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Fasoo and Egnyte Announce Partnership to Simplify Data Governance

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Fasoo and Egnyte Announce Partnership to Simplify Data Governance

Fasoo and Egnyte Announce Partnership to Simplify Data Governance

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Published on : Sep 6, 2023

Integration brings file-level encryption to the Egnyte platform and extends Egnyte's data governance capabilities anywhere.

Fasoo, a leader in data-centric security, and Egnyte, the secure platform for content collaboration and governance, today announced a partnership that will allow organizations to encrypt any Egnyte-managed file and inject Egnyte permissions directly into the protected file, ensuring that governance is maintained wherever the file goes.

Colter Carambio, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Fasoo, said, "We couldn't be more thrilled to announce this partnership. Integrating Fasoo and Egnyte means true zero-trust data governance for customers – everywhere, all the time, with a simplified architecture that minimizes administrative overhead and streamlines policies. It's the type of simple, elegant solution that customers require to protect their valuable data."

The integration between Fasoo and Egnyte extends Egnyte's market-leading data governance capabilities and protects sensitive and/or regulated data with the strong encryption provided by Fasoo's Zero Trust Data Security Platform (ZTDSP) so that valuable intellectual property is protected and insider risk is greatly mitigated.

"Bringing Egnyte and Fasoo together is a natural fit that delivers significant data protection capabilities to customers," said Rajesh Ram, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Egnyte. "With one click, users can encrypt any file – while managing permissions like printing, copying and pasting, and screen captures – with persistent protection."

As data breaches and cyber threats escalate in frequency and severity, the need for uncompromising security and governance has never been more pronounced. The integration of Fasoo and Egnyte enables organizations to add another layer of protection by encrypting Egnyte-managed files with one click. This means that not only is the file protected from unauthorized access inside of Egnyte but also that Egnyte's granular permissions are incorporated directly into the encrypted file, ensuring it stays protected outside of Egnyte as well.