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HSN Launches HSNfluencer with impact.com’s Technology: A New Era for Creator Partnerships and Livestream Shopping


HSN Launches HSNfluencer with impact.com’s Technology: A New Era for Creator Partnerships and Livestream Shopping

HSN Launches HSNfluencer with impact.com’s Technology: A New Era for Creator Partnerships and Livestream Shopping

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Published on : Jul 10, 2024

New platform enables the video commerce retailer to directly engage with creators and influencers, provide insights into engagement, and better connect with today’s modern buyer

HSN, a leader in livestream shopping and video storytelling, has officially launched HSNfluencer, a new creator platform developed in partnership with impact.com, the world’s leading partnership management platform. This advanced platform is designed to streamline the way HSN connects with creators and influencers, providing a comprehensive solution for managing partnerships, analyzing performance, and scaling influencer marketing efforts.

Key Features of HSNfluencer:

  • Streamlined Creator Engagement:

    • HSNfluencer allows HSN to build and manage direct relationships with influencers and creators. The platform offers a centralized space where creators can access resources, tools, and support to generate content and promote HSN’s products.
    • Creators from diverse backgrounds can collaborate with HSN, using carefully curated product collections to inspire their content and generate affiliate product links for their posts.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience:

    • The platform enables influencers and HSN’s on-air personalities to curate their own storefronts, providing customers with a unique opportunity to interact with their favorite HSN personalities and shop their curated product collections.
    • This approach leverages the power of personal recommendations, a trusted source for consumers, to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.
  • Data-Driven Insights and Performance Metrics:

    • HSNfluencer integrates impact.com’s technology to offer detailed performance metrics, actionable insights, and powerful reporting tools. This functionality helps HSN and its creators track campaign performance, optimize strategies, and scale their efforts effectively.
    • The platform supports an “always-on” creator performance structure, enabling continuous engagement and allowing creators to view and participate in ongoing campaigns.
  • Growing the Creator Economy:

    • With the creator economy expected to reach $480 billion by 2027, HSNfluencer positions HSN to take advantage of this growth. By fostering authentic and transparent creator partnerships, HSN aims to meet consumers where they seek trusted reviews and recommendations.

Industry Insights:

  • Influencer Marketing Trends:

    • According to recent data, 88% of consumers trust personal recommendations over other channels, and 64% are influenced to make purchases based on influencer recommendations.
    • David A. Yovanno, CEO of impact.com, emphasizes that leveraging trusted creators is crucial for engaging modern consumers and driving conversions in the growing creator economy.
  • HSN’s Vision for the Future:

    • Rebecca Kerper, VP Chief Digital Officer at HSN, highlights the importance of HSNfluencer in growing HSN’s ambassador program and showcasing the impact of creator relationships on customer engagement.
    • The platform’s design focuses on creating a mutually beneficial environment for creators and customers, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

HSNfluencer’s Impact:

  • Empowering Creators:

    • HSNfluencer empowers creators by providing a platform where they can discover products, create content, and engage with their audiences while earning commissions.
    • The platform also facilitates a community-driven approach, allowing creators to participate in campaigns, share their content, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Expanding HSN’s Reach:

    • By utilizing impact.com’s advanced technology, HSN expands its reach and effectiveness in influencer marketing. The platform’s capabilities enable HSN to manage and optimize creator partnerships, drive brand awareness, and increase sales.

HSN’s launch of HSNfluencer, powered by impact.com’s cutting-edge technology, marks a significant advancement in creator partnership management and livestream shopping. The platform offers a streamlined solution for engaging with creators, enhancing the customer shopping experience, and driving growth in the creator economy. HSNfluencer represents a new era in influencer marketing, providing the tools and insights needed to succeed in a competitive market.