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Accrete AI Named a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies

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Accrete AI Named a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies

Accrete AI Named a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies


Published on : Jan 13, 2023

Accrete AI, a leading provider of configurable dual-use AI solutions, today announced that the Company has been recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies.

Accrete’s continually learning AI platform, Nebula, powers configurable AI solutions that automate analytical work to help enterprises deal with information overload problems in mission-critical environments at the scale and complexity of the open-source web. Nebula accumulates interdisciplinary knowledge by continuously reading, understanding, and learning from multi-modal and multi-structured data. The platform’s modularity and ability to accumulate, transfer, and build upon tacit domain knowledge facilitates templatization which is the key to scalability. Accrete’s first blockbuster templated solution powered by Nebula, Argus™ for open-source threat detection, is relevant to both government and commercial customers, and is being used in production by the U.S. Department of Defense.

According to Gartner, “The Cool Vendors in this research have demonstrated novel capabilities ranging from causal AI to foundation models and decision intelligence that enables continuous intelligence design patterns.”

“The incredible excitement around foundational AI with the success of companies such as OpenAI and Hugging Face underscores that the market is realizing that AI is the next evolution of software. Nevertheless, most generative AI is static, offline, and limited in domain-specific applications. We are very proud to be recognized as a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies for Nebula,” said Prashant Bhuyan, Accrete AI CEO, Founder, and Chairman. He added, “Nebula leverages breakthroughs in the application of core AI technologies such as transformers, large language models, explainable AI, and human-computer interaction to create real-world value. At Accrete, we believe the purpose of intelligence is productivity. In order for AI to be more productive than humans, the AI must be able to perform analytical work at a scale and quality that would otherwise require armies of experts.”