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Persistent Systems and Google Cloud Forge Strategic Global Partnership


Persistent Systems and Google Cloud Forge Strategic Global Partnership

Persistent Systems and Google Cloud Forge Strategic Global Partnership

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Published on : Jun 11, 2024

Persistent Systems, a global leader in Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization, has announced a long-term Strategic Partnership Agreement with Google Cloud. This collaboration aims to expand their reach across the US, India, UK, and Australia, focusing on accelerating digital transformation for enterprises worldwide. The partnership leverages Google Cloud's Gemini models and other innovative technologies to develop industry-specific solutions and promote GenAI adoption.

  1. Partnership Objectives and Scope

    • Global Reach: Targeting markets in the US, India, UK, and Australia.
    • Joint Go-to-Market Activities: Collaborative efforts to accelerate digital transformation globally.
  2. Technological Focus and Innovation

    • Google Cloud's Gemini Models: Utilization for developing industry-specific solutions.
    • AI and Cloud Technologies: Broad-based GenAI adoption to enhance enterprise ROI from cloud investments.
  3. Industry-Specific Solutions

    • Target Industries: BFSI, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Communications, Media and Telecom, Consumer Tech, and Hi-Tech.
    • Value Propositions: Creating unique solutions for early access to new AI-driven technologies.
  4. Enhanced Client Support and Deployment

    • Rapid Deployment: Faster time-to-market with comprehensive support.
    • Resource Access: Additional resources from Google Cloud to build innovative solutions.
  5. Investments and Expertise

    • Go-to-Market Initiatives: Significant investments to strengthen the partnership.
    • Talent Reskilling: Training over 87% of Persistent's engineers in GenAI technologies.
    • Specializations and Certifications: Achieving Data & Analytics and Machine Learning Specializations, and 52 expertise designations.
  6. Leadership Insights

    • Sandeep Kalra, CEO of Persistent Systems: Emphasis on client value through innovative solutions and partner ecosystem.
    • Kevin Ichhpurani, VP at Google Cloud: Highlighting the transformative potential of Google Cloud's infrastructure and AI services.

The expanded partnership between Persistent Systems and Google Cloud is set to revolutionize how enterprises leverage cloud and AI technologies. By combining Persistent's deep domain expertise with Google Cloud's advanced platforms, the collaboration will deliver market-leading solutions that enhance scalability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This strategic agreement marks a significant milestone in driving digital transformation and setting new benchmarks in cloud and AI capabilities.