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BOTS, Inc. is Offering Game-Changing ChatGPT and OpenAI-Powered Services for B2B Customers

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BOTS, Inc. is Offering Game-Changing ChatGPT and OpenAI-Powered Services for B2B Customers

BOTS, Inc. is Offering Game-Changing ChatGPT and OpenAI-Powered Services for B2B Customers


Published on : Feb 7, 2023

BOTS, Inc. (OTC PINK: BTZI) ("The Company"), a leading provider of advanced technology solutions announced today new B2B services based on OpenAI and ChatGPT platform. ChatGPT is an AI model trained on a large fraction of text from the internet. It uses a deep learning technique called Transformer, which allows it to generate natural language text similar to human writing. ChatGPT can help translate language, answer questions, summarize text, write creatively, and more. ChatGPT Plus is currently available to customers in the United States — but plans to expand access and support to additional countries and regions are in place. Reuters recently reported ChatGPT is the fastest-growing consumer application of all time. It reached 100 million monthly active users in January 2023. About 13 million unique visitors used ChatGPT daily in January, up more than double from the prior month. TikTok took nine months to reach 100 million users. Instagram took 2.5 years.

The BOTS, Inc. team will help with ChatGPT integration into the customers' website and e-commerce. With this integration, organizations can create content-rich, human-like conversational consumer experiences without engaging live agents, thus avoiding high costs. ChatGPT can help businesses by automating repetitive tasks and providing more engaging interactions with users, such as compiling research and translating texts from one language to another.

BTZI can custom-build organization-specific data to create unique conversational AI models. The integration with OpenAI's generative modeling not only ensures that the resulting output responses to consumer self-service inquiries are in real time and highly accurate, but that they are also semantically constructed in a human-like manner, optimized for easier consumer understanding. Combining ChatGPT technology, with its innovative approach to AI-driven natural language conversations, BTZI is entering a new era of helping B2B customers to create exceptional experiences and increase their business.

Recently, Online media company BuzzFeed announced plans to use artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT, to help it generate content. In a memo distributed to BuzzFeed staff and obtained by CBS MoneyWatch, CEO Jonah Peretti said AI will play an increasingly large role in the company's operations. Specifically, it plans to use the technology to move beyond curation to help create personality quizzes that ask users questions and generate text write-ups based on their responses. BuzzFeed shares surged more than 150% in afternoon trading.

Some of the B2B services that will be available are: assistance with content writing – although content produced by AI will normally require editing and should always be carefully fact-checked and proofed, the speed at which the program works makes it a super-fast way to create draft content for marketing campaigns or even a baseline of information for a longer-form piece of writing.

Ad copy creation – ChatGPT is an easy way to produce text to accompany social media posts, paid ads, and email campaigns.

Keyword suggestions – AI can search online in a nanosecond to find relevant answers to any input phrase and is a useful way to collate keywords based on your search term.

Email content – marketers can find it difficult to reword promotions or newsletters in a new way, particularly if they are managing multiple campaigns or sending regular communications. The software can produce draft text for an email in seconds.

Translation – although a professional translation is advisable for a globalization strategy, the chatbot can rewrite anything in an alternative language, which is ideal for businesses trading with overseas customers or where they need to establish a dialogue with a buyer. Many other services will be added soon.

As reported recently by Brandessence Market Research, the Global Conversational AI Market was worth USD 8.24 Billion in 2022. It is anticipated for the industry to amass a valuation of USD 32.51 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 21.6% over the assessment timeline of 2022-2029.

Conversational AI is termed as a type of advanced AI based technology equipped with the ability to interact with users by understanding, processing, and responding to their language. It is basically created by an amalgamation of the natural language processing and machine learning technologies. Computer applications are being integrated with conversational AI techniques which in turn enables them to respond to user-based voice and text commands in a more natural way.