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Instabug Expands Platform to Redefine Mobile App Performance

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Instabug Expands Platform to Redefine Mobile App Performance

Instabug Expands Platform to Redefine Mobile App Performance

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Published on : Sep 13, 2023

Instabug, the industry’s leading mobile platform, today announced its Fall 2023 product launch featuring a number of updates designed to improve app quality and action user feedback. Instabug's Fall 2023 product launch marks a significant milestone in mobile app development, reinforcing the company's commitment to providing mobile teams with the tools and insights needed to create extraordinary mobile experiences across the development lifecycle.

Debug User Feedback with App Ratings and Reviews

Instabug’s new App Ratings and Reviews product harnesses the power of user feedback, turning app store reviews into actionable insights for mobile teams. Recognizing the pivotal role of user reviews in app success, Instabug's new product consolidates qualitative reviews with app metrics, bridging the gap between engineering and product teams. By coupling app ratings and reviews with performance and stability metrics, engineering teams gain invaluable user perspectives, fostering empathy and guiding development efforts.

App Ratings and Reviews work seamlessly with Instabug’s new Session Replay product, allowing developers to visualize user sessions linked to reviews. This integration grants an in-depth understanding of user experiences and facilitates swift debugging of underlying issues.

Streamline Release Management with Rollout Management

In the quest for efficient release management, Instabug introduces Rollout Management, a solution that centralizes, monitors, and automates version releases. Seamlessly integrating with app stores, Rollout Management empowers teams to control version updates directly from the Instabug dashboard. The upcoming rollout automation features will enable scheduled staged releases and automatic pausing of updates that fall short of specified performance thresholds. No longer burdened by navigating multiple tools, mobile teams can now experience streamlined, data-driven release management, fostering confidence and success in app updates.

Gain Deeper Insights with Session Replay

Instabug Session Replay takes troubleshooting to a new level by offering visual replays of app user sessions. This invaluable product highlights stability and performance issues, helping mobile teams connect the dots between code and user experience by providing visual context. It also equips developers with comprehensive debugging details, including user interactions, network data, console logs, and breadcrumbs, empowering them to tackle even the most intricate bugs and performance glitches. Instabug Session Replay takes a privacy-first approach, ensuring sensitive data is masked on the user's device and only capturing approved non-sensitive data, striking a balance between debugging needs and user privacy.

"Mobile is critical to today’s digital landscape and Instabug is committed to empowering mobile teams—whether they are Quality Engineers, Mobile Developers or Product Managers—by providing them with a platform that reflects the reality of the mobile development lifecycle. Our expansion to include App Ratings and Reviews, Rollout Management, and Session Replay reflects that commitment,” notes Kenny Johnston, VP Product at Instabug. “This category-creating expansion will be the first of many that enable mobile teams to create exceptional app experiences and to connect more directly with their users, and to do so without the need to toil through tools and workflows that weren’t built with a mobile-first approach."