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Investors and Marketers Use Brand Maps To Identify Breakout Consumer Brands

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Investors and Marketers Use Brand Maps To Identify Breakout Consumer Brands

Investors and Marketers Use Brand Maps To Identify Breakout Consumer Brands

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Published on : Oct 20, 2023

AI-powered solution identifies emerging brands and their growth potential

Social Standards, the leader in transforming complex social data into actionable consumer insights, has launched an innovative new solution called Brand Maps. Developed in tandem with industry professionals from the consumer goods, private equity, and investment banking sectors, Brand Maps offers companies a unique value proposition for finding and evaluating consumer brands.

"The battle for retail sales begins on social platforms before it reaches the store or shelf," said Jordan Breslauer, head of Product for Social Standards. "Traditional data sources can't always capture the rapid emergence of brands, much less shed light on the audiences and trends that are fueling their growth. Brand Maps bridges this gap, providing timely insights into brand trajectory and consumer interest based on authentic consumer conversations at scale."

Powered by billions of consumer conversations across social platforms, Brand Maps surfaces fast-growing brands and provides comprehensive profiles of their audiences. With accurate and timely measures of consumer interest and market momentum, marketers can more readily identify market share threats and investment professionals can inform deal sourcing and due diligence. Brand Maps sets a new, data-driven standard for the evaluation, funding, and acquisition processes of consumer brands.

Brand Maps has already been adopted by leaders in consumer marketing and investing based on its unique features and capabilities:

  • Global Brand Profiles: syndicated SaaS tool that covers more than 25,000 brands across eight market sectors. It adeptly translates complex social data into actionable metrics, akin to UPC codes and purchase panels.
  • Data Structuring & Analysis: advanced AI and linguistic expertise ensure social data is structured, accurate and meaningful. The tool provides pivotal size and growth rate metrics, giving marketers a clear picture of consumer interest.
  • Growth Potential Matrix: proprietary framework categorizing brands into four quadrants: Leaders, Challengers, Sideliners, and Decliners. Updated monthly, it offers dynamic insights into brand trajectories and sector movements.
  • Integrated Audience Insights: includes demographic, geographic, and behavioral insights which prove invaluable when combined with strategic consultation.

"Social Standards delivers unparalleled insights about brands, products, trends, and influencers," said Alicia Sontag, Partner, Prelude Growth Partners. "At Prelude Growth, we consider our partnership with Social Standards to be invaluable as we evaluate the market. We believe that they are a true competitive advantage for the brands they work with."