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Pocus, Leader in Product-Led Sales, Launches Revenue Data Platform


Pocus, Leader in Product-Led Sales, Launches Revenue Data Platform

Pocus, Leader in Product-Led Sales, Launches Revenue Data Platform

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Published on : Apr 19, 2023

Pocus, the leader in Product-Led Sales, has launched its Revenue Data Platform to democratize data for go-to-market teams. Pocus' Revenue Data Platform accelerates revenue by enabling go-to-market teams to analyze, visualize, and action data about their prospects and customers without needing engineers.

"When we first started Pocus, people called us PLG CRM or Product-Led Sales (PLS) tool, because it was the primary use case we enabled for customers," said Alexa Grabell, CEO and Co-Founder at Pocus. "As we've onboarded more customers, their needs have expanded beyond sales and PLG use cases. Our customers have explicitly called Pocus the engine that runs their go-to-market, and Revenue Data Platform accurately captures that value."

Modern GTM teams rely heavily on product usage data to drive better experiences at every point of the customer journey. These teams get the most value from consuming data. Yet, go-to-market teams are underserved by existing data platforms built for more technical teams.

Pocus was founded to solve this problem for sales teams and has since evolved to serve the entire go-to-market function - sales, success, growth, and marketing. 

Key components of our updated platform include:

  • Revenue Data Graph: Break down data silos by combining data from various sources into a format that is accessible for GTM teams to run any playbook.
  • 360 Insights: Cut through the noise. Surface top opportunities and go from insight to action quickly.
  • Playbooks: Build, test, and run go-to-market playbooks powered by product usage insights.
  • Reporting: Reliably hit your goals. Get visibility into what playbooks are performing well and how individual reps are performing so you can tune playbooks and coach reps for more repeatability.  
  • Automation: Keep your data in sync across tools and automate workflows based on product usage triggers.
  • Pocus Predicts: Tune your playbooks in real-time with AI-powered recommendations.

Since launching, customers have analyzed billions of rows of data and surfaced millions of new leads in the Pocus platform. Customers see a 50% increase in qualified lead volume, 20%+ conversion on those leads, and a 32% lift in average deal sizes. Pocus has become central to the go-to-market workflows for customers like Miro, Webflow, Loom, Superhuman, and more. Users are also noticing the time savings and efficiency, on average, users are saving 10+ hours a week digging through various data sources.

"Our PLG motion generates a ton of sign-ups every week and it's difficult for our reps to find high potential opportunities that are a perfect customer fit for our enterprise product," said Taylor Gibson, Director of Commercial Sales at Loom. "Pocus makes it easy to analyze our usage data and target the right users. Beyond the platform, Pocus has been a great thought partner as we scale our product-led and sales motions, arming us with proven playbooks across the customer journey."