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Proofpoint Revolutionizes Email Security with Industry-First Innovations

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Proofpoint Revolutionizes Email Security with Industry-First Innovations

Proofpoint Revolutionizes Email Security with Industry-First Innovations

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Published on : May 7, 2024

Customers now benefit from both new pre-delivery social engineering and link protection and post-delivery behavioral AI capabilities to stop the techniques threat actors depend on

Proofpoint, a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, introduces groundbreaking innovations in email security, setting a new standard for comprehensive protection across the entire email delivery chain. With industry-first pre-delivery defense and adaptive AI-based security, Proofpoint ensures unparalleled end-to-end email protection.

  1. Pre-Delivery Defense Against Emerging Threats:

    • Proofpoint unveils the industry’s first pre-delivery defense against social engineering threats and malicious links.
    • Leveraging semantic, AI-based detection powered by NexusAI, Proofpoint stops payloadless threats before reaching inboxes, safeguarding organizations against advanced email fraud and malware.
  2. Adaptive Email Security for Advanced Threat Detection:

    • Introducing Adaptive Email Security, an Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) solution offering behavioral AI-based detection of BEC, social engineering, and lateral phishing.
    • Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, Adaptive Email Security enriches detections with contextual explanations and automatically quarantines high-confidence threats, ensuring real-time protection for at-risk employees.
  3. Endorsements from Industry Analysts:

    • Forrester recognizes Proofpoint's commitment to evolving email security, highlighting its preemptive protection against BEC attempts and supplier impersonation.
    • Gartner anticipates the use of generative AI by attackers, emphasizing the need for flexible cybersecurity strategies, a challenge addressed by Proofpoint's innovative solutions.

Proofpoint's industry-first innovations redefine email security, addressing the escalating threat landscape with proactive defense measures and adaptive protection capabilities. By combining pre-delivery and post-delivery detection, Proofpoint empowers organizations to mitigate risks and safeguard sensitive data against evolving cyber threats.