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Chetu Announces Partnership With CMS Leader Brightspot

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Chetu Announces Partnership With CMS Leader Brightspot

Chetu Announces Partnership With CMS Leader Brightspot

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Published on : Mar 25, 2024

Global Software Developer Joins Content Management System Provider’s Partner Network to Offer CMS Solutions to Businesses Worldwide

Chetu, a leading world-class software solutions and support services provider, is excited to announce its partnership with Brightspot, a leading Content Management System (CMS) provider, to deliver best-in-class capabilities as the content program evolves. 

As a Brightspot partner, Chetu’s expertise in CMS software development across various industries complements Brightspot’s mission to provide an API-first platform that can deliver and execute CMS projects quickly.

By leveraging Chetu's expertise in custom software solutions, Brightspot's API-first platform will be open to a new audience of developers and end users. This strategic partnership empowers businesses to seamlessly elevate any existing content management system to new heights.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Brightspot to give up-and-coming players more opportunities to grow their companies and improve their rankings,” said Alexander Ewing-Shaw, partnership manager at Chetu. “We recognize the value that Brightspot’s API-first platform brings with its headless capabilities and pre-built integrations, and we look forward to offering our expertise in CMS software development to help elevate the API-first platform even further.”

Sandeep Hulsandra, Chief Strategy Officer at Brightspot, echoed the sentiment.

“As a leader in delivering custom CMS solutions, Chetu offers unparalleled expertise to guide clients through the ever-evolving digital landscape,” Hulsandra said. “With Brightspot’s flexible, integration-ready architecture, we’re excited to empower Chetu’s customers with the content platform and tools they need to deliver world-class digital experiences.”

Ewing-Shaw added: “Chetu and Brightspot's powerful new partnership amplifies our shared mission: Empowering businesses with personalized customer experiences.”