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Digital Agencies Can Now White-Label Akkio's Generative BI For Their Clients

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Digital Agencies Can Now White-Label Akkio's Generative BI For Their Clients

Digital Agencies Can Now White-Label Akkio's Generative BI For Their Clients

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Published on : Jan 10, 2024

Data-driven Digital Agencies and Consultants Can Now Build Branded Generative BI Solutions for Their Teams and Customers, No Code Required

Akkio, the pioneer in generative business intelligence (BI) for digital agencies, today launched a new Build-On Package at the Traffic and Conversions Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada to make it even easier for digital agencies to leverage Akkio’s white labeling capabilities. Now agencies can create branded generative BI offerings to differentiate in the market, win new business, and retain more customers as they adopt generative AI.

Generative AI is evolving with breakneck speed into a must-use technology for digital agencies. Industry leading agencies have realized that they can gain a competitive advantage by integrating generative AI into their service offering. Those that are slower to adopt risk losing their book of business to agencies who do. Generative AI solutions that let you analyze and work with data – generative BI – are the next wave of advancement.

Akkio’s Build-On Package lets agencies create fully branded generative BI experiences for their clients – with no lengthy integration project required. Digital agencies can white-label Akkio’s products through a custom URL or a fully embeddable API to unveil new data service offerings to drive revenue, optimize efficiency, and provide added value to clients. Build-On Package users can explore data with natural language via Chat ExploreTM; create branded dashboards, charts, and insights reports via chat; create custom machine learning models, predictions, and forecasts; and drive this all from a REST API.

LA/VIE, one of Akkio’s Build-On Package Partners, has already captured the benefits of integrating Akkio into their paid media strategy service offering:

“One of our larger clients had never hit their return on advertising spend (ROAS) targets before working with us. We had made improvements prior to Akkio, but implementing this AI strategy was the key factor in getting that account to a place of profitability and ultimately, scale." - Peter Delle, Co-Founder of digital marketing agency LA/VIE, an Akkio Branded Package Partner

The Build-On Package lets an agency:

  • Create a new Generative BI Service Offering: White-label the Akkio platform to provide a new service for your customers. Let them chat with their data, generate insights, create data visualizations, and view live dashboards – all through natural language chat.
  • Save Time on Data Analysis: Use Akkio to transform and clean data, discover insights, analyze client results, and create instant customer reports.
  • Reinforce Client Loyalty With AI Data-Driven Insights: Build predictive analytics applications tailored to your clients' needs – from lead scoring to forecasting and sentiment analysis. Pre-built connections allow swift deployment to and from your data warehouse and other business platforms. Uncover actionable insights that strengthen bonds and drive satisfaction with your clients.

"AI-driven technologies are evolving and scaling faster than digital marketing companies. The marketing firms that thrive and survive in years to come will be the ones that operationalize the use of these technologies now. We've built an AI technology stack on Akkio that allows us to learn from our decades of cumulative campaign management experience and accelerate results." - Peter Delle, Co-Founder of LA/VIE

Pricing starts at $49 per seat per month, with the Build-On Package add-on available for $999 per organization per month. All organizations start with 1 million rows of connected data and 100,000 predictions per month. Additional data add-ons can be purchased to allow for scale, so your organization only pays for what it needs.