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HyperTrack Expands Technology Offerings to Streamline Development of Last Mile Logistics Solutions

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HyperTrack Expands Technology Offerings to Streamline Development of Last Mile Logistics Solutions

HyperTrack Expands Technology Offerings to Streamline Development of Last Mile Logistics Solutions


Published on : Oct 19, 2022

New BuilderX Capabilities Include Metaverse Testing Environment and Orders-at-Risk View

HyperTrack, the leader in logistics APIs, today announced new features to its BuilderX platform, including significant performance enhancements and comprehensive testing capabilities to enable the fastest time to market for developers building logistics solutions. This news comes on the heels of its $25 million Series A funding and the introduction of the BuilderX platform, announced just last month.

“Traditional logistics technology requires months of development cycles and costly engineering resources to build out consumer and driver applications,” said Kashyap Deorah, founder and CEO of HyperTrack. “HyperTrack provides the most comprehensive APIs for end-to-end order fulfillment and our new capabilities ensure optimal performance and faster, more affordable application development for teams building logistics solutions.”

Achieve Faster Time to Market with Metaverse Testing Environment

Logistics use cases require both consumer and driver-facing applications. In order to enable both location tracking and order fulfillment capabilities, developers often face lengthy coordination between operations teams that results in weeks of development cycles. HyperTrack's new Playground feature introduces the Metaverse to logistics testing with a simulated environment to test solutions using HyperTrack APIs, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming engineering resources. Using the new Playground environment, developers can simulate fleet behavior in a real time map view to test their solutions through order planning, assigning and tracking in a risk free environment that ensures a fully tested solution.

Improve Logistics Operations with Orders-at-Risk View

Last mile operations teams require insight into every step of the order lifecycle to ensure successful fulfillment. HyperTrack’s new Orders-at-Risk feature summarizes all orders in flight according to risk, so logistics teams can proactively identify and remediate potential order issues in real time. This feature automatically flags orders that are moving too slow, in the wrong direction or other changes in order status so operations managers can quickly determine how to resolve the issue, whether it’s through driver communication, order reassignment or cancellation. The ability to quickly identify the small percentage of orders that present the risk of missing fulfillment is essential to optimize performance and minimize risk across the business.

“Offering same-day delivery to our customers requires the highest performing logistics solution to ensure successful order execution, from purchase to doorstep,” said Jagdish Repaswal, CTO of Point Pickup. “The new Playground functionality from HyperTrack is a game changer, especially as delivery teams prepare for the massive spike in orders during the holiday shopping season. Additionally, the Orders-at-Risk view helps our operations team improve the on-time delivery performance by calling out shipments that need immediate attention.”

Build the Next Generation of Logistics Technology at Logistics + Tech Summit, November 15-16

HyperTrack is enabling the next generation of logistics technology with the inaugural Logistics + Tech Summit, a virtual event on November 15-16, 2022 for logistics builders and executives developing technology for gig work, field service, sales and on-demand delivery. Jagdish Repaswal, CTO of Point Pickup, will deliver the keynote presentation along with other technology and business leaders. Logistics + Tech Summit will host the world’s largest tech community of 300+ companies across 80 countries, including on-demand labor innovators such as Instawork, WorkWhile and Jobox, field service providers such as W Energy, Groundworks and Appify, and delivery juggernauts including Point Pickup, Swiggy, DHL, FedEx and Ryder. The call for papers is open through October 26, 2022 and proposals can be submitted here.