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LG paves the way for responsible audiovisual production

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LG paves the way for responsible audiovisual production

LG paves the way for responsible audiovisual production

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Published on : Feb 7, 2024

The "New Horizon" ad is one of the first Ecoprod-certified productions in France

The new pan-European advertising campaign "Care For Where You Live: New Horizon" from LG Electronics (LG), which is dedicated to the "THERMA V™" air to water heat pump, has just been awarded the two-star certification by the independent label Ecoprod. It certifies films, ads and audiovisual programmes that are produced in an eco-friendly way.

Since helping to build a more sustainable world also means adopting more environmentally friendly communication practices, LG has decided to promote its new air to water heat pump model, "THERMA V™" – an eco-friendly product from its Air Solution division – through a green production. 

Guided by the new Ecoprod guidelines, which set out 80 necessary actions to reduce the environmental impact of creating audiovisual productions (preparation, filming and post-production), the production team has had to adapt, meticulously planning the pre-production stage, the choice of filming locations to ease logistics and reduce travel, and the contracting of local talent. To meet the challenges of reducing waste, proactive measures have been adopted, such as banning single-use items, using reusable materials where possible and harnessing the circular economy for decorative elements and design. 

Following an audit of the measures implemented by Afnor, LG's "Care For Where You Live: New Horizon" campaign achieved an eco-production score of 78.5%, earning the Ecoprod two-star certification in the process. The campaign also played its part in the Ecoprod label pilot phase, providing feedback to help adjust and validate the common assessment criteria for the standard.  

This pan-European digital campaign has been disseminated in ten European countries: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic.  

By producing this advert in an eco-friendly way, LG is promoting responsible filming practices in line with its environmental and social commitments, and paving the way for the adoption of virtuous practices throughout the industry.