affiliate marketing platform delivers on our objective of growing our distribution exponentially by way of the power of network and influence and as a result of our early successes these progressions certainly figure to bode well for our business results at the end of this current quarter and set the table and expectations nicely for 2023.  All the pieces of the retail and CPG ecosystem that I envisioned when we acquired Qples are now falling into place as a result of the tremendous collaboration of efforts across our Fobi and Qples teams. We are just starting to hit our stride now and as we are gaining momentum across the board with Qples and with 8112 set to launch it gives us great energy and optimism for what 2023 will bring”, said Rob Anson, Fobi CEO.  


To learn more about the Qples by Fobi Affiliate Marketing Platform, sign up for the upcoming webinar on November 16th at 10am PST here or visit the website here.

The Company has granted, pursuant to its Stock Option Plan (“Plan”) an aggregate of 575,000 stock options (“Options”) to Company officers to purchase an aggregate of up to 575,000 common shares (“Shares”) in the capital of the Company. The Options were awarded at an exercise price of $0.475 per Share and expire five years from the grant date. 375,000 of the Options vest semi-annually over a two-year period and 200,000 of the Options vest immediately.  

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