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AUDIENCEX Announces Garrett MacDonald as New Chief Commercial Officer

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AUDIENCEX Announces Garrett MacDonald as New Chief Commercial Officer

AUDIENCEX Announces Garrett MacDonald as New Chief Commercial Officer


Published on : Jan 12, 2023

Mr. MacDonald’s wide range of leadership experience strengthens the company’s strategic positioning across tech and innovation

 AUDIENCEX, the programmatic advertising partner built for delivering results, today announced a significant addition to its leadership team, with Garrett MacDonald joining the company as its new Chief Commercial Officer, following a substantive search to fill this key leadership position.

MacDonald brings to his new role extensive experience and deep technical knowledge, acquired during an impressive career spanning over two decades. During this time, he has delivered significant impact across executive sales leadership roles at Kochava, an industry leader in mobile app attribution and analytics, and most recently as CCO for IRISTV, a contextual data platform for CTV. With AUDIENCEX’s omnichannel services covering mobile and streaming video, as two key channels within their integrated trading desk solution, this diversified background of experience positions MacDonald for exceptional success in his new role.

In 2022 AUDIENCEX experienced continued growth and evolution across its various performance solutions, during a period of increased macro-economic uncertainty as well as volatility within the digital advertising landscape. For the fourth consecutive year, they were ranked on both the Inc. 5000 Regionals: Pacific as well as the Inc. 5000 National list, distinguishing them as one of the country’s fastest-growing private companies. This continued momentum speaks to the increase in market opportunity and demand for omnichannel performance solutions, signaling another year of continued expansion and adoption across its customer base.

Contributing to this growth, AUDIENCEX oversaw the launch of several new technologies and products in 2022, including aX Video Stream (AXVS), an innovative video-streaming solution, Admatx, a new self-service DSP built to democratize access to enterprise-level programmatic technology, as well as expanded analytics and insights capabilities that can be effectively leveraged throughout the digital landscape. This past year also brought several meaningful new partnerships with companies such as Dstillery and Peer39, arming clients with powerful strategies that optimize campaigns and maximize performance. At the same time, AUDIENCEX has successfully expanded its global customer and operational footprint and extended its reach with added expertise in the education, politics, energy, healthcare, and financial services verticals.

“As we embark upon 2023, we’re excited to expand upon the achievements of the past year and continue to strengthen the solutions we’ve built for performance marketers,” said Jason Wulfsohn, CEO and Co-Founder and AUDIENCEX. “From day one, Garrett MacDonald will be providing strategic and also operational leadership across multiple facets of the company, with a distinct focus on product development and innovation in the areas of data activation, supply optimization and also creative tech. Given his breadth of experience and substantive career accomplishments we look forward to his impact as we lean into our evolved strategic direction for the company in 2023.”

"Brand marketers seek new ways to optimize media investments across all the best buying platforms, data sources, and supply paths. This makes AUDIENCEX a powerful partner to deliver outsized results," said Garrett MacDonald, CCO at AUDIENCEX. "I'm very excited to join such a great team at this pivotal phase and look forward to helping scale its aggressive growth strategy further into another chapter of success.”

As the company continues to grow and evolve, they have remained singularly focused on their core mission of delivering exceptional performance for their brand and agency clients. With this new addition to their leadership team, they have complemented existing expertise and experience with greater depth, leaving the company better-positioned for growth, and fully adaptable to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.