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Kajabi Creators Set New GMV Record by Earning Over $6 Billion in Revenue as the Platform Sets its Sight on $9 Billion in 2024

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Kajabi Creators Set New GMV Record by Earning Over $6 Billion in Revenue as the Platform Sets its Sight on $9 Billion in 2024

Kajabi Creators Set New GMV Record by Earning Over $6 Billion in Revenue as the Platform Sets its Sight on $9 Billion in 2024

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Published on : Oct 11, 2023

  • The $6 billion milestone comes just a few months after Kajabi celebrated $5 billion in GMV

  • Every 24 hours, creators earn over $5 million through Kajabi, with the average creator taking home $37,000 annually

  • The top 3 industries generating GMV are Health and Fitness ($920 million lifetime), Personal Development ($770 million lifetime) and Business Finance ($850 million lifetime)

  • Kajabi creators earn over 6 figures with as few as 350 customers

  • In recognition of $6 billion, the company is sharing the stories and triumphs of several unique and inspiring Kajabi creators

Kajabi, the leading creator commerce platform, announced today that its creators have surpassed $6 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV), also known as creator revenue, just a few months after reaching the $5 billion mark. Since 2017, Kajabi's GMV has increased by over 1,500 percent.

Kajabi creators continue to benefit from the platform's direct-to-creator philosophy, which helps entrepreneurs own their audiences, brands, and revenue in a way that creates consistent income independent of social media platforms and brand deals.

Matt Steffanina, Founder of DNCR Academy, comments on how moving his audience off social platforms helped him reach new financial goals, "At one stage, I was averaging 30 million views on my YouTube videos, which is just unbelievable but while my channel growth was huge, I wasn't able to monetize much of that content effectively. I was waiting for brand deals or for algorithm changes. Building my community and being able to move my followers off social platforms to a subscription model like Kajabi was a game changer that allowed me to earn more than seven figures and enable me to control my future."

Since Kajabi's $5 billion GMV milestone, it has launched several disruptive innovations, including a series of generative AI tools that have reduced creator time spent on content creation by 90 percent; its own payment processing solution, Kajabi Payments, has processed over $25 million in creator revenue since its launch in August; and the branded mobile app, which allows creators to build their own mobile app experiences without technical complications or a high price tag.

As Kajabi entrepreneurs march towards $9 billion in revenue by the end of 2024, Kajabi remains dedicated to helping them monetize their audiences regardless of their social followings, turn their side hustles into profitable full-time businesses, and keep 100 percent of their earnings.

Julie Soul, CEO of Soul Sparklettes Art, an online art project program for homeschooled students, comments on how much she earns with a relatively small social following, "When I joined Kajabi in August 2020, I gave myself 30 days to create and build a business that would make money, and that I was proud of. On my first day I sold 100 art bundles. With Kajabi's support my current revenue is roughly $700,000 a year - despite a relatively modest number of social media followers, and now we're about to reach the $1 million mark!"

Karla Lim, Founder of Written Word Calligraphy, a calligraphy school, comments on how Kajabi supported her passive income stream, "My business initially relied heavily on creating wedding invitations, which was very time intensive. When I became a mom for the first time, I knew I needed to diversify my income to balance my work life. With Kajabi's support, I am now able to earn a six-figure income in a more passive way, which allows me to run my company in a way that works for me."

Next year, the company will take Kajabi Payments global, prioritizing new markets, including CanadaAustralia, the UK, and the EU. The newly released solution helps creators easily manage every aspect of their payment processing, from collecting payments to handling refunds. The additions of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Afterpay have boosted creator conversion rates by up to 10 percent, adding thousands to creators' bottom lines.

With nearly 40 percent of Kajabi creator content consumed on mobile, Kajabi is also expanding its Branded Mobile App to enhance the user experience for the millions who consume content on Kajabi via a mobile device. Launched in May, the custom-branded app gives creators a user-friendly, affordable, build-your-own offering that allows them to extend their brands beyond desktop and truly own the relationship with their audiences. In 2024, Kajabi will add push notifications as well as community and livestream features so users can more easily engage in discussions and join live classes, meetups, and webinars on the go.

Rob Lennon, AI Whisperer "Being at the forefront of an emerging and very fast-paced industry, I knew my knowledge was in high demand. I needed a platform that was simple so I could spend my time doing what I love most. This is my first year as a solopreneur - I crossed $500,000 in the eleventh month of operating my business at 96% margins. I aim to be above a million in revenue next year with Kajabi's support."

"Hitting $5 billion in creator revenue a few months ago was a massive moment but to be back here again so quickly, with another reason to celebrate our creators, has exceeded our expectations," said Ahad Khan, CEO of Kajabi. "We put creators at the forefront of everything we do and this commitment permeates across every meeting we attend, product we launch, and investment we make. It's incredible to think that together, we're already starting to carve a path to $9 billion. In the meantime, we're continuing to pioneer even more products and services that solely focus on helping our creators turn their knowledge, experience, and expertise into thriving online businesses. Their success is our success."