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Imagine Unveils Dotti Evolution: Empowering Intelligent In-Store Marketing

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Imagine Unveils Dotti Evolution: Empowering Intelligent In-Store Marketing

Imagine Unveils Dotti Evolution: Empowering Intelligent In-Store Marketing


Published on : May 16, 2024

New platform helps brands to manage visual merchandising and in-store marketing at scale.

Imagine, a pioneering provider of visual communications, unveils the latest iteration of Dotti, its intelligent in-store marketing platform. Dotti redefines retail marketing by offering brands complete control, visibility, and efficiency at the local level, addressing the complexities of today's retail landscape.

  1. Streamlined In-Store Marketing: In today's dynamic retail environment, managing in-store marketing programs can be challenging. Dotti simplifies this process with tightly integrated modules, facilitating seamless data exchange and interaction. As Dotti evolves, it becomes smarter and more capable, alleviating the complexities associated with retail marketing.

  2. Introducing Dotti Campaign: The new Dotti Campaign module enables efficient management and distribution of complex marketing kits at scale. By leveraging personalized rules and store profiles, Dotti ensures accurate location-specific materials, reducing waste and optimizing budgets for brands.

  3. Revolutionary Digital Content Delivery: With Dotti Screen, brands can execute digital content delivery across multiple locations with unparalleled flexibility. This module empowers users to control digital displays effortlessly, adapting to in-store conditions in real-time and ensuring seamless customizations.

  4. Client-Centric Approach: Imagine CEO, Don McKenzie, emphasizes the importance of adapting to changing consumer demands and market pressures. Dotti addresses the need for a single, intelligent platform to manage in-store marketing assets efficiently, enabling brands to work smarter and faster.

  5. Enhanced Efficiency with Dotti: By combining Dotti Campaign and Screen with existing modules like Shop and Print, customers gain enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Dotti's customizable platform provides complete control, visibility, and data exchange throughout the marketing process.

  6. Commitment to Technological Advancement: Jeff Eccles, Imagine CIO, underscores the company's commitment to leveraging technology to simplify in-store graphics execution, whether print or digital. Dotti represents the next evolution of Imagine's industry-leading approach, enabling retailers and brands to save time and costs.

With the introduction of Dotti's next evolution, Imagine reaffirms its position as a leader in visual communications. By empowering brands with intelligent modules for in-store marketing, Dotti revolutionizes the retail landscape, enabling efficient campaign management and digital content delivery for enhanced customer engagement and brand success.