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Mvix Announced as First CMS Vendor to Support BrightSign Series 5

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Mvix Announced as First CMS Vendor to Support BrightSign Series 5

Mvix Announced as First CMS Vendor to Support BrightSign Series 5


Published on : Oct 27, 2022

Mvix's content management software is the first to support BrightSign's latest Series 5 digital signage player, XC5.

Mvix, a leading provider of pro-AV digital signage solutions, has been announced as the first CMS vendor to support the newest addition to BrightSign's digital signage repertoire, Series 5. The XC5 player is BrightSign's latest player to feature optimized performance and multiple HDMI outputs and is confirmed to integrate with Mvix's award-winning software, Mvix CMS. This development uniquely positions Mvix clients to gain exclusive access to powerful, cutting-edge technology delivering a next-level experience to audiences.

As an industry pioneer, Mvix is committed to being-first-to market with advanced technology for clients across all verticals. BrightSign has proven itself as a global market leader for enterprise-level media player technology, and Mvix has continually aligned itself through partnerships to prioritize the availability of these solutions. With the announcement of BrightSign's latest robust series of players, Mvix has worked tirelessly to ensure the support of XC5 and will prioritize support with all future releases. 

"Mvix is one of our most long-time and valued partners that offer incredibly powerful solutions for our customers," said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. "We are very pleased they've integrated with our new Series 5 players so quickly."

BrightSign Series 5 features carefully-engineered players to deliver elevated digital signage experiences for all market needs. The BrightSign XC5 raises the bar on performance, reliability, longevity, and security. The most notable feature is its multiple HDMI outputs to power several displays from one player, streamlining video wall applications. As the first of its series, XC5 players have set the tone for the innovative and powerful slew of players BrightSign will bring to market, and Mvix is committed to leveraging the full capabilities of Series 5.

Mvix's trailblazing CMS software identically offers users an enhanced digital signage experience with groundbreaking features like enterprise-grade security, streamlined user workflows, and robust device management. With the combination of Mvix CMS and BrightSign XC5, enterprise digital signage projects can deliver captivating multimedia experiences to engage their audience for fast-tracking measurable ROI. 

"At Mvix, we strive to add value through continuous innovation," said Mike Kilian, Executive Vice President at Mvix. "Mvix CMS' early support for BrightSign's XC5 player is another instance of our teams' alignment in delivering industry-leading solutions and creating successful client outcomes."