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MarTech Edge Interview with Scarlett Shipp, Chief Executive Officer, AnalyticsIQ


MarTech Edge Interview with Scarlett Shipp, Chief Executive Officer, AnalyticsIQ


Published on 2nd Nov, 2023

Welcome, Scarlett! How does your professional background of working in big data, analytics, and computer software enable you to be better in your current role as the CEO of AnalyticsIQ?

I’m happy to be here! I believe my background and experience in different roles and industries allow me to bring a unique perspective to the martech and data space. I have a background in credit risk in a regulated industry, so a high standard for data quality, ethics, and privacy is always top of mind for me. I strongly believe those principles apply in marketing. I am also fortunate enough to have worked in different places across the globe, which has given me the opportunity to experience diverse perspectives and cultures.

Throughout my career, I have cultivated a love for building things, and that is what I’m most excited about continuing as CEO at AnalyticsIQ – building innovative products, building a quality culture, and building our company.

Could you highlight some key factors that have contributed to AnalyticsIQ receiving the recognition of “Best Predictive Analytics Solution”?

First and foremost, credit goes to our incredible team because our success is a team effort. We have a group of intelligent, diverse, and innovative individuals who are passionate about our mission of driving better outcomes for all with data, and that is evident in the products and solutions we create.

We also know that we are not successful unless our clients are even more successful, and this motivates us to constantly push the envelope and innovate with data. But to be specific, our proprietary and custom research processes led by our one-of-a-kind Department of Cognitive Sciences set AnalyticsIQ and our predictive data apart. The vast majority of our data products are created using a powerful combination of cognitive psychology and data science. Our Cognitive Sciences team utilizes a scientific, research-based development process that is tested and validated. This resulting intellectual property created by our Cognitive Sciences team through their proprietary research is the basis for many of the individual data products we develop with best practices in data science and predictive analytics. The integration of cognitive psychology and data science results in highly predictive, stable, and unique data assets at scale. Brands, marketers, and data science teams across industries use AnalyticsIQ data assets to better understand consumers and ultimately drive better outcomes.

Can you provide deeper insights into AnalyticsIQ’s core offerings, namely PeopleCore consumer data, BusinessCore B2B data, and Connection+ B2B2C linkages? How do these solutions empower organizations to garner better business outcomes?

Absolutely. PeopleCore is the first consumer database rooted in cognitive psychology and predictive analytics and provides a complete picture of who people are, what they do, and why they make decisions. BusinessCore is our B2B data asset, but what makes it unique is its focus on providing insight into the professionals making decisions – not just traditional business information and firmographics. That leads perfectly to Connection+, which is a powerful solution that links our two databases, unlocking a complete B2B2C view of an individual both as a consumer and professional. These B2B2C linkages and the resulting insight fuel powerful use cases in today’s hybrid world.

What essential changes have you been implementing since you held the chair of the CEO? In what ways do you believe these changes will push the envelope for AnalyticsIQ?

One of my first goals and objectives as CEO of AnalyticsIQ is to drive us to become more customer-centric than ever before. We want to solve tomorrow’s customer challenges today. However, a solution isn’t truly a solution if it’s not addressing a real problem, so the voice of the customer has to be the driving force of all of our decisions. I believe that being product-led by constantly collecting and translating customer feedback and insights directly into our strategies and solutions will ensure we’re pushing the right envelope in the right way.

I also want to make sure we are leading the way when it comes to navigating the evolving regulatory environment to ensure our clients do not skip a beat when leveraging data to power their marketing. To that end, we continue to take an active role in industry developments and have built an internal compliance team that ensures we’re able to deliver powerful data that meets all regulatory requirements and respects consumer privacy.

How does having a robust identity enrichment solution enhance an organization’s marketing efforts and contribute to delivering more sophisticated personalized experiences?

The digital world today is full of disparate, anonymous identifiers that offer little insight on their own. However, consumers expect brands to deliver personalized and relevant experiences across channels. This is why not only identity but also enrichment has become paramount. So, at AnalyticsIQ, we’re uniquely positioned to help digital marketers make this happen with our ability to unlock 1500+ predictive PeopleCore and BusinessCore data points and enrich a variety of identity signals with our Identity Intelligence solution. This helps brands not only identify individuals but also actions based on reliable insights and activate across channels – all with one partner.

How will the new partnership between AnalyticsIQ and Claritas allow businesses to achieve new heights of marketing ROI by leveraging the advanced PRIZM Premier segmentation solution?

Claritas is a leader when it comes to marketing segmentation, and we’re thrilled to give our clients access to PRIZM Premier codes alongside our PeopleCore consumer data. Our partnership emphasizes our mutual commitment to elevating marketing ROI for both agencies and brands. By pairing PRIZM Premier with AnalyticsIQ’s predictive people-based data, marketers can delve deeper into segment personas and take action based on reliable and comprehensive data. This empowers users to enhance personalization at scale and improve marketing results.

In what manner has AnalyticsIQ managed to uphold a working balance between privacy and personalization, guaranteeing that their customers do not need to compromise in either aspect?

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in highly regulated industries with stringent privacy and compliance requirements. So, an awareness of and adherence to these types of requisites is naturally at the forefront of my mind. And at AnalyticsIQ, our mission is to fuel better outcomes for all with data – and that includes consumers. That means that privacy and regulatory requirements are at the center of the data products we create from the start. However, thanks to our proprietary research methodologies and product development procedures that rely on cognitive sciences, public and opt-in data sources, and best-in-class data science techniques, we have not had to sacrifice predictive power, data quality, and, ultimately, our clients’ ability to personalize. Furthermore, our team has built and continues to add to an entire suite of FLA, Reg B, and ECOA-friendly elements specifically designed to provide value while adhering to regulations around consumer privacy.

By blending cognitive psychological research and predictive analytics, we are able to provide innovative solutions that can provide actionable insight into consumers in a privacy-compliant, non-invasive manner.

What emerging trends do you foresee in the predictive analytics and data science space? How is AnalyticsIQ positioned to capitalize on these trends?

Emerging trends in the predictive analytics and data science sector point to a transformative period ahead. The non-linear customer journey necessitates an evolved ability to understand consumers and deliver personalized experiences at every interaction. The impending deprecation of third-party cookies and rising privacy regulations will notably reshape the data and martech landscape. Predictive analytics, leveraging machine learning and AI, will become vital in anticipating customer preferences while upholding privacy standards. Emerging technologies such as Connected TV (CTV) and audio marketing are also gaining traction, and I believe predictive analytics will play a crucial role in powering real-time personalization opportunities in new ways.

At AnalyticsIQ, providing reliable and actionable data and insights in a privacy-centric manner based on research and predictive analytics is what we’ve been doing for over a decade. And, thanks to strategic partnerships, our own internal capabilities, and our commitment to privacy, we will continue to fuel better marketing outcomes with data as our industry continues to evolve.

You were recently recognized as one of the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech; how do you plan to sustain this feat, and what advice would you offer to aspiring women trying to make a mark in the business world?

While I was recognized individually, being named one of the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech by AdExchanger and AdMonsters is truly a team accomplishment. However, I believe we can sustain such quality performance by continuing to innovate, leaning into our curious nature as builders and researchers, and ultimately following through on our mission.

My message to women in business is to always maintain your convictions, pursue excellence in everything you do, and not settle for situations that stifle your potential. By staying authentic to yourself and proactively seeking supportive environments that resonate with your ethos, you will position yourself for success. And remember that each step you take also paves the way for others.