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Avaya Unveils Major Enhancements to Avaya Experience Platform at ENGAGE 2024

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Avaya Unveils Major Enhancements to Avaya Experience Platform at ENGAGE 2024

Avaya Unveils Major Enhancements to Avaya Experience Platform at ENGAGE 2024

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Published on : May 15, 2024

Avaya presents significant enhancements to its Avaya Experience Platform at ENGAGE 2024, reinforcing its position as a leader in Enterprise CX solutions. The updates underscore Avaya's dedication to driving innovation without disruption, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints.

  1. Flexible Innovation Paths:

    • AXP offers flexible deployment options, including on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid models.
    • Avaya facilitates seamless integration with third-party solutions through APIs and SDKs, empowering businesses to innovate and customize their CX.
  2. AI-Driven Customer Journeys:

    • Avaya leverages AI and analytics to orchestrate exceptional customer journeys, optimizing interactions and driving efficiency.
    • The platform streamlines experiences by harnessing data from multiple touchpoints and applications, ensuring superior outcomes.
  3. Unified Employee Experience:

    • Avaya enhances the employee experience by unifying on-premises capabilities with cloud-powered innovations into a modern agent desktop.
    • The streamlined interface integrates voice, digital, and AI-enabled interactions, empowering agents to deliver superior customer experiences efficiently.
  4. Strategic Acquisitions and Integrations:

    • Avaya solidifies its AI strategy with the acquisition of Edify, enhancing AXP's workflow capabilities for enriched customer journeys.
    • Integrations with leading solutions like LivePerson, Calabrio, and Verint Bots further augment AXP's capabilities, driving efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Comprehensive Platform Capabilities:

    • AXP introduces seamless digital access, AI self-service, assisted service, customer journey orchestration, analytics, and workforce engagement features.
    • New connected employee experiences for healthcare professionals optimize workflows, enhancing patient services and coordination.
  6. AXP Private Cloud - Extended Scale:

    • Avaya introduces AXP Private Cloud - Extended Scale, offering enhanced performance, capacity, and infrastructure consolidation for large-scale deployments.
    • The solution ensures 100% call survivability, streamlines orchestration, simplifies migration, and reduces operational costs.

Avaya's enhancements to the Avaya Experience Platform at ENGAGE 2024 signify a significant leap forward in CX innovation. Guided by customer insights and AI-driven capabilities, Avaya empowers organizations to deliver personalized, proactive, and efficient experiences that drive business growth. With a focus on seamless integration and superior outcomes, Avaya continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, shaping the future of Enterprise CX.