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MobileFuse Partners with to Enhance CTV and Linear TV Advertising Measurement

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MobileFuse Partners with to Enhance CTV and Linear TV Advertising Measurement

MobileFuse Partners with to Enhance CTV and Linear TV Advertising Measurement

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Published on : Jul 10, 2024

MobileFuse, a major player in in-app, CTV, and DOOH advertising, has officially partnered with, a leading cross-platform TV measurement company. This collaboration designates as MobileFuse’s preferred measurement solution, utilizing their Unified Measurement platform to provide clients with advanced tools for analyzing and optimizing CTV and OLV campaigns at scale.

Key Points:

  • Partnership Overview:

    • MobileFuse has selected as its preferred measurement partner to enhance the effectiveness of CTV and OLV advertising campaigns.
    • The partnership leverages’s Unified Measurement platform to integrate linear TV and CTV measurement, providing a comprehensive view of ad performance across platforms.
  • Expanded Measurement Capabilities:

    • Ken Harlan, Founder and CEO of MobileFuse: Emphasized the importance of the partnership in expanding CTV offerings and reporting capabilities. Harlan highlighted that’s solution meets MobileFuse’s high standards for unified insights and campaign effectiveness.
    • Through this partnership, MobileFuse clients will gain access to iSpot’s ad catalog, airing data, and Smart TV panel, which tracks impressions for over 30,000 brands.
    • The integration of these tools allows for better measurement of incremental reach, helping brands understand the added value of CTV in their media strategies.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Optimization:

    • The collaboration introduces advanced optimization features including publisher, audience, and frequency adjustments.
    • MobileFuse will utilize iSpot’s Unified Measurement dashboard to provide detailed insights and reporting, helping clients optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.
  • Impact of the Partnership:

    • An analysis by iSpot in May showed that for a medium-sized brand, over 67% of MobileFuse’s reach was incremental to linear TV, and this increased to 85% for smaller brands.
    • MobileFuse consistently surpasses iSpot’s Unified Measurement Benchmarks for the Percent Incremental Reach metric, demonstrating the unique value of their audience and the effectiveness of their CTV strategies.
  • Industry Context:

    • As audiences increasingly shift from linear TV to streaming platforms, accurate measurement of CTV advertising becomes crucial.
    • Dan Lowenberg, VP of Media Partnerships at iSpot: Stressed the importance of measuring CTV’s value in a competitive advertising landscape and expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with MobileFuse to enhance their measurement solutions.
  • Recent Campaign Success:

    • MobileFuse’s recent campaigns across various verticals, including Retail, QSR, Travel, and Pharma, have shown significant success in expanding reach beyond linear TV through their CTV strategies.

The partnership between MobileFuse and marks a significant advancement in the measurement and optimization of CTV and linear TV advertising. By integrating iSpot’s Unified Measurement platform, MobileFuse aims to offer advertisers deeper insights, greater reach, and improved ROI for their media campaigns.