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Envigo celebrates 25 million words delivered in a year

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Envigo celebrates 25 million words delivered in a year

Envigo celebrates 25 million words delivered in a year

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Published on : Nov 9, 2022

What began as an increase in consumer interest in content services has grown into a full-fledged content delivery unit, with its own platform for Envigo. In 2021-22, the Covid pandemic served as a giant lever for digital transformation. This helped increase the importance of digital content in consumer decision making. Digital (or web) content is playing a larger-than-ever role in awareness, engagement, and decision making by consumers, and its immediate impact has been on the burgeoning demand of expert created digital content.

"As always, we learned our best business lessons from our customers," says Santosh Singh, VP, Digital Marketing at Envigo. "We have had a large uptick in content delivery revenue - new website sections, content optimisation projects and website redesign projects with a heavy focus on quality customer content. We have delivered 25 million words in the past 12 months. We are aiming at increasing this by 10 times in the coming year."

How does one deliver 25 million words

Envigo works with a proprietary network of existing experts - SMEs, professionals in the field, and experienced journalists and writers - to cater to business niches. The firm has created a inhouse software platform for managing writers, editors, projects and clients - all in one place. For each new industry or client, Envigo recruits experts onto its network. Writer and editor recruitments are now robust workflows that have proven to be hugely scalable. There are no geographic or time constraints - work whenever and from wherever - and that has kept content creation on time, and as per the spec provided in quality and quantity. The whole program is managed by monitoring bespoke KPIs - Acceptance ratio, Editing ratio and Turnaround times - which are used to rank and reward writers.

"Envigo delivered what we needed - Content at Scale, which was a key requirement for Kenko Health," says Aniruddha Sen, Founder, Kenko Health, India's leading online health care provider.

Along with Kenko Health, Envigo has provided scalable quality content to Unacademy, Careers360, ExtraMarks and IndusInd Bank, amongst others.

What is next for Envigo

Envigo has an internal software platform that is used to manage large volumes of content generation, editing and approval. The company plans to invest further in this platform and make it available as a content creation platform for its clients.