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MarTech Edge Interview with André Bain, VP Marketing, Siprocal

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MarTech Edge Interview with André Bain, VP Marketing, Siprocal


Published on 12th Dec, 2023

Thank you for joining us, André.

You have an impressive track record of entrepreneurship and innovation. How did you develop your entrepreneurial mindset, and what led to you becoming the VP of Marketing at Siprocal?

I’ve always been curious, which definitely fueled my passion for business and helped shape my entrepreneurial mindset. Curiosity blended with risk-taking – embracing failures and learning from them – has been part of that development. This mindset led to my early successes with Flowsense, a startup specializing in app engagement. Flowsense was later acquired by DigitalReef, which eventually joined Gamers Club to form Siprocal. Now, as the VP of Marketing at Siprocal, I’ve been able to take my passion for entrepreneurship and disruptive tech and funnel that energy into mapping a strategic marketing plan for Siprocal’s future.

(As you mentioned) You founded Flowsense, a mobile marketing automation startup, and later merged it with DigitalReef. What motivated this merger, and what key challenges and successes you encountered during this process?

The merger of Flowsense and DigitalReef was driven by a shared vision for comprehensive mobile marketing solutions. Some of the challenges we took on included offering a solution encompassing different stages of the marketing funnel while being able to serve the whole of Latin America. Later, with the merger of Column6 and Gamers Club, we also included CTV and gaming as channels and North America as a geography. That opened many doors in terms of platform solutions and user reach across the Americas. Ultimately, the synergy of our shared tech capabilities and our shared visions of full transparency and putting user privacy as goal number one has resulted in a powerhouse partnership that is using intelligent data to bring people together – we need that more than ever, right? Together, we’ve set our sights on being the world’s largest mobile app and gaming distribution platform.

How did the DigitalReef and Gamers Club merger create Siprocal, a new leader in the gaming industry? What benefits and synergies has this merger brought to DigitalReef’s business and market objectives?

The merger was a strategic leap. When we combined DigitalReef’s tech prowess with Gamers Club’s user base and expertise in the gaming world, the result was better than anything we had anticipated. It sounds funny, but we exceeded our own highest expectations. And a huge part of that is our vast and engaged audience, which we are so fortunate and grateful to have. With the streamlined operations of DigitalReef seamlessly integrated with Gamers Club’s user-centric approach, we are forming a dynamic entity uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences and establish a dominant presence in the competitive gaming landscape. (I’m not sure if you and your readers can tell at this point, but we are VERY excited about the future.)

Within the dynamic and ever-evolving martech landscape, how does Siprocal intend to harness DigitalReef’s intelligent audience engagement technology to power its next-gen gaming distribution platform?

Siprocal leverages DigitalReef’s intelligent audience engagement tech by tailoring it to the app and gaming distribution. We use premier audience access and data insights to enhance user experiences, personalize content, and optimize contextual ad targeting. It’s about marrying technology with gaming passion and ensuring we remain ahead in the dynamic gaming landscape.

DigitalReef has a significant presence across the Americas. How do you handle the diverse and complex needs of your partners, such as carriers, manufacturers, publishers, and advertisers across different regions? What key principles and practices guide your partnership management strategies?

Navigating the diverse needs of partners across the Americas demands a nuanced approach. That’s a no-brainer, right? Fortunately for us, Siprocal is deeply rooted in principles of transparency and adaptability, so we can modify strategies to align with regional variances – we are a global tech platform that leverages local partnerships and solutions. 

Because we understand the unique dynamics of carriers, manufacturers, publishers, and advertisers, we can prioritize open communication channels so that we’re all on the same page. Our partnership management strategy thrives on a commitment to mutual growth, where shared goals propel relationships forward. The very name Siprocal comes from building these reciprocal relationships. You grow, we grow. Simple. We actively listen to partner feedback and adapt our approach to meet evolving demands. But in the end, it’s all about nuance.

What main opportunities and challenges do you face as the VP of Marketing at Siprocal? How do you plan and execute effective marketing campaigns that reach and resonate with new audiences?

Being VP of Marketing at Siprocal is like being the conductor of a symphony where opportunities and challenges play different instruments. The thrill for me lies in orchestrating effective campaigns amidst a dynamic landscape. It’s about riding the waves of trends – going with the flow of the music – and mixing data-driven strategies while tapping into those emerging trends. My ultimate goal, my dream, is to craft campaigns that aren’t just seen but felt. I want them to resonate with our diverse audiences and not only capture attention but leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of our audience.

Could you provide insights into Siprocal’s forward-looking vision regarding CTV and advertising within the martech industry? Additionally, please elaborate on how the company intends to remain at the forefront of technological advancements while consistently delivering exceptional value to its clients.

As trailblazers, we anticipate shifts in the CTV and advertising landscape, and when that happens, we want not just to keep pace but to set the standard. Our journey involves continuous research and developing new tech – always with transparency and privacy front and center. Talking about research, we sponsored this year’s CTV Latam Study by Comscore. That’s just one initiative to keep at the forefront. We’re embracing artificial intelligence and forming strategic alliances as well. We see a future where CTV and advertising converge harmoniously to provide users with an immersive, personalized experience. Remaining pioneers means not only adapting to technological advancements - we want to be the ones driving them in this ever-evolving world of martech.