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LivePerson Launches New AI Capabilities and Partnerships at Spark Event

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LivePerson Launches New AI Capabilities and Partnerships at Spark Event

LivePerson Launches New AI Capabilities and Partnerships at Spark Event

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Published on : May 20, 2024

Cutting-edge Conversation Orchestration and Voice-to-Digital transformation solutions will debut with demos and keynotes at May 23 virtual Spark event

Delta Air Lines, Spotify, GoDaddy, Avaya, Eventus, Quantum Metric, and more will present in-person breakout sessions highlighting innovation in enterprise conversations

LivePerson, a leader in digital customer conversations, has unveiled a series of new capabilities, partnerships, and integrations designed to enhance customer interactions at scale. Announced at the company's Spark virtual launch event on May 23, 2024, these innovations aim to integrate and orchestrate large language models (LLMs), AI, and human agents across voice and messaging channels, ensuring more personalized and efficient customer experiences.

  1. Conversation Orchestration

    • Overview: This capability harmonizes AI, people, and enterprise architecture, streamlining customer experiences using data and AI.
    • Features:
      • Bring Your Own LLM: Integrates a wide range of LLMs into the Conversational Cloud, allowing brands control over cost, performance, compliance, and security. This includes models from OpenAI, Google, Meta, and more, as well as custom and in-house LLMs.
      • Bring Your Own Bot: Allows third-party bots from IBM Watson, Google Dialog Flow, Amazon Lex, or Microsoft to contribute to customer conversations alongside human agents and LivePerson AI agents.
      • AI Agents for Routing and Data Collection: Uses generative AI to intelligently route customers and collect information, replacing traditional, rules-based bots.
      • Conversation Orchestrator: Harmonizes data across enterprise systems, enabling use cases like agent coaching, AI content moderation, intelligent routing, and increased self-service options.
  2. Voice-to-Digital Solutions and Avaya Partnership

    • Voice Integration: Approximately 70% of customer conversations occur in traditional call centers, and LivePerson’s new capabilities aim to unify voice and digital channels.
    • Features:
      • LLM-powered Voice AI: Connects voice conversations to digital channels, automating them in human-like ways.
      • Voice Capture and Omnichannel Dashboard: Brings voice data into LivePerson's Analytics Studio for better understanding and transformation.
    • Avaya Partnership: LivePerson will integrate with Avaya, a leader in enterprise customer experience solutions, to create a unified omnichannel solution for connected, personalized customer experiences.

Leadership Insights

  • John Sabino, CEO of LivePerson: "Together with our incredible partners and customers, we're setting the new standard for harmonizing the people, AI, and automation behind world-class customer conversations. Our latest innovations ensure each conversation counts and every interaction leaves a lasting impression."

Event Highlights

  • Spark Virtual Launch Event: LivePerson's event features demos of the new capabilities, keynotes from experts and partners, and masterclasses on conversation orchestration and voice-to-digital solutions. Sessions are scheduled for 1 PM AEST, BST, and EST.
  • Featured Sessions:
    • Delta Air Lines: "Nonstop to digital customer conversations"
    • Spotify: "Maestros of connected customer and advisor experiences"
    • GoDaddy: "Leading the digital service domain"
    • Avaya: "Bringing voice into the digital fold"
    • Eventus: "Understand to Connect: Putting conversational intelligence to work"
    • Quantum Metric: "Orchestrating the customer journey"

LivePerson’s new AI-powered tools and partnerships mark a significant step forward in the evolution of digital customer conversations. By integrating advanced AI, human agents, and enterprise systems, LivePerson is set to deliver more personalized, connected, and efficient customer interactions, driving digital transformation for enterprises worldwide.