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AlphaSense Announces AlphaSense Assistant, New GenAI-Powered Chat Experience

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AlphaSense Announces AlphaSense Assistant, New GenAI-Powered Chat Experience

AlphaSense Announces AlphaSense Assistant, New GenAI-Powered Chat Experience

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Published on : Oct 9, 2023

AlphaSense furthers its leadership in AI and search with new platform updates, including Enterprise Intelligence, which extends its market intelligence solution to unlock insights from proprietary internal content

AlphaSense, the leading market intelligence and search platform, today announced two major upcoming platform updates, including the launch of AlphaSense Assistant, a generative AI chat experience that transforms how users can intuitively extract insights from millions of business and financial documents. Second, as generative AI continues to transform workplaces, AlphaSense is launching Enterprise Intelligence, a first-of-its-kind offering that delivers AlphaSense's AI-powered search, summarization, and chat capabilities securely atop customers' proprietary organizational knowledge and AlphaSense's extensive content universe.

"Today, more than 1,000 of our enterprise clients are securely searching across their internal content with AlphaSense—from deal data rooms to investment memos and other large troves of internal insights—and finding key data with great speed and reliability," said Jack Kokko, CEO and Founder of AlphaSense. "We couldn't be more excited to roll out the generative AI and chat capabilities of AlphaSense Assistant to clients - delivering on the vision of seamlessly finding internal and external insights from thousands of sources all in one place, with powerful search and AI technology on top."

AlphaSense Assistant represents the next phase of AI in market intelligence. Powered by AlphaSense's own purpose-built Large Language Model (ASLLM), Assistant is a conversational chat interface on top of AlphaSense's industry-leading content library, dramatically speeding up the research process for business and financial professionals. For example, a user could ask Assistant about a new investment idea in the medtech space or discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a manufacturing competitor - and receive accurate, instant answers with built-in auditability so users can easily check the original source for context and validation.

Enterprise Intelligence, layers AlphaSense's market-leading AI capabilities – including AlphaSense Assistant and Smart Summaries – seamlessly onto both the firm's own proprietary content and an extensive universe of public and private content. Enterprise Intelligence enables employees  to access a complete and unique view of their company's markets, industries, and competitors—with an option to deploy within their firm's private cloud.

For over a decade, AlphaSense has been transforming the research process for business and financial professionals with the latest innovations in AI and NLP technology and amassing training data while also building its vast collection of top-tier, trustworthy business content. This makes generative AI capabilities an especially powerful addition for AlphaSense's customer base, which include over 4,000 enterprise customers, the majority of the S&P 500 and nearly all of the world's largest banks, investment firms, and consultancies—and makes it easier for every employee at an organization to drive maximum business impact with innovative, safe, and accurate AI-powered market intelligence.

These platform announcements come on the heels of AlphaSense's $150 million Series E fundraise, led by BOND, at a $2.5 billion valuation announced just last week, and follow several other significant company milestones in 2023, including the release of Smart Summaries, the company's first generative AI toolset; a $100 million addition to the company's $225 million Series D financing round led by Alphabet's CapitalG and being named a top 50 AI company in 2023 by Forbes.