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Adobe Unveils AI Innovations in Acrobat for Enhanced Productivity

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Adobe Unveils AI Innovations in Acrobat for Enhanced Productivity

Adobe Unveils AI Innovations in Acrobat for Enhanced Productivity

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Published on : Jun 18, 2024

  • Adobe brings new Firefly-powered features designed to be commercially safe into Acrobat – allowing customers to easily generate and edit stunning visuals directly in PDFs

  • Acrobat AI Assistant supercharges productivity with support for multiple documents and enables customers to ask questions, get insights and create content across PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, text documents and more

  • Adobe is offering free, full access to Acrobat AI Assistant features June 18 - June 28, 2024

Adobe has announced significant advancements in AI technology within Adobe Acrobat, aiming to enhance creativity and productivity for its users. Starting June 18, users can leverage generative AI capabilities powered by Adobe Firefly to create and edit images within PDFs. Additionally, the new Acrobat AI Assistant offers conversational interactions to help users gain insights and create content from various document types, including PDFs, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint files.

Key Features:

Bringing Adobe Firefly Generative AI to PDFs:

Adobe Acrobat now includes features powered by Adobe Firefly, enabling users to enhance and create images directly within PDFs:

  • Edit Image in Acrobat: Tools like Generative Fill, Remove Background, Erase, and Crop allow users to add, remove, and modify images easily.
  • Generate Image in Acrobat: Users can create stunning new images, adjust their size and style, and incorporate them into documents seamlessly.


  • Sales Teams: Enhance business plans with images to make them more engaging.
  • Entrepreneurs: Customize visuals in investor pitch decks.
  • Small Business Owners: Update promotional materials quickly to reflect seasonal changes.

Delivering More Productivity and Value with Acrobat AI Assistant:

The new AI Assistant in Acrobat simplifies extracting and synthesizing information from various document types:

  • Insights Across Documents: Users can gather key themes, trends, and relationships from multiple documents. For instance, a marketer can compile information on Gen Z habits from PDFs, Word, and PowerPoint documents and format it into useful content.
  • Enhanced Meeting Transcripts: Automatically generated summaries of virtual meetings help users understand key topics and action items, ensuring team alignment.

Building Trust in AI:

Adobe emphasizes data security and ethical AI practices:

  • Data Security Protocols: AI features adhere to strict security measures.
  • Enhanced Reliability: AI outputs are bolstered by advanced document understanding technologies.
  • Guardrails for LLMs: Adobe ensures third-party language models meet their security standards.
  • Streamlined AI Data Governance: AI Assistant processes user-provided documents only.
  • Keeping Humans in the Loop: Generated responses include attributions for easy verification.

Pricing and Availability:

  • Free Access Period: June 18 - June 28.
  • AI Assistant Subscription: Starting at $4.99/month with early access pricing until September 4.
  • Generative Credits: 250 credits/month for individual Acrobat Standard and Pro customers, starting June 18.

Adobe’s new AI innovations in Acrobat represent a leap forward in digital document management, combining creativity and productivity with robust data security and ethical AI practices. With these enhancements, users can transform their documents effortlessly, making their workflows more efficient and impactful.